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Wide range of waterproof rocker switches, including round rocker switches with KCD4 rocker switches for superior waterproof protection. If you don’t find what you want, please leave a message and provide you with more quotations.

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How many types of Waterproof switches are there?

The rocker switch is divided into square and round types according to the market demand of the rocker switch panel installation.

The models of the square rocker switch are KCD1, KCD3, KCD4, etc.

Type of rocker switch
Type of rocker switch
Type of rocker switch Product Size light color Wiring pins Rocker switch function
Round rocker switch 19.5*19.5mm R/G/B/Y/W/No light 2/3 ON-OFF






KCD1 series 13*19.5mm R/G/B/Y/W/No light 2/3
KCD3 series 11*28mm R/G/B/Y/W/No light 2/3
KCD4 series 22*28mm / 22*30mm R/G/B/Y/W/No light 4/6

What is the waterproof LED light rocker switch?

A waterproof LED light rocker switch means when the switch is powered on, the light inside the waterproof rocker switch is on, people can judge whether it is powered on or not based on the state of the lamp.

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Can a 12v rocker switch be produced?


The waterproof rocker switch is divided into two types, the Illuminated Rocker Switch and the rocker switch without a lamp.

The waterproof rocker switch with a lamp can achieve a variety of voltages, such as 3V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 250V, etc.

Among them, a waterproof 12v switch is the most commonly used.

The current of the waterproof rocker switch is defined by the switch size, the maximum current of the rocker switch KCD1 is 250V 6A, and the maximum current of the rocker switch KCD4 is 250V 30A, 30A rocker switch can directly drive the motor whose power is 5000W.

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12V rocker switches


How to wire the KCD1 12v 3 pins rocker switch?

  1. To connect the pin’s one end of the rocker switch to the power, the other waterproof rocker switch pin is connected to the device’s one end.
  2. The other end of the device is connected to the power, it is the connect mode. When pressing the push button switch, the light is on and the device starts.

How to wire the kcd4 4pin 12v rocker switch?

  1. The two pins are connected to the power, the other two pins are connected to the device. When the switch’s light is on, the device starts, when the switch’s light is off, the device is closed.
  2. The two light pins are connected to the power, the other two pins are connected to the device, which can keep the switch’s light on all the time. Press down the switch, and the device starts, turn off the switch, the device is closed.

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How to wire on off on a 6pin rocker switch?

6 pins are usually used on the 3-way rocker switch

Commonly used rocker switch wiring

The middle two pins are connected to the power, the above two pins are connected to device one, the below two pins are connected to device two.

When the circuit is energized, the switch light is on all the time, when you press the symbol “-” direction, the device starts to work.

Turn the switch back to “O”, and the device stop working. In the same way, when you press the symbol “=” direction, device two starts to work.

The usage scenarios of the waterproof rocker switch

The waterproof lighted rocker switch has a wide range of applications, such as dispensers, coffee machines, rice cookers, open kettles, baking ovens, food machinery and equipment, etc. Most of these products will require oil-proof and waterproof rocker switches.

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The-purpose of the rocker switch

At present, there are many brands and kinds of waterproof rocker switches on the market.

However, the product with good waterproof sealing performance is relatively less.

The waterproof rocker switch of FILN has been recognized by customers since it launched, with its superior waterproof performance and excellent quality.

The certifications obtained for the rocker switch include Rosh, CE, IP68, etc.

The DC/AC waterproof rocker switch of FILN had passed the certifications of America’s UL which can ensure the quality complies with the international standards.

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In addition, we can also customize rocker switches.
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Waterproof rocker switch after-sales service

The waterproof rocker switch produced by FILN is shipped after formal inspection and product testing.
If the product cannot be used normally during use, or there is a problem within the warranty period, please contact us in time.
After you purchase FILN products, we will provide you with technical support and assistance.
It includes advice on how to use or install the product to answer any questions you may have.

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For after-sales service, you can contact the corresponding sales manager, or you can send an email:inquiry@cnylin.com.cn



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