Every product developed by FILN Electronics is tested by engineers and then sent to a formal laboratory for testing to obtain various related certificates.

Our company has an independent and complete laboratory, which can test every aspect of the products developed, and has a large amount of product data, which is ready for solving various problems of customers in the future.

Glow-Wire Tester

The test equipment is used to investigate the fire-resistant properties of indicator light(push button switch/rocker switch) raw materials and finished components.

The glow-wire itself is the source of the fire. The initial temperature of the glow-wire is set and controlled by a temperature programmer.

Alternating damp heat test chamber

It is suitable for accelerated damp heat test, alternating damp heat test, and constant damp heat test for semi-finished products, push button switches, indicator lights, rocker switches, etc. Analyze and evaluate.

The high and low temperature alternating humidity and heat test chamber is a necessary test equipment in the fields of aviation, automobile, household appliances, scientific research and so on.


Intelligent multifunctional combined immunity (EMS) test equipment, which can meet various requirements of international standards and product series standards for a transient pulse, surge and voltage drop testing, and the test voltage can reach up to 6 KV.

It not only meets the requirements of EU CE certification and CCC certification for immunity test of single-phase equipment under test but also can carry out three-phase five-wire equipment under test.


Through the test of high, medium and low voltage, high temperature and high voltage, impulse voltage, simulated mains fluctuating voltage, and driving power output power of the product, observe whether the product can withstand the impact of voltage, whether there are explosive capacitors, short circuits, blackheads, and frequency. Flash, etc., thereby improving the quality of the product.


AC Power Sources: Programmable simulation of AC mains and line fault conditions
Programmable AC Power and Regenerative Grid Simulators with a wide range of voltage, current, and power for simulating AC mains and line fault conditions. Choose from single and three phase output AC power sources with power levels range from 500VA to 630kVA for design validation, production, and education either in the lab or in automated testing applications.


Low temperature test; the indicator light is also used in some low temperature environments.

If the temperature is lower than 40 degrees, the plastic parts or other parts of the indicator light will be damaged and cannot be used normally.

Low-temperature testing can help us check the raw materials of our products and test the low-temperature resistance of raw materials in a low-temperature environment.

Digital Oscilloscope

A digital oscilloscope is a high-performance oscilloscope manufactured by a series of technologies such as data acquisition, A/D conversion, and software programming.

Digital oscilloscopes generally support multi-level menus, which can provide users with multiple choices and multiple analysis functions. There are also some oscilloscopes that can provide storage to save and process waveforms.


Withstand voltage test, the international standard for the withstand voltage test of LED indicators is 1800V, especially those with a voltage exceeding 220V must pass the 1800V withstand voltage test.

If it fails to pass, there will be a possibility of leakage, and a long time may cause the mixed power of the LED indicators to burn out.


High temperature test, The high temperature test is to simulate the entire LED indicators in a high temperature box.

For example, in the case of 150 degrees, the resistance LED or plastic or wires melt will eventually lead to damage to the LED indicators.


Indicator lamp burn-in test; this burn-in test bench can perform a burn-in tests on all types and specifications of LED products we produce.

Observe whether the product has dead lights, strobes, color temperature differences, no power, etc. and record them.


Carry out aging or life tests on LED products, and screen LEDs with unstable electrical properties;

Can light up products in batches and perform visual spectroscopy and color separation;


The LED photoelectric test is an important and only means to test the photoelectric performance of LED.

Mainly test the electrical characteristics, optical characteristics, switching characteristics, color, etc. of the LED used in the indicator light


An oscilloscope is an important tool for voltage and timing measurements.

An oscilloscope is an electronic measuring instrument that can monitor input signals without interference, and then display these signals graphically in a simple voltage and time format.


High temperature AC high current switch life test bench

Mainly used to test the electrical life and mechanical life of produced buttons or rocker switches;

The highest can reach 100A/450V, especially test the high current equipment produced by the company.


An oscilloscope is an instrument that can be used to measure the shape of alternating current or pulse current waves.

In addition to observing the waveform of the current, the oscilloscope can also measure the frequency and voltage intensity. Any periodic physical process that can become an electrical effect can be observed with an oscilloscope.


The rocker switch DC test bench is used to conduct various energization tests on the produced rocker switches before they leave the factory.

It can also test the service life of the rocker switch and switch continuously.

The test bench can provide various AC and DC power supplies to facilitate the inspection of ship-type switch products and improve work efficiency.


The circuit board test bench system is designed based on the PC data acquisition and analysis system.

Professional fixture design and material selection ensure the safety and reliability of the system.

The operation of the equipment is based on the semi-automated concept, the picking and placing are done manually by the operator, and the testing process is an automatic control process.


It is suitable for testing various keys such as key switches and tact switches for life tests.

With adjustable speed, the number of times can be set arbitrarily, and several products can be tested at the same time (each product can be tested at multiple points).

In addition, each button can be set to different pressures and different heights. At the same time, each test head is controlled separately.


The digital display DC power supply is a linear DC power supply with adjustable current and voltage.

This power supply can work in constant voltage mode and constant current mode.

And the constant current and constant voltage modes can be automatically switched. It has the characteristics of high stability and low wave.


High temperature test, The high temperature test is to simulate the entire LED indicators in a high temperature box.

For example, in the case of 150 degrees, the resistance LED or plastic or wires melt will eventually lead to damage to the LED indicators.


The salt spray environmental protection test is to check whether some metal materials of the LED indicators pass the environmental protection test, usually within 48 hours.

If it passes, it proves that the material of the LED indicators is environmentally friendly.

If it fails, it means that the material of the LED indicators is not up to the standard. Environmental protection standards.


The multi-channel temperature recorder is a high-performance data acquisition instrument, which can be operated by touch-screen control by using the color LCD on the screen;

You can watch the temperature changes of multiple channels at the same time, which is very suitable for applications such as temperature, humidity and pressure collection, recording, analysis, and viewing.


Tensile test, Many LED indicators with wires fall off after using wires.

Therefore, a tensile test must be used to check the firmness of the connection between the LED indicators and the wires.

The tensile force is usually about 10KG.


Waterproof test, Many LED indicators will be placed outdoors, on a boat or in the kitchen.

The requirements for waterproofing are still quite high. You can know whether the LED indicators are waterproof through the waterproof test.