19mm Push Button Switch with Wire

The mechanical life of 19mm Push Button Switch with Wire reaches 1,000,000 times and the electrical life reaches 200,000 times, and the electrical specifications are up to 2A/36VDC. In terms of protection level, it can reach IP67 and reach stainless steel, which can be satisfied whether the product is used outdoors, underwater or explosion-proof; in the lighting part of the product, you can choose no light type, ring light type or power symbol plus ring light type. The appearance of the switch only has a plane specification, and the material part is only stainless steel, but FILN will continue to develop other specifications in this series, such as high plane, aluminum alloy material, etc., and can customize text or patterns on the buttons according to customer needs.

The 19mm Push Button Switch with Wire produced by FILN can be applied to electric shared bicycles, bathroom equipment, parking lot access control systems, industrial control, computer peripherals, medical equipment, etc.

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