12mm Push Button Switch with Wire

The FILN 12mm push button switch with wire product is characterized by the increased size of the metal switch design, which is different from the general simplified method on the market. Instead, the most important material for anti-damage-metal stainless steel-shell is added to prevent common products from becoming larger. For the problem of strength drop, the anti-damage grade and waterproof grade IP67 are maintained, and the convenience of use is maintained. You only need to understand our switch of one size.

In the adjustment of the actuation force curve, after the user presses it, it will be automatically guided to the point of action of the switch, and there will be no false touch or untriggered situation. The industry is used in industrial control products, medical, communication, and access control systems. In terms of electrical specifications, it can withstand 5A and operate at 3A/250VAC. It already covers most of the use. For higher current specifications, you can contact us inquiry@cnylin.com.cn.

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