12mm Push Button Switch

The button styles of the 12MM PUSH BUTTON SWITCH series have threaded styles and in-line buckle styles. The wiring pins also have screw feet and solder feet, especially with direct line.

It is very convenient for you to connect. The tail line can be pressed Make various connection terminals according to your requirements.

The shell has metal and plastic materials. Metal materials can be made into shells of various colors, which are very beautiful. We can produce 5 colors of red, yellow, green, blue and white. It can also produce two-color and three-color.

The lamp ring style of the button head has a ring shape. Single point, power symbol, and various trademarks, patterns and letters can also be customized according to customer requirements, which will light up very beautifully.

The 12MM PUSH BUTTON switch has two styles with lock and self-reset, and the waterproof grade is also IP67 and IP65. FILN 12MM PUSH BUTTON switch series has passed the American UL certification.

FILN is constantly developing various styles and functions of push button switch. If you have any questions, please contact us at inquiry@cnylin.com.cn.

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How many styles of the 12mm push button switch are there?

The appearance style of the 12mm push button switch has ring style, single-single, top marginlmperf, flat head etc. Meanwhile, the 12mm push button switch can be achieved to four style functions, such as the product with lamp and lock, with lamp and reset, without lamp and lock, without lamp and can’t reset.

Besides, the 12mm push button switch has three wiring styles, such as pin, screw pin, with wire. And the installation style of the 12mm push button switch includes thread style and card buckle style. The thread style uses a nut to fix the metal push button switch to the control panel. While the card buckle style is to put push button switch directly into the 12mm mounting hole.


What is the parameter of the 12mm push button switch?

The mounting hole size of the 12mm push button switch is 12mm.


  • The 12mm push button switch has a variety of colors, such as red, yellow, green, blue, white, orange, and etc. It can be produced in black color if the product doesn’t have lamp.
  • Voltage can achieve to 2V, 3V, 5V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 380V etc.
  • The waterproof rating is IP65 and IP67.
  • The electric current is 5A 250V and 2A 250V, which mechanical life is 100,000 times.

What is the 12 mm push button switch?

The 12mm push button switch means that the mounting hole size is 12mm and can control the connections or disconnections of lines and roads. The 12mm push button switch is divided into metal push button switch and plastic push button switch.


How does the 12mm push button switch work?

Firstly, turn off the electrical wiring of the mechanical equipment, then find out the positive wire of the mechanical equipment, connect wire to the pin of 12mm push button switch. Take it off the other pin. If the push button switch with lamp, you also need to connect a null line to the lamp light of the button. When the mechanical equipment is energized, press the button, the mechanical equipment will start energized work. If it is a lock button switch, you press the button again, the machine will stop. For a reset button switch, when you press the button, the equipment will work. When your finger is away from the button, the equipment will stop.

Filn had passed the certification of UL, CE and ROSH that can guarantee the quality of 12mm push button switch. Meanwhile, Filn is committed to being your best indicator light vendor of choice.