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How to distinguish the quality of LED indicators?

Sep 16, 2021

ne of them is the electric light, which was invented for lighting purposes in our lives. It was on October 21, 1879, after long-term trial and error, the American inventor Edison finally ignited the world’s first electric light with practical value.

How to Distinguish the Quality of the Rocker Switch?

Feb 23, 2021

The rocker switch and the copper parts in the electronic rocker switch socket are the key components to ensure smooth current flow and reduce heat generation. High-quality electronic switching power supply sockets are made of excellent copper parts, which are strong.

A Comprehensive Introduction to Common Push Button Switch

Feb 23, 2021

A button is a control switch that is operated by a certain part of the human body (usually a finger or palm) and has a spring stored energy to reset. It is the most commonly used master electrical appliance. The allowable current through the contact of the button is small, generally not more than 5A.

What Do The Different Colors Of The Indicator Light Mean?

Nov 21, 2020

Indicator Lamp or Indicator Light is widely used in the ship, machine tools, machine equipment, switch cabinet, power distribution cabinet. Indicator lamp also namesWhat Do The Different Colors Of The Indicator Light Mean? pilot lamp, who to indicate whether power is on or an equipment device is for showing the operating condition of some system.