Rocker Switch

Rocker Switch


How to choose a best quality type rocker switch manufacturer?

First of all, we need to see whether the factory has professional rocker switch testing equipment, such as rated current, lifetime, high and low temperature test equipment. Secondly, we need to see whether the factory has the certification of the rocker switch, especially the UL in North American because the factories that have passed the UL in North American have professional testing equipment and powerful. If the factory has no testing equipment, the product quality can not be guaranteed. And whether their company has passed ISO90001 quality management system and so on.

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Advantages Of The Company

Why choose FILN company's switches push button?

Why choose FILN company's switches push button?

FILN company has a professional rocker switch R & D team and grinding tool R & D team. It can customize and develop new products according to the needs of customers. the time from new product conception to new product completion is 25 days.

What are the certifications of rocker switch?

What are the certifications of rocker switch?

FILN, which have passed UL in the United States, VDE in Germany, CCC in China, CE and CB in the European Union, RoHS, and ISO90001 quality management system certification.

FILN has many years of foreign trade experience?

FILN has many years of foreign trade experience?

FILN company has 20 years of foreign trade experience and professional foreign trade service team, which can guarantee the service quality of customers.

Asked Questions

Customizable rocker switch
  • Do you need Custom rocker switches?

    Because we are a professional manufacturer that can meet your product needs, please tell me your thoughts and provide you with solutions in time. Contact us now!

  • How to wire an AC illuminated rocker switch?

    There are two kinds of wiring: the first kind of wiring is to switch two lamp feet connected to the positive and negative poles of the power supply, switch two side feet connected to the equipment.

    Can keep the LED light in switch on. The second kind of wiring is to switch two side feet connected with the positive and negative poles of the power supply, switch two lamp feet connected with both ends of the equipment.

    This is a normal connection. As shown in the figure and video.

  • How to wire rocker switch panel?

    The rocker switch currently produced for you is snap-fitted, with raised plastic parts on both sides.

    1. Install the appropriate rocker switch. First you have to open a square mounting hole on the rocker switch panel. The installation aperture of the general KCD4 waterproof rocker switch is 22X30.
    2. Then, put the prepared boat rocker switch (or: 3 rocker switch/car rocker switch) into the opened installation hole, and press the buckle of the boat switch to make the surface of the switch complete. Served in the rocker switch panel.
    3. Finally, according to the actual situation, link the equipment and the rocker switch, cover the rocker switch panel and complete it.

    If you don’t know much about the wiring of the ship type switch, we will answer it in detail for you.

Rocker switch production workshop
  • How many exterior style of switches push button are there?

    The switches push button has round, rectangular, square, oval, and other different shapes.

  • How many ways to call rocker switch?

    Ship switch can be called ship switch, boat switch, car switch, rocker switch, etc

  • Is the rocker switch waterproof?

    There are two types of rocker switch: waterproof and non waterproof. The waterproof rocker switch can reach IP67 grade

  • What is the maximum temperature of rocker switch?

    The maximum temperature of rocker switch can reach 80 ℃

  • What is the lowest temperature of rocker switch?

    The rocker switch can be used at minus 50 degrees

Rocker switch injection molding workshop
  • How many times is the service life of rocker switch?

    The service life of rocker switch is 100000 times

  • What is the maximum current of the rocker switch?

    The maximum current of rocker switch can reach 250V 30A.

  • How many functions does the rocker switch have?

    The rocker switch has different functions such as on 0ff, on on, on off on, (on) – off, on – (on), on-off – (on), (on) – off – (on), etc.

  • Does the rocker switch has lights?

    There are two types of rocker switch: with lamp and without lamp.

  • How many colors do rocker switches have with lights?

    There are 5 common colors of red, yellow, green, blue and white for rocker switch with lights.

Rocker switch store
  • How many kinds of voltage are there for rocker switch?

    Rocker switch voltage can produce 3V, 5V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 250V, 380V, etc

  • How many sets of rocker switches are there?

    The rocker switch has a single group, usually direct live line, two groups and three groups, three groups can control three lines.

  • What does the 0 - on the surface of the boat switch mean?

    The 0 on the switch means power on, where – means turn off the circuit

  • Can the rocker switch be customized IP68 waterproof?

    The rocker switch can produce IP68 waterproof, but it needs to be customized.

  • Where is the rocker switch usually used?

    The rocker switch is widely used, most of which is in the household row plug-in. Each rocker switch controls a socket, and it can also be used in household appliances, cars, automation machines, commercial kitchen equipment, yacht equipment, etc. as long as the switch is used to start the place, the rocker switch can be used.

Indicator light technical team
  • How many types of mounting holes are there for rocker switches?

    There are three types of mounting holes for rocker switches

    1. There are rectangular 10×15, 15×20, 12×30, 28×22, 30×22, 31x22mm.
    2. The mounting holesof the round rockerswitch are 12mm 16mm 19mm 22mm
    3. The square has 28×28
  • How many connection modes are there for rocker switches?

    There are two ways to connect ship switches,

    1. Terminal connection, usually 2.8 terminal 4.8 terminal 6.3 terminal
    2. Soldering method
  • What is the certification of rocker switch?

    The international rocker switch certification includes UL certification in the United States, CCC certification in China, KC certification in South Korea, VDE certification in Germany, CE certification in the European Union, etc

  • How to choose rocker switch with high cost performance?

    First of all, we should choose the factory, not the dealer, and cut off the intermediate links. Second, we should see whether the factory is more professional and the production style is less. Also, we should see the annual output of each type of ship switch. If they produce 10 million of the same products a year, it means that they have a large quantity, low production cost and relatively low price.

    Finally, it depends on the degree of automation of the company’s production, because most of the current product cost comes from the cost of labor. If it is automated production, the labor cost is relatively low, the quality is relatively stable, the output is also stable, and the production delivery will not be delayed due to human problems.

  • How to judge whether a rocker switch supplier is valuable or not?

    First of all, we need to see if this rocker switch factory has innovative R & D capability. If it has no innovative R & D capability, it will not improve and develop new products to meet the market according to your needs. The products future is innovativation , and innovative products are the most valuable.