22mm Push Button Switch

22mm push button switch is a series of metal button styles, it has single group and double group.

There are many styles of buttons, including flat head, high head and round head, as well as two functions: lock button and self-reset button. Its maximum current can reach 15 amps,

22mm PUSH BUTTON SWITCH can produce monochrome, two-color and three-color colors according to different customer needs, and can also produce 3V, 5V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V, 120V, 240V, 480V and other voltages according to customer needs. At the same time, there is also a dedicated button wiring base, you can directly plug the base into the button for easy wiring.

The head of 22mm PUSH BUTTON SWITCH can be customized with any symbols and patterns, and OEM services can also be provided. As long as you have any problems that cannot be solved, we can customize and solve them. It can produce waterproof IP68 rating.


FILN has more than 20 years of professional button production experience, has professional button developers and button laboratories, and the delivery time is very fast, basically within 7 days, and FILN’s buttons have passed the US UL certification and the European Union CE certification, can be sold and used anywhere in the world.

If you have any questions about 22MM PUSH BUTTON SWITCH, please contact us at inquiry@cnylin.com.cn

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When it comes to electrical components, precision and reliability are paramount. One such crucial component is the 22mm push button switch. In this comprehensive article, we delve into the world of 22mm push button switches, exploring their significance, applications, manufacturing, and the exceptional offerings of Yueqing Yulin Electronics Co., Ltd (FILN), a leading manufacturer in the field.

Understanding the 22mm Push Button Switch

What Is a 22mm Push Button Switch?

A 22mm push button switch is an electrical device used to control various functions in machinery, equipment, and electronic systems. Its compact size and ergonomic design make it a versatile choice for applications spanning industries.

Significance and Versatility

The 22mm push button switch holds immense significance in modern engineering. Its compact size and durable construction allow it to withstand demanding environments while ensuring optimal functionality. From industrial machinery to consumer electronics, these switches play a vital role in enhancing user experience and system performance.

Applications Across Industries

  • Industrial Automation: 22mm push button switches find extensive use in industrial automation, enabling operators to control machines with precision.
  • Automotive: In vehicles, these switches are integrated into control panels for functions like lights, windows, and auxiliary systems.
  • Consumer Electronics: They are utilized in gadgets and appliances, providing users with intuitive controls.

FILN: A Pioneer in Push Button Switches

Introduction to Yueqing Yulin Electronics Co., Ltd (FILN)

Yueqing Yulin Electronics Co., Ltd, commonly known as FILN, boasts a rich history of nearly two decades. Based in Liu Shi Town, Yueqing, FILN has evolved from a modest storefront to a global leader in the production of electrical components.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation

FILN’s journey has been defined by an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With more than 150 dedicated employees, the company has established itself as a powerhouse in the field.

Certifications and Patents

FILN’s dedication to excellence is evident through its numerous certifications and patents. These include UL, ccc, IP67, ios9001, and RoHS compliance. The company’s investment in quality assurance ensures that every product meets global standards.

Manufacturing Excellence and Global Reach

Factory and Facilities

FILN’s factory, situated in the heart of Yueqing’s electrical appliances hub, houses state-of-the-art facilities. Equipped with independent laboratories and staffed by professional product engineers, the company ensures precision in its manufacturing processes.

Global Distribution

FILN’s aspiration to serve a global clientele has led to its products being distributed worldwide. Its safe, high-quality indicator lights, push button switches, and boat switches have found their way into diverse industries, enhancing systems and experiences.

Exploring 22mm Push Button Switches from All Angles

Design and Construction

The design of a 22mm push button switch is a result of meticulous engineering. Its compact size allows for integration into tight spaces, and its construction ensures durability and resistance to environmental factors.

Functionality and User Experience

These switches offer seamless functionality and ergonomic operation. Whether in an industrial setting or a consumer product, the user experience remains consistent, with tactile feedback and intuitive control.

Installation and Integration

The 22mm standard size facilitates easy installation across various platforms. Their compatibility with standard panel cutouts makes them a preferred choice for engineers and designers.

Customization Options

FILN takes customization to the next level by offering a range of options. From different button styles to LED illumination colors, clients can tailor these switches to match their unique requirements.


In the world of electrical components, the 22mm push button switch holds a pivotal role. Its compact size, versatility, and reliability make it indispensable across industries. As we’ve explored the multifaceted aspects of these switches and highlighted the contributions of FILN, it’s clear that the pursuit of excellence and innovation continues to shape the field.


  1. Q: What are the main applications of 22mm push button switches?
    A: These switches find applications in industrial automation, automotive control panels, and consumer electronics.
  2. Q: How does FILN ensure the quality of its products?
    A: FILN holds various certifications, including UL, ccc, and RoHS compliance, and operates with a commitment to quality assurance.
  3. Q: Can 22mm push button switches be customized?
    A: Yes, FILN offers customization options, allowing clients to choose button styles and LED illumination colors.
  4. Q: What is the significance of ergonomic design in push button switches?
    A: Ergonomic design enhances user experience by providing tactile feedback and intuitive control.
  5. Q: Where can I access FILN’s products?
    A: Explore FILN’s wide range of products on their official website: Access Now.

Alright, let’s break this down step by step.


Here’s a flowchart showing the breakdown of 22mm push button switch costs in the USA based on different sources:

Flowchart of 22mm Push Button Switch Cost Breakdown


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Source Details
The Home Depot Carries brands such as Lutron
Xindali Top manufacturers include APEM, C&K, E-Switch, NKK Switches
Made-in-China.com Prices range from US$0.21 to US$10 per piece
Amazon.com Prices range from US$10 for a pack of 20 to over US$100 for specialized switches
Mouser Electronics Offers a large selection with prices varying based on type and manufacturer


Understanding the Cost of 22mm Push Button Switches in the USA

When it comes to understanding the cost of 22mm push button switches in the USA, there are several sources to consider. From renowned retailers like The Home Depot to manufacturers such as Xindali, the price range can vary significantly.

“It is important to note that prices may vary depending on the specific type and brand of push button switch, as well as the retailer or supplier.”

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • The Home Depot: This popular retailer carries push button light switches from brands such as Lutron.
  • Xindali: As a supplier and manufacturer, Xindali mentions that top manufacturers in the market include APEM, C&K, E-Switch, and NKK Switches.
  • Made-in-China.com: This platform lists a range of push button switch prices, with some as low as US$0.21 per piece and others going as high as US$10 per piece.
  • Amazon.com: A global marketplace where you can find a selection of big push button switches. Prices here can range from around US$10 for a pack of 20 to over US$100 for more specialized switches.
  • Mouser Electronics: A trusted name in electronics, Mouser offers a vast selection of pushbutton switches. The prices here can vary depending on the type and manufacturer.

For those looking to purchase or understand the market better, it’s essential to research specific brands and types of switches. This will give you a clearer idea of their prices and where to get the best deals.

In conclusion, while the fag schema wasn’t explicitly mentioned in the provided information, it’s crucial to always ensure that any data or information used is accurate and up-to-date. Whether you’re looking at flow charts, charts, pie charts, or tables, having a clear understanding of the data presented is key to making informed decisions.