Metal indicator light

Metal indicator light

FILN is with 21 years production experience of professional lamp factory, is the world’s first research with line metal indicator light  factory, from 2012 began to develop a variety of different styles and features of metal lamp, the product category is complete, the product category is the world’s most abundant, the metal has 348 kinds of style design, the following is the product introduction

  1. Size specifications range from 6MM, 8MM, 10MM, 12MM, 14MM, 16MM, 19MM, 22MM
  2. Installation methods include screw thread and bayonet
  3. There are four luminous styles: monochrome, single flash, two-color and three-color

There are three kinds of wiring: welding pin type, pin type and wire connection type

  1. Indicator light waterproof level can reach IP68.

FILN factory has a professional pilot lamp research and development team, which can develop a variety of personalized pilot lamp requirements, and can complete the rapid development from customer conception to real sample products to abrasive tools production and production in 20 days.

We also have very professional pilot testing equipment

  1. Indicator light withstand voltage test instrument
  2. Indicator light aging test bench
  3. Indicator light LED impact test instrument
  4. Indicator temperature test instrument
  5. Indicator temperature test instrument
  6. Indicator lamp tension test instrument
  7. Double-color and three-color indicator light test instrument

FILN also has a full range of world certifications

  1. UL certification
  2. German VDE certification
  3. Eu ROSH certification

4.IP67 waterproof certification

5.IS09001 quality management system certification

  1. European CB certification

Our indicator lights are used in a wide range of applications, including bullet trains, military, medical equipment, automobiles, automation, kitchen equipment, home appliances and so on

If you want to buy a indicator light, look for a pilot light, because it’s professional.

Plastic indicator light

Plastic indicator light

FILN company production of plastic indicator light has a history of 21 years, is made of plastic lamp design is one of the most factory, up to 1042 different types of plastic lamp, and mainland China only one a lamp factory, with the United States UL certification of light output reached 5 million per month, domestic percentage share of 60, the company has advanced automatic welding machine and the light on the professional testing equipment, to provide a solid backing to ensure delivery and quality.The plastic indicator made by FILN can reach IP68 waterproof test level

The mounting hole of plastic indicator light is 6MM, 8MM, 10MM, 12MM, 12MM, 5mm, 14MM, 16MM, 22MM, etc

The installation style of plastic indicator lamp has screw thread style, bayonet type,

Plastic indicator lights come in five different monochrome colors, red, green, yellow, blue and white, as well as red, green and red, green and blue plastic indicators

There are two kinds of connecting ways of indicator lamp: pins and wires

The voltage of plastic indicator light can be 3V 6v 12v24v36v110v220v380v and so on

Plastic indicator has UL certification, VDE certification, CE certification and so on

We have a very strong research and development team, can be completed in 20 plastic indicator lamp design to the finished product.

The detection equipment includes the following”

  1. Pressure test instrument for plastic indicator light
  2. Plastic indicator light aging test bench
  3. Plastic indicator light LED impact test instrument
  4. Low temperature test instrument with plastic indicator light
  5. High temperature test instrument with plastic indicator light
  6. Plastic pilot lamp tension test instrument
  7. Double-color and three-color test instrument for plastic indicator light
  8. Waterproof test instrument with plastic indicator light

If you need customized indicator lights, please contact professional plastic indicator lights factory

metal push button switch

Metal push button switch

In 2012, Filn began to produce metal push button switches. It is a professional innovative factory specializing in the production and research and development of metal buttons. Now there are 465 models of metal button.

FILN metal push buttons now come in 3 different styles, wire metal buttons, pin metal buttons, and screwmetal push button switch

Metal push buttons can be monochrome, bicolor or tricolor

Monochrome metal button colors are red, yellow, green, blue, white and purple

Two-color metal button colors are red green, red yellow, red blue, red white, blue green, blue yellow, blue white, yellow white, green white, green yellow and so on

The colors of the three-color metal buttons are red green yellow, red green blue, red green white, yellow green white, yellow blue white, and so on

Metal push buttons have a single group and a double group

The voltage of the metal button can be 3v 6v12v24v220v110v380V and so on

The maximum current of metal button can be 25OV 10A

The waterproof grade of metal button is IP67 in most cases, and IP65 in some cases

FILN is able to customize the metal button in 25 to 30 days

One of the metal button laboratory is the United States UL certification laboratory, which has the following test instruments

  1. Metalpushbutton switch  LED impact test bench
  2. Metalpushbutton switch aging test bench
  3. Metal push button switch pressure test bench
  4. Metal psuh button temperature rise test instrument
  5. Metal button high temperature test bench (60 ° c to 120 ° c)
  6. Metal button cryogenic test instrument (0 to -40 ° c)
  7. Metal button environmental protection material test instrument
  8. Metal button dc load test bench (1A to 30A test)
  9. Metal push button ac with load test bench (1A to 50A test)

FILN metal button authentication by the following certification certificate

  1. UL certification
  2. Waterproof IP67 certification
  3. Eu CE certification
  4. IS09001 quality management system certification
  5. European Union ROSH environmental protection certification
  6. China CCC quality compulsory certification

If you have different needs for metal push button switch , please contact us, because we are professional, fast and powerful

push button switch with wire

Push Button switch with wire

FILN spent seven years developing the ribbon push button switch and created a new category of buttons, the ribbon metal button and the ribbon plastic push button swtich .

The switch head with wire button is designed with IP67 structure, and the bottom is all closed with epoxy resin, which can be used directly under water.In addition, this metal button with wire can directly connect terminals, greatly improving the efficiency of customers, and its current can be 10A 250V.

In addition, in order to take into account the customer’s use cost, FILN company also introduced plastic psuh  button with wire, using metal parts for the head and plastic parts for the base, so as to reduce the cost of finished products.

This metal push button switch  with wire can be monochrome, two-color, three-color, four-color and so on

Monochrome metal button with line red green yellow blue white purple 6 colors

Two-color ribbon metal buttons have red green, red yellow, red blue, red white, green yellow, green blue, green white, blue yellow, blue white and so on

Three – color ribbon metal buttons have red – green – blue, red – green – yellow and so on

Four – color ribbon metal buttons have red – yellow – green – blue, red – yellow – green – white

The installation size of metal button with wire is 12MM, 16MM, 19MM, 22MM, 25MM, 28MM, 30MM and so on

Switch voltage with wire button can be done 3v 6v 12v 24v 36v 110v 220v 380v and so on

The installation way that takes line button has helix type and bayonet design two kinds

At the same time this kind of belt line button also obtained a large number of international certification

  1. UL certification (the only manufacturer with UL certification for wire buttons in China)
  2. Eu CE certification
  3. CCC certification in China
  4. IS09001 quality management system certification

FILN also has specialized LABS that test buttons with wires

  1. Waterproof test bench with wire metal button switch
  2. Pressure test instrument with plastic push button switch with wire
  3. Switch LED test bench with cable button
  4. Aging test bench with cable button
  5. High temperature test bench with cable button
  6. Low temperature resistance test bench with cable button
  7. Dc belt load current test bench with cable button switch
  8. With wire metal button ac with load current test bench
  9. Wire button switch tension testing bench
  10. Environmental test bench with cable button

As the founder company of button switch with wire, we will make unremitting efforts to do a good job in the product of button switch with wire. If you have special requirements for push button switch with wire, please contact us

rocker switch

Rocker switch

FILN company has been constantly developing customer requirements of the rocker switch, there are now with line waterproof boat switch, waterproof boat switch, high current 30A boat switch and other categories…

There are 846 types of FILN switch, which are still under development according to customers’ personal requirements

The ship switch has passed many international certifications, such as American UL, European CE, ISO90001 quality management body certification, IP67 waterproof certification, eu ROSH certification and so on

In order to better do the ship switch, we also have a specialized ship switch laboratory, the following is the ship switch test equipment

  1. Waterproofing test board for ship-type switch
  2. Ship type switch aging test bench
  3. Load current test bench for dc belt of ship-type switch (1a-50a)
  4. Ship type switch ac current tester with load (250v 1a-30a)
  5. Ship type switch high temperature test bench (60 to 120 degrees)
  6. Ship type switch cryogenic test bed (1 ℃ to -40 ℃)
  7. Ship switch material environmental protection test bench
  8. rocker switch LED chip impact test table

If you have any questions, please contact us at

touch switch

Touch control system switch

With the arrival of 5G era and the arrival of the intelligent era of Internet of things, more and more products are upgraded into intelligent products. Therefore, FILN company established a touch control system switch research and development team in shenzhen in March 2019 to solve the problem of intelligent connection of products.

Now I have completed three products with different functions and requirements, and now I have developed two new products every month.

Touch control system switch is usually used in home appliances, kitchen equipment, now more and more products in the upgrade, if you need touch control system switch, please contact us

3PDT foot switch

3pdt foot Guitar switch

In 2015, FILN began to produce guitar switch accessories from sound effects manufacturers. After two years of research and development, it developed guitar switch with lights, which is the world’s first professional guitar switch factory with streamlined automatic guitar switch.We now produce 32 different guitar switches.

FILN produces various guitar switches and has a professional research and development team,

Guitar switch is usually used on electric guitar switch. We keep innovating. If you have special personalized needs on guitar switch, please contact us