MINI indicator light industry first brand The world's largest category of indicator lights The founder of the IP68 PUSH button SWITCH with wire Waterproof ROCKER switch first brand Inventor of 3PDT guitar switch with lights Innovator of intelligent touch control switch

Product Categories

Our Advantages

Since its creation in the 1990s, FILN has become one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of indicator light. We are an innovative industrial and trading company integrating R&D, production and sales. With production plants in China, FILN achieves 73% of its turnover from export markets.

The company has three factories that produce the wire-metal push button switch category and the waterproof large-current rocker switch. We are the only one that has a small indicator lamp UL certificate mainland manufacturers in China.

Filn Indicator Light company advantage 

Company Advantage

  • FILN has twenty years’ experience in sales and produces LED indicator lights, button switches, etc.
  • Founded in 1998, the world’s largest indicator light manufacturer.
  • Mainly produce indicator light, push button switch, rocker switch, etc.
  • R&D departments, large number of design tools & technological monitoring
  • The indicator light, push button switch, rocker switch had passed the certification of UL, CE, ROSH, VDE and ISO90001.
Filn technical team

Technical Team

  • Strong R&D team, specializing in the development of push button switch, rocker switches, indicator lights, guitar switch.
  • Our technical team have 20 years’ experience. We can completing the samples within 25 days, meeting customer’s personalization requirements.
  • Control of numerous technologies and all the production processes. Technical team can customize products for a variety of styles and requirements.
  • Has 6 professional LED indicator light technical general engineers, 3 have been with us for over 15 years.
Filn service team

Service Team

  • Professional and experienced LED indicator light push button switch team
  • 18 years’ overseas sales experience in selling product such as indicator light push button swich.
  • 6 years overseas exhibition experience, knowing the rules of international trade.
  • All sales personnel passed the training of the indicator light switch and other products.
  • Provide entire solution and provide customized services
  • Provide 24 hours indicator light switch knowledge solution service
Filn Switch laboratory

Indicator Light Laboratory

The FILN Switch laboratory has passed the UL and VDE standards to ensure the quality of the FILN switch.Company has passed UL,VDE,CCC.CE.ROSH international certification system.

  • Water Proof Test Bench
  • LED Indicator Light Switch Aging Test Bench
  • High Voltage Measurement Instrument
  • Circuit Board Test Instrument
  • Resistance Tester
  • Switch Life and Current Tester

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