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LED indicator lights are ideal for commercial-grade and light-industrial applications. LED Indicators can are suitable for indicating the status of a circuit. We have a variety of LED indicator light including LED indicator light with wire,Pin LED indicator light,Screw pin LED indicator light and Stitching LED indicator light that meets every type of application.

Our LED Indicator light has a rugged light-emitting diode light source that ensures long hours of service.

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What is a LED Indicator Light?


LED indicator is a mini indicator light with LED as the illuminator. It is usually called an LED indicator light or small LED indicator light.

LED Indicator lights are small visual signals used in various electronic devices and machines to indicate the status of a particular system or process. These lights come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors and are essential components in devices that require user interaction or monitoring.

The most common type of indicator light is the LED (Light Emitting Diode) light. LED lights are energy-efficient and have a long lifespan compared to traditional incandescent lights. They are also versatile and can be used in a range of applications, including automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics.

LED Indicator lights can be used to show different states or conditions, such as power on or off, battery life, error messages, or even incoming messages or calls. In some applications, the color of the indicator light may change to reflect different states or conditions. For example, a green light may indicate a system is in normal operating mode, while a red light may indicate an error or warning condition.

In many industrial and commercial settings, indicator lights are critical components in control systems and machinery. They are used to monitor and control the status of production processes, indicating when a machine is in use or in need of maintenance. They can also be used to provide visual cues to operators, allowing them to quickly identify issues and take appropriate action.

In conclusion, LED indicator lights are a crucial component in many electronic devices and machines. They provide quick and easy visual signals, helping to improve efficiency and reduce downtime. With their versatility and energy-efficiency, indicator lights are an essential component for a range of applications, from consumer electronics to industrial control systems.

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What is the function of indicator LED?


The function of an indicator LED (Light Emitting Diode) is to provide visual signals or indications of the status or condition of a system or device. Indicator LEDs are commonly used to indicate when a device is on or off, to show battery life, to display error messages, or to provide notifications for incoming messages or calls.

They can also be used in control systems and machinery to monitor and control production processes, to provide visual cues to operators, or to indicate when a machine is in use or in need of maintenance. The use of indicator LEDs allows for quick and easy identification of a device’s status, reducing downtime and improving efficiency.

A detailed description of the LED indicator lights


1. An LED indicator light is divided into LED metal indicator light and plastic LED indicator light according to the material.

led metal indicator light plastic LED indicator light
The materials of the LED metal indicator light are divided into brass, stainless steel, and zinc alloy. Metal indicator light LED LAMP has an atmosphere appearance, zinc alloy LED indicator light can achieve in a variety of different colors, such as black. So, industrial LED indicator lights are made of metal. The shell of the plastic LED indicator light is made of plastic material, which is usually used in household appliances. 220V LED indicator light is used in Chinese household appliances, while American household appliances adopt 110V LED indicator light. 277V indicator light is also one of the more common ones.


2. The LED indicator light is divided into AC LED indicator light and DC LED indicator light.

  • The current of the AC LED indicator light is AC, usually used between 110V and 750V, such as 240V LED indicator lights or 120V LED indicator lights (AC LED indicator lights).
  • The current of the DC LED indicator light is DC, usually used between 3V and 48V, such as a 5V LED indicator light or 6 V LED indicator light(DC LED indicator light).

3. An LED indicator light is divided into small LED indicator lights and large size LED indicator lights according to mounting size.

4. Waterproof indicator light

If you need to use an indicator light in water or damp areas, you can choose waterproof LED indicator light, which has two waterproof rating types IP67 and IP68.

Waterproof indicator light

5. The colors of the LED indicator lights can be divided into monochrome and multicolor LED indicator lights.

Monochrome LED indicator light has 5 colors such as red, green, yellow, blue, and white, among which red LED indicator light and amber LED indicator lights are the most commonly used in the market.

In addition to these 5 colors, FILN can also produce a flashing LED indicator light, that is, the LED will flash once it is powered on. The time and flashing speed can be customized.

The multi-color LED indicator light is divided into a two-color LED indicator light and 3 colors LED indicator light.

(1)Two color LED indicator light includes a red & green LED indicator light and a red & blue LED indicator light.

(2)The usual three-color LED indicator light is red, green, and blue LED indicator light.

6. Voltage of LED indicator light

The voltage of the LED indicator light can be customized according to the customer’s demand to adjust the resistance value. In general, 4/1500 ohm resistance can be used on 5V LED indicator lights or 6 volts LED indicator lights.

If you use it in the car, please choose a 12V LED indicator light, or 9 volts LED indicator light. Usually, 12V adopts 1.8K resistance, which is suitable for the voltage between 5V and 12V.

Resistor Model Scope of application
3K 4/1 resistance Suitable for 24V DC LED indicator light or 28V LED indicator light.
120K 4/1 resistance Suitable for 110V LED indicator light or 120V LED indicator light.
200K 4/1 resistance Suitable for 220V LED indicator light or 230V LED indicator light.
510K 2/1 resistance Suitable for 380V LED indicator light or 480V LED indicator light.

LED indicator light certification


The LED indicator light of FILN has passed UL, CE, RSH, and other international certifications.

All the products are produced according to the ISO9001 quality management system, ensuring the quality and consistency of the products.

FILN has a specialized LED indicator light test laboratory. Experiments can be carried out in a variety of different environments and special needs.

FILN also has a professional LED indicator light R & D team, they can customize various styles of panel mount LED indicator lights within 20 days.

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How to wire LED indicator lights?


First, take a green 12V LED indicator light, a 12V fan, and a 12V power supply.

Connect the power cable to the 12V green LED indicator light, and then connect the fan.

When the power is turned on, the 12V LED indicator light turns on and the fan starts.

When the power is off, it turns off and the fan stops working.