8MM Waterproof IP65 Momentary Mini Push Button Switch

  • Mode: FLM8-BJ-1-XX000-A10M2
  • Voltage: 2V, 3V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 110V, 220V
  • Keyword: Mini Push Button Switch
  • Rated current and voltage: 3A 250V AC
  • Housing Material: Copper plated nickel, aluminum alloy
  • Certification: CE, CCC, RoSH, IP65
  • Switches Types: Self-reset/ without locked
  • Waterproof grade: IP65
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  • Download PDF: 8mm waterproof IP65 momentary mini push button switch

Mini push button switch parameters

Component name material
The keys Aluminum alloy
The shell Aluminum alloy
pin H62 copper alloy
nut H59 nickel plated brass
housing PA66+GF20% nylon
Button color Red, yellow, blue,

green ,white、black

items parameter
Rated voltage 250V AC
rated current 3A AC

What is the mini push button switch?

The mini push button switch is a button switch of relatively small size, most metal buttons on the market are 12mm in size, while this button has an installation aperture of 8mm.

mini push button switch size

How does the mini push button switch work?

The mounting diameter of the new designed mini push button switch is 8mm, it is suitable for some limited installation and small volume application scenarios.

Such as desk lamp buttons, hotel doorbells, beauty and hairdressing equipment, signal equipment control, audio equipment control system, etc. The product not only has small volume but also has a good texture which housing is with copper plated nickel.

The main specification of the mini push button switch

The rated current and voltage: 3A 250VAC, frequency is 50/60 Hz, the mechanical life is 50,000 times, the working temperature is minus 25 degrees to 85 degrees.

The mini push button switch only have the design of no lock, if you need the product with lock, you can choose our other size’s push button, the size of the end’s terminal is 2.8*0.5mm, and the material is copper plated nickel, which can let the mini push button switch have the function of antioxidation, corrosion prevention, to achieve the purpose of long-term use.

The end connecting terminals can be welded to the wire directly, you can also use the fast connected terminal for plug and play.

Meanwhile, we can also customize the wiring harness of the end, We can meet your needs for the various terminals in the international market.

mini push button switch connection method

The key shape of the mini push button switch’s head is curved. The hole diameter of the key is very mini, but we design the key with curve and bulge.

This makes it easier for our hands to operate and use, especially for the Europe and America customers.

The housing’s material of the mini push button switch can use aluminum alloy, we can oxidize the anodes into a wide variety of colors, such as red, green, blue, white, black, gold.

Besides, the color of the key can be different from the color of housing, multiple colors can be combined.

8MM Waterproof IP65 Momentary Mini Push Button Switch

The product had passed the certifications of CE, CCC, ROSH, etc.


How to connect the mini push button switch?

The following is our short circuit schematic diagram

The mini push button switch is designed without lamp, so its circuit connection is very simple. When the push button is not pressed, it is in an open circuit state.

When the push button is pressed, the circuit is closed and the circuit is electrified. The rated current and voltage of this product is 3A 250V, if you need 5A 250V or larger current, such as 10A 250V AC.

You can purchase our other size push button switch.

8MM Waterproof IP65 Momentary Mini Push Button Switch

How to purchase the mini push button switch?

As a professional manufacture of push buttons, indicator lights in China, we have extensive experience in push button manufacturing.

Each product is strictly tested, you can buy them at ease.

There are two ways of purchasing the product.


First you can email our salesmen directly, just need to note the color, voltage, and quantity of the push button.

We will reply to you a affordable prices based on your requirements.

If you need to customize the push button, please contact us, our production line and technician can meet your requirements.


Second is the online stores, you want to purchase the most regular push button switch, you can purchase them at, we will arrange the delivery in time.

Looking forward to your consultation.

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