The Indicator Light Industry Has Fully Recovered In 2021

With the end of the Spring Festival, the indicator light industry has recovered!

1. Introduction to Spring Festival

The Spring Festival in China is a traditional festival, and the date of the Spring Festival each year is determined according to the Chinese lunar calendar.

When celebrating the Spring Festival in China, as the New Year approaches, every family will prepare a variety of New Year goods. Buying New Year’s goods during the Spring Festival is an essential top priority for ordinary Chinese families, including food, clothes and clothing.

Dry, fresh, raw, cooked, all items needed for the Spring Festival are collectively referred to as “New Year’s Goods”, and the process of buying New Year’s goods is called “New Year’s Food”.

In ancient times, transportation was inconvenient and materials were relatively scarce. In order to celebrate the Spring Festival every year, every family has to prepare New Year gifts about 10 days before the Spring Festival. New Year’s merchandise includes chicken, duck and fish, tea wine sauce, roasted seeds and nuts, and candied fruits.

You must buy enough things and prepare some gifts during the New Year to visit relatives and friends. Children need to buy new clothes and hats and prepare to wear them during the New Year.

In addition, we will also post couplets on the door, which means we hope that the new year will go smoothly and life will get better and better.

Introduction to Spring Festival

2. The indicator light industry began to recover

After the end of the Spring Festival, all walks of life began to resume work, as did the indicator light industry. Our employees also returned from their hometowns and continued to join the production of the indicator light industry.

Every year on the eighth day of the first lunar month, our company will open its doors to welcome employees back. Everyone will show a red envelope full of money, hoping that everyone can work hard and work smoothly, and every employee can get it. This is the company. The blessings and hopes of every employee.

The indicator light industry began to recover

3. The indicator light industry is more attractive

With the continuous development of the indicator light industry, the scale of our company is also constantly improving.

Now, our company has more than 100 employees, but it still can’t meet the company’s production needs for indicator lights and button switches. We need more new employees to join the indicator light industry, so we started hiring employees.

Recruitment work mainly starts near the company. We have placed tables and canopies downstairs to introduce the indicator light industry and our company and products to pedestrians passing by.

Everyone is also very interested in the indicator light industry and the button switch industry. We will introduce to them the advantages of our industrial products, such as indicator lights can be used for up to 100,000 hours, buttons can be waterproof, etc.

For those who have not been in contact with the industry, this is a brand new thing, we also welcome more people who have joined the indicator light industry, continue to learn in the company, and develop with us.

The indicator light industry is more attractive

4. Indicator industry training

For newcomers who join our industry, we will conduct product training for them so that they can understand our products more quickly, from the working principle of the product to the assembly of indicators and buttons.

We will teach new employees according to their abilities, understand the new employees’ previous work types and habits, and choose a job that suits them.

Indicator industry training

5. The industry’s outstanding technicians are scarce

In this era when excellent talents are scarce, our company will also join 2 professional button switch technicians in 2021. They have many years of rich work experience in button switches and other products.

Our company can complete the development from the early stage to the subsequent finished product, and the testing equipment is also very complete. We will conduct a comprehensive inspection of the newly developed products to ensure the stability of the new products.

6. Solve the problem of indicator light industry

Since we have many experienced technical developers, in our work, we have successfully helped many customers solve various button switch problems.

Because the buttons used on different devices are different, the installation method will be different because the device is not used. Therefore, our technicians can change our button switch according to the customer’s equipment to match the customer’s equipment production. Also received good comments from customers.

For the production of indicator lights, we still use high-quality raw materials for manufacturing to ensure the quality of the indicator lights. In the past year, the output of our indicator lamps has also been continuously increasing. For our customers, we only hope to provide satisfactory products. Solving customer problems is also the direction we have been working hard on.

Push Button Switch customized


7. Industry Vision

We hope that whether it is in the indicator light industry or button switches and other industries, we can continue to make progress, learn, and use our technology and products to solve their problems for customers. In these industries, we can continue to grow.  If you have any needs, please contact us.

indicator light industry

Ordinary metal indicator light

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How to Distinguish the Quality of the Rocker Switch?





1. 厚铜片提高了电流流通能力,降低了铜件的电阻。

2. Strong resistance, especially for some sockets, not easy to deform. Even if the socket is used for a long time, it can maintain the appropriate clamping force. The Guancheng plum socket ensures that the socket and the plug are tightly connected to reduce the arc.

3. No rust, reduce the problem of increased resistance and heating caused by rust.

4. Less riveting, one piece of copper in the whole, further reducing the riveting and rivet heating.


Many years ago, the use of brass as current-carrying parts in sockets was the mainstream; nowadays, brass parts are still used as current-carrying parts, and the quality is definitely inferior. The appearance of brass is bright yellow, the texture is soft, abrasion resistance but not ambition in terms of durability (elasticity).

After the brass is used for a long time, the appearance of the copper parts will be oxidized and rusted, the color will become dark, and the touch resistance will be increased; after repeated plugging and unplugging, due to poor resistance and severe deformation of the brass sheet, it is often unable to pick up electricity or due to poor touch It forms an electric arc and cannot guarantee the safe use of electricity.

Now mainstream sockets use tin-phosphorus bronze as copper material. The tin-phosphorus bronze alloy has a purple-red appearance, and its features are its very high strength, strong elasticity and excellent corrosion resistance. Even after long-term use, its appearance will not be oxidized and corroded, the insert sleeve will not be deformed, and the appropriate clamping force will always be maintained.



How to Distinguish the Quality of the Rocker Switch?



A Comprehensive Introduction to Common Push Button Switch

Common Push Button Switch Function

A button is a control switch that is operated by a certain part of the human body (usually a finger or palm) and has a spring stored energy to reset. It is the most commonly used master electrical appliance. The allowable current through the contact of the button is small, generally not more than 5A. Therefore, under normal circumstances, it does not directly control the on and off of the main circuit (high current circuit), but sends command signals in the control circuit (small current circuit) to control electrical appliances such as contactors and relays, and then they control the main circuit On-off, function conversion or electrical interlocking.


common push button switch
common push button switch


The structure principle of the common push button switch

The button generally consists of a common push button switch cap, a return spring, a bridge-type moving contact, a static contact, a pillar connecting rod and a shell.

The opening and closing state of the contacts when the button is not acted on by external force (ie static), divided into stop button (ie moving off button), start button (ie moving on button) and compound button (ie moving on, moving off contact combination is One button).


Selection of common push button switch

1. Select the type of button according to the use occasion and specific purpose. For example, the buttons embedded in the operation panel can be open type; the cursor type that needs to display the working status; the key operation type should be used in important occasions that need to prevent misoperation by personnel.

2. Select the color of the button switch according to the working status indication and working condition requirements. For example, the start button can be white, gray or black, and white or green is preferred. The emergency stop button should be red. The stop button can be selected in black, gray or white, preferably black, or red.

3. Select the number of buttons according to the needs of the control loop. Such as single button, double button and
Triple button etc.

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