Automotive Push Button Switch

A kind of button switch used in the car, through the button to connect and disconnect part of the car’s circuit, to complete a specific command, such as a button momentary automotive push button switch, the horn will sound, release the button, the sound will stop.

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What is an automotive push button switch?

An automotive push button switch is a switch that activates when pressed to operate. It can regulate various functions in your vehicle such as horn, lights, starter etc.

The car push button switch can have different arrangements according to the number of poles and throws, which determines how many circuits it can regulate and how many positions it can close the circuit.

An automotive push button switch can also be an automotive momentary push button switch or an automotive latching Push Button Switch, which means it remains operative only while pressed or stays in the set position until altered.

Some automotive pushbutton switches can illuminate to indicate its state and position.

Customize the car push button switch you want.

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