Participating in exhibitions all over the world is something our company has been actively participating in.

Because in the exhibition, we can not only visit our local customers at the exhibition, give them a little gift, but also learn about the use of our products face to face.

For the indicator lights, button switches, and rocker switches that we develop and produce, we need to understand the problems encountered by the products, and we need to solve these problems to bring more convenience to customers.

At the exhibition, we can also learn about the changes and pursuits of the market, timely adjust our company’s research and development strategy, and bring the best products to all parts of the world.

We are very happy to meet different customers all over the world, solve switching problems for customers, and constantly improve ourselves. Please contact us at if you need it.

FILN Exhibition
FILN sales team

In December 2021, FILN participated in the 28th Guangzhou Hotel Supplies Exhibition.

FILN mainly sells indicator lights, push button switches, rocker switches and temperature controllers. These products are suitable for all kinds of kitchen appliances.

In addition, other products such as medical equipment industry and speaker electrical industry will need our products.

FILN has been continuously developing and innovating and will bring better products to customers all over the world.

FILN Exhibition

In 2019, we participated in two exhibitions, visited many local customers, learned about the usage of the products, and gained praise from many customers.

FILN Exhibition

In 2018, we participated in three exhibitions and brought our latest button products to the exhibition.

Many customers were interested in this and placed a production order.

FILN Exhibition

In 2017, we arranged two exhibitions very early.

Taking this opportunity, we have also harvested many high-quality customers.

We believe that participating in the exhibition is a good way to promote products such as indicators and buttons and to meet more high-quality customers.

FILN Exhibition

In 2016, we finally participated in the international exhibition!

In the past, we only needed to participate in domestic exhibitions.

Now we are on the international stage. We want to bring high-quality indicator lights and button switches to the world.