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About Our Indicator Light Company


It happened ten years ago, an American customer complained to me that he purchased from a famous Chinese company button switches and indicator lights. Unfortunately, the provider could not meet his requirements. In addition, this poor design ability troubled him. The product quality is not that stable to meet foreign product quality standard. Then I asked him, “why don’t you purchase foreign products from the United States instead of China?” He replied that the indicator lights and button switches in foreign countries have quite good quality, but are lack of flexibility. Their products ranges are so limited and they will not do tailor design according to customer requirement. Also, the delivery time is very long that one order takes two months or even longer.

I researched the requirements of the American customer and made a waterproof installation indicator light with fast wiring according to his requirements. The customer was very surprised, which completely out of his expectation which is far more better quality than French famous brand APEM. I was so puzzled to see his smiling face. On one hand, I was happy to help customers solved problems. On the other hand, I was sad to see the top industry in China did nothing with such weak innovation ability, neither understand the needs of customers very well. They are short of entrepreneurial spirit, shortly after that I was ready to overturn this industry field.

After that, I visited some Japanese and German potential chief companies and learn a lot from them. They keep in creating products and solving customer demand, with innovative products to promote field progressive. This is what we want, so our factory was established in 2010 on this foundation. Our vision is to continue the creation of the world’s highest safety science and technology as well as the most beautiful switch. To engage in the top global industry, we are zeal to operate according to international standards and requirements, which are accompanied by field step of creation progress.

Indicator Light

We are the world’s most professional indicator light manufacturers with the largest categories. We keep creative in accordance with the needs of customers and industry requirement, connecting hole size are from 6mm to 30mm covering 800 varieties. Our products are used for electrical appliances, Kitchen equipment, automation device, machinery facility, medical equipment, automobile, motorcycle motor industry audio equipment, etc.

In constant innovation, research and development, our indicator light technical team has been developing and growing. Now the indicator light technical team has reached 6 people, with 14 years experience. Our technical team can rapidly develop the various waterproof, various appearance and different installation. Our design scenarios of indicator light are according to customer requirements. Our indicator lights are certified by UL, VDE, EU CE and ROSH. Also, there are 48 product patents. Our goal is to be the first choice of global customers. And our motto is to solve customer problems at all costs.

Rock Switch

We are the world’s first ship type switch with 30A current, 1p67 inner waterproof ship type switch manufacturer. We continuously create super waterproof type switch and high current switch. Our products are used in the kitchen equipment, household appliances, the cruise industry, electric welding machine industry, detergent industry, etc.

We have more than 10 years of professional ship type switch design team. Our products have the United States UL certification, waterproof certification, CE, etc. Our products sell in Germany, Britain, America and so on the superium market. We are targeting to top quality ship type switch in the world.

Push Button

We are the only global mechanical switch IP68 directly wiring professional button manufacturers. What’s more, we are also the founder of high current, small mechanical switch. We produced more than 400 kinds of different style of push button switch. Our products have UL, CE certification, etc.

We have to create different products for clients. Furthermore, we are the only metal button switch in China with the invention patent thereto. We have a number of Chinese biggest super button switch research and development team. Our products are used in the audio industry, machinery industry, industrial control automation industry, shipping industry, automobile industry, household appliances industry, etc. We have been designing cost-effective and high-value button switches, manufacturing and developing button switches according to the standards and requirements of global button manufacturing leaders.