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About FILN

FILN is a manufacturer specializing in R&D and mass production of indicator lights and button switches, and it is also a leading enterprise on the Alibaba platform.

For R&D products, we have a professional technical team and a fully equipped product testing laboratory. FILN believes that only continuous innovation and improvement can better serve FILN customers.

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Indicator light product video

FILN symbol indicator light introduction

The warehouse contains 100 kinds of symbol indicator stocks, and can also customize any symbol or logo you need, and other requirements can be customized.

The production process of the FILN indicator

FILN strictly requires the quality of products, and the inspection requirements for finished products are also particularly high, providing you with reliable quality products.

FILN double color indicator light display

Filn can provide you with double color and three-color indicator lights, which can be used on many electrical equipment.

Push button switch product video

FILN brand new plastic push button switch

Plastic buttons can be used in many places, and the new model can be used in places with a small installation space.

Wiring mode of FILN push button switch

For the problem of the button switch wiring, you can contact us to provide you with a complete solution.

FILN push button switch waterproof test

FILN can produce fully waterproof push button switches, which can also work normally in water.

Rocker switch  product video

FILN rocker switch production process

The FILN ship type switch adopts assembly line integrated machinery production, which guarantees the quality and output of the product.

Wiring mode of FILN push button switch

There are many wiring methods for rocker switches. The video shows the most common wiring methods. If you have any questions, you can consult us.

Wiring of FILN round rocker switch

Round rocker switches are available with and without lights, as well as waterproof ones.

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