10mm LED Indicator Light

Filn 10mm LED indicator light has metal and plastic materials, which can be achieve three types color, single color, two-color and three-color. Single color is divided into red, green, yellow, blue and white. You can adjust the resistance or LED to meet the brightness requirement. Two-color 10mm LED indicator light is divided into plastic and metal, also has common cathode and common anode. Three-color is divided into red green blue, red green yellow, etc, and also has a common cathode and common anode.

The material of 10mm LED indicator light is plastic and the price is low. The head of the plastic indicator light can customize the clip according to the customer’s panel, which is very convenient for installation.

The metal material is divided into three categories, such as stainless, brass, zinc alloy. Stainless material is corrosion resistance while brass plating has a beautiful appearance and low cost.

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Product Category



  • Variety of voltage, the range is from 2V to 750V according to customer’s requirement.
  • Various colors are available, such as red, yellow, green, blue, white, etc.
  • The waterproof level is IP67.
  • Accept customize which can achieve a variety of light symbols.
  • Can adopt the heat-resisting material, which can be used in high or low-temperature environments.

Two different wiring styles

1. LED indicator light with wire

LED indicator light with wire is very convenient for use. The wire is directly lead from the LED indicator light internal. If you want to connect the LED indicator light to the machine, you can also screw it up directly or connect the terminal to the wire.

2. Pin LED indicator light

Usually, the LED indicator light pin is 2.8mm, 4.8mm, 6.3mm or other size terminals. You can connect the corresponding mother terminal first.

Filn has four different head styles of the 10mm LED indicator light. The indicator head can be divided into Flat, amaranthus blitum, plush copper and ball, different head styles has a different luminous effect.

Advantage of 10mm LED indicator light

Filn accepts customize according to customer’s requirement, approximately 30 days arrange the delivery from the order date, which can meet personalize sales. Meanwhile, Filn had passed the certification of UL, VDE, CE that can guarantee the quality of 10mm LED indicator light.

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