19mm LED Indicator Light

The panel opening size is 19mm, and its LED light is an overall light-emitting type, with a variety of light-emitting colors and bright or dark light to choose from, clearly indicating different working conditions. Rated voltage AC/DC Single color, seven color, flashing light, two-color light emitting type, standard product is equipped with fixing nut and waterproof gasket. The material of the LED shell is metal plated bright chrome, bright nickel, or 304 stainless steel. It adopts high-brightness pure color LED light-emitting chip as the light source. It has long life, low energy consumption, small size, light weight, high brightness, good reliability, and shape. Beautiful and exquisite manufacturing, pure color, life span can reach 100,000 hours.

Product application: It is widely used in various fields such as machine tools, textile equipment, ships, aviation, automobiles, power and telecommunications equipment, medical equipment, computers and peripheral equipment, home appliances and other fields as indicator lights and signal control. The best choice for integrated control requirements.

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