KCD5 Series

The FILN KCD5 series operating buttons have many colors, the main colors are black, white, red, and green. The type of lamp with light switch is mainly 220V neon lamp products, and there are few products with LED lamps, and they are basically 24V DC LED. The characters printed on the operating part buttons can be printed according to the needs of customers. The existing characters There are also dozens of styles, which can generally satisfy customers. Special voltage, current and color need to be customized.

There is a metal sheet inside the FILN KCD5 series switch. There is a spring fulcrum in the middle. The spring displacement and the aging and deformation of the plastic bracket make the switch inflexible. You can disassemble it after the power is turned off and have a look. If the plastic part is not damaged, it may be restored. The neutral wire inside the switch is straight through and has nothing to do with the switch components. Therefore, if the switch jumps to the air switch, the insulation layer of the neutral wire of the switch is damaged. You can cut off the damaged section and reconnect the wiring. Pay attention to the insulation to ensure . It may also be that there is a short circuit on the indicator light pin, just re-wiring.

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