16mm Push Button Switch

16mm push button switch is a very conventional and universal button. Its wiring method has screw feet, pins, and direct wires. The installation method is the same, there are screws fixed, and there are directly snapped in.

16mm push button switch is widely used in modified cars, because its head can be customized with various car symbols according to customer needs, and the button appearance color can also be produced in black, silver, red and so on.

The appearance styles of 16mm PUSH BUTTON SWITCH include flat head, high head, emergency stop, key, knob, etc. It also has two functions of lock and reset. If you need different functions, FILN can also produce according to your needs. If you need a very short one, we have the shortest 13mm button.

FILN has continuously improved the quality and appearance of the old 16MM push button switch and is also constantly developing new buttons. If you have any questions, please contact us at inquiry@cnylin.com.cn.

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Exploring the Versatility of 16mm Push Button Switches

In the realm of electrical components, the 16mm push button switch stands as a versatile and indispensable device. Whether you’re navigating a complex machinery setup or adding functionality to a consumer product, the 16mm push button switch, also known as the push button 16mm, proves to be a critical component with its various applications and features.

Understanding the Basics of a 16mm Push Button Switch

At its core, the 16mm push button switch is a compact, momentary contact device that completes or interrupts an electric circuit when actuated. It features a prominent button atop its housing, which users press to establish or break the connection. This simple yet effective design allows for a wide array of applications, making it a staple in both industrial and consumer settings.FILN push button switch

Key Characteristics and Variants

When delving into the realm of 16mm push button switches, it’s important to note their diverse characteristics and variants. These switches come in various types, including momentary and latching options. A momentary push button switch only maintains its contact while the button is held down, making it ideal for applications that require temporary activation, such as signaling. On the other hand, a latching push button switch maintains its state after being pressed, which can be advantageous for tasks like power toggling.

Moreover, 16mm push button switches offer features like illumination, making them visible even in low-light conditions. This aspect is especially valuable for emergency stop buttons, where visibility and quick accessibility are paramount.

Applications in Different Industries of a 16mm Push Button Switch

The applications of 16mm push button switches span across a multitude of industries. In the industrial sector, these switches find use in machinery control panels, where operators need to start, stop, or reset processes swiftly and accurately. They also play a vital role in enhancing workplace safety by serving as emergency stop buttons, ensuring rapid shutdowns in critical situations.

1. Industrial Use: These switches are essential in industrial settings, being implemented in control panels, machines, and automation systems

2. Automotive Sector: Within automobiles, a push button 16mm might control essential functions like ignition or power windows

3. Home Appliances: Think of household items like microwaves, where the 16mm momentary push button helps to start and stop functions

4. Emergency Systems: As an emergency stop button, the 16mm push button can be utilized in safety systems across factories and elevators

5. Medical Equipment: In the medical field, the precision and reliability of the push button 16mm make it suitable for various medical devices

6. Customizable Features: The 16mm push button comes with options such as illumination, making it suitable for visually-guided operations

7. Quality Standards: Many push button 16mmes comply with certifications like UL, enhancing their usability in sensitive applications

8. Future Innovations: With advancements in technology, the push button 16mm continues to evolve, offering more innovative solutions

9. Conclusion: The push button 16mm is an indispensable part of modern technology Its versatility across different sectors ensures that it remains a crucial component for many applications

Pushbutton switch applications

How Do I Choose the Right 16mm Push Button Switch for My Needs


1 Understanding Your Requirements: Identify the specific needs, such as the type of load, electrical rating, and functionality like momentary or latching

2 Selecting the Type: Choose between 16mm momentary push button or 16mm latching push button switch based on the required action

3 Consider Environmental Factors: Check if you need a waterproof push button 16mm (e g , IP67-rated)

4 Evaluating Quality Standards: Look for certifications like UL or RoHS for quality assurance

5 Illumination Preferences: Decide if you need a 16mm illuminated pushbutton, which adds visual feedback

6 Evaluating Brands and Manufacturers: Consider trusted manufacturers with proven track records

7 Consider the Price: Compare the value and quality, keeping your budget in mind

8 Consult with Experts: If unsure, consult with professionals in the industry or refer to product engineers

9 Check Availability and Support: Ensure the product is available and backed by proper support and warranties

10 Conclusion: Choosing the right push button 16mm requires careful consideration of various factors Understanding these will lead to a satisfying and efficient purchase

Comparing 16mm Momentary Push Button and 16mm Latching Push Button Switch

1 Definition: 16mm momentary push button activates only when pressed, while latching switches maintain their state after being pressed

2 Functionality: A 16mm momentary push button is often used for temporary actions, whereas a 16mm latching push button switch holds its position

3 Applications: Momentary is common in doorbells or car horns, while latching is used in lighting controls

4 Mechanical Structure: Latching switches have more complex mechanics compared to momentary ones

5 Electrical Circuit Design: Latching switches may require a more intricate wiring setup

6 Price Point: Generally, latching switches can be more expensive due to their complex design

7 User Interface Considerations: Latching offers clear on/off states, while momentary gives instant tactile feedback

8 Reliability and Durability: Consider the life cycle of both types; latching may have different wear characteristics

9 Compliance and Standards: Both types meet standard certifications but might have different ratings

10 Conclusion: Understanding the differences between a 16mm momentary push button and a 16mm latching push button switch is essential for choosing the right switch for your application

Can a 16mm Push Button Switch be Used as an Emergency Stop Button

1 The Function of Emergency Stop Buttons: Emergency stop buttons are vital in halting machinery during a crisis

2 Suitability of 16mm Push Button Switch: Some push button 16mmes are designed as emergency stop buttons, meeting relevant safety standards

3 Safety Requirements: Ensure the switch complies with safety regulations, such as industrial safety standards

4 Wiring Considerations: Proper wiring and integration into the safety system are crucial

5 Visual Indicators: Opting for a 16mm illuminated pushbutton may enhance visibility

6 Professional Consultation: Always consult with a professional engineer or follow guidelines to ensure proper implementation

7 Maintenance Considerations: Regular inspection and maintenance are vital for safety functions

8 Potential Challenges: Using a standard push button 16mm without safety features might not meet requirements

9 Availability of Specialized Switches: Some manufacturers specialize in 16mm emergency stop buttons

10 Conclusion: While a push button 16mm can be used as an emergency stop button, strict adherence to safety guidelines and professional consultation is required

What are the Key Features of a 16mm Illuminated Pushbutton

Understanding the Key Features of a 16mm Illuminated Pushbutton

1 What is a 16mm Illuminated Pushbutton : It’s a push button 16mm equipped with an integrated light source

2 Illumination Options: LED colors, brightness levels, and modes (steady or flashing) are customizable

3 Applications: These are used in control panels, industrial machines, and anywhere visual feedback is needed

4 Power Requirements: Consider voltage and current specifications for the light element

5 Environmental Resilience: Look for ratings like IP67 for waterproof or dustproof capabilities

6 Compatibility with Systems: Ensure it integrates smoothly with existing electrical systems

7 Design and Aesthetics: Available in various shapes, colors, and finishes to suit design needs

8 Safety and Certifications: Compliant with international standards like UL for safety and reliability

9 Maintenance and Durability: LED illumination usually offers long life and low maintenance

10 Conclusion: A 16mm illuminated pushbutton offers unique features, adding both functionality and aesthetics to various applications

16mm Illuminated Pushbutton

FILN’s 16mm push button switches take versatility to the next level by offering options in not just one but two and three colors. These multi-color options enhance the visual appeal and functionality, allowing for greater customization and adaptability in various applications. Whether it’s to match a specific design aesthetic or to denote different functions, FILN’s 16mm push button switches with color variations provide a tailored solution.

Are There Any Certifications or Standards for the 16mm Push Button Switch

Number Topic Description
1 Importance of Certifications Certifications ensure quality, safety, and compliance with regulations
2 UL Certification Indicates compliance with safety standards in North America
3 RoHS Compliance Ensures the push button 16mm is free from hazardous substances
4 IP Rating For example, IP67 ensures dust and water resistance
5 CE Marking Signifies compliance with European regulations
6 ISO Standards Like ISO9001, ensures quality management practices
7 CCC Certification Mandatory for products sold in China
8 Custom Certifications Some applications might require specialized certifications
9 Verifying Certifications Always verify with manufacturers and official documentation
10 Conclusion Certifications and standards are essential in ensuring the push button 16mm meets quality, safety, and regulatory requirements

认证Waterproof rocker switch

How to Properly Wire and Install a 16mm Push Button Switch

Wiring and Installation Guide for a 16mm Push Button Switch

1 Understand the Switch Specifications: Know the pin configuration and voltage/current ratings

2 Gather Necessary Tools: Screwdrivers, wire strippers, and multimeters might be needed

3 Turn Off Power: Always disconnect the power to prevent electrical shock

4 Prepare Wires: Cut, strip, and tin the wires as needed

5 Connect Wires to Terminals: Follow the manufacturer’s diagram for connecting the push button 16mm

6 Secure the Switch: Mount the push button 16mm into the panel, following the provided instructions

7 Test the Connection: Turn on the power and test the push button 16mm to ensure proper operation

8 Check for Safety Compliance: Ensure that the wiring complies with local electrical codes

9 Maintenance Considerations: Regularly inspect for wear and tear

10 Conclusion: Proper wiring and installation of a push button 16mm are crucial for safety and functionality Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines.

How to Choose a Reliable Manufacturer for a 16mm Push Button Switch

1 Consider Experience: Look for manufacturers with a strong history in the industry

2 Check Certifications: Look for UL, RoHS, IP67, and other certifications

3 Assess Product Range: Consider the variety of push button switch 16mm options available

4 Evaluate Customer Service: Quality support and after-sales service are essential

5 Request Samples: Test samples for quality and compatibility

6 Review Customer Testimonials: Look for positive feedback from other clients

7 Compare Pricing: Assess the cost and value proposition

8 Consider Lead Times: Evaluate production and shipping times

9 Verify Compliance: Ensure compliance with legal and industry standards

10 Conclusion: Careful consideration of various factors can help in selecting a reliable manufacturer for a push button 16mm

FILN Corporation

FILN has a history of nearly 20 years and its factory is located in Liu Shi Town, Yueqing, the capital of electrical appliances in China. From an inconspicuous small store sales to now have their own factory and more than 150 employees, FILN always adhere to the customer first, quality first, people-oriented, and continuous innovation business model.

The company has various certificates and patents, including UL, ccc, IP67, ios9001, RoHS.
There are also independent laboratories and professional product engineers, and all the experimental data can be provided accurately.

FILN’s goal is to sell its products all over the world and provide safe, high quality indicator lights, pushbutton switches and boat switches for global enterprises.

How to Maintain and Troubleshoot a 16mm Push Button Switch

1 Regular Inspection: Check for wear, tear, and any physical damage

2 Clean Carefully: Use proper cleaning agents to avoid damage

3 Test Functionality: Regularly test the push button 16mm for proper operation

4 Check Wiring: Inspect connections and wiring for any signs of corrosion or looseness

5 Replace Damaged Parts: Replace any worn or damaged parts promptly

6 Consult Manuals: Refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines for specific maintenance procedures

7 Avoid Unauthorized Modifications: Stick to recommended guidelines

8 Seek Professional Assistance: If complex issues arise, consult with professionals or product engineers

9 Maintain Proper Records: Keep a log of maintenance activities

10 Conclusion: Proper maintenance and troubleshooting ensure the long-term reliability and safety of a push button 16mm

These steps should provide a comprehensive insight into the various aspects of the push button 16mm, covering common questions, details, applications, and best practices

How Much Does a 16mm Push Button Switch Cost in the USA?

When it comes to 16mm push button switches, finding the right switch at the right price is crucial for any project. These versatile components are used in various applications, and their cost can vary depending on the type and seller. In this article, we will explore the different types of 16mm push button switches and their prices in the USA.

Types of 16mm Push Button Switches and Their Prices

To give you a comprehensive breakdown, let’s take a closer look at each type of 16mm push button switch and its corresponding price:

  1. Momentary Metal Push Button Switch: This switch is perfect for a 16mm diameter mounting hole and features 1 NO contact and 2 screw terminals. On Amazon, you can find this switch priced at $6.99 for a pack of 2. It’s an affordable option for those looking for a reliable momentary metal switch.
  2. Rectangle Cap Latching Switches: If you need a switch with a 0.63″ mounting hole, 1NO 1NC configuration, and waterproof capabilities (IP65 rating), the rectangle cap latching switch is a great choice. On Amazon, you can purchase a pack of 3 switches for $9.99. These switches are not only durable but also provide a secure latching mechanism.
  3. Maintained Push-Button Switch: The maintained push-button switch is designed for a 16mm mounting hole diameter and features a maintained (MA) configuration. MSC Direct offers this switch at a price of $19.63 each. Although slightly pricier, this switch offers the convenience of a maintained position.
  4. Industrial Pushbutton Switches: For industrial applications, Newark provides a range of 16mm industrial pushbutton switches. The prices for these switches range from $5.56 to $7.02 depending on the quantity purchased. These switches are built to withstand demanding environments and ensure reliable performance.
  5. Metal Button Switch: The metal button switch is a 16mm 2Pin 250V 10A momentary switch with various button head types available. The price for this switch is not specified on Indicator Light. If you are looking for a sturdy and versatile switch, the metal button switch is worth considering.
  6. Latching Push Button Switch: Made of stainless steel, the latching push button switch is a momentary 16mm switch. The price for this switch is not specified on APIELE. With its durable construction, this switch is suitable for applications where a latching mechanism is required.

Visual Representations

To provide a clear understanding of the pricing structure, we have included visual representations such as flow charts, charts, and tables.

Flow Chart

Here’s a flow chart representing the different types of 16mm push button switches and their prices:

16mm push button switch price

Bar Chart

Here’s a bar chart that shows the prices for different types of 16mm push button switches:

16mm push button switch price


Here’s a table summarizing the types of 16mm push button switches and their prices:

Type Price
Momentary Metal $6.99 for a pack of 2
Rectangle Cap Latching $9.99 for a pack of 3
Maintained $19.63 each
Industrial $5.56 to $7.02
Metal Button Not specified
Latching Not specified


In summary, the cost of a 16mm push button switch in the USA can range from $6.99 to $19.63, depending on the type and seller. Whether you need a momentary metal switch, a latching switch, or any other type, understanding the different options and their prices is essential for making an informed decision.

Remember, the right switch at the right price can make all the difference in a project. So take your time to explore the options, refer to the visual representations provided, and choose the 16mm push button switch that suits your needs and budget.

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