Develop new products and improve quality

FILN has increased the cost of product research and development, and targeted to solve a variety of switching problems for customers.
The company’s quality department has complete staffing and strictly controls product quality.

Set up the third production company in shenzhen

In 2019, established a r&d center in shenzhen, obtained the certificate of button UL and ship UL, participated in the Brazil electronics show and Hong Kong electronics show, and moved the factory again

Obtained UL certificate

In 2018, I obtained ul.cccz certificate and participated in exhibitions in Singapore, USA and Germany.

Registered international trademark

In 2017, I began to design and develop guitar switch products and participated in the electronics show in Thailand and the electronics show in Brazil.Registered us trademark CNFILN

Develop metal button switch with wire

In 2013, we developed IP68 metal button with wire, which was successfully developed in 2016 and successfully developed waterproof button with wire

Registered second factory

Yueqing yulin electronics co., ltd. was established in 2012, specializing in the production of high-end indicator lights, metal buttons, ship switches

Registered production plant

In 2000, longwan yongzhong xinglin electrical accessories factory was registered to produce indicator lights and alligator clips

FILN start

Filn started in 1998 when wen set up shop in liushi appliance city, the capital of electric appliances in China, to sell in the domestic market