30mm Push Button switch

30mm Push Button switch


30mm PUSH BUTTON SWITCH is a relatively large button, usually used in commercial kitchen equipment and large machinery and equipment, usually when a higher waterproof level is required, a button with a line is used, and its waterproof level can reach IP68. The bottom is all made of epoxy resin.


Is there any certification for 30mm PUSH BUTTON SWITCH?

The FILN button has passed the American UL, European CE certification and ROSH certification. In terms of production, FILN strictly follows the ISO90001 quality management system standard process to ensure the stability of quality.


What is the current in 30mm PUSH BUTTON SWITCH?

The maximum current of a 30mm button can pass 10 amperes, and the wire needs to be connected with 1 square wire.


If you have any questions about the button, please contact us inquiry@cnylin.com.cn.

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