19mm Push Button switch

19mm Push Button switch


19mm PUSH BUTTON SWITCH is a series of products with the most styles among metal buttons. It has flat head ring, single point, high head, round head, knob type, key type, emergency stop type, etc.


The maximum current of the 19mm PUSH BUTTON SWITCH designed in 2019 can reach 10A 250V. The switch design uses internal wiring and the tail is filled with epoxy resin, which can achieve the effect of waterproof IP68. At the same time, a touch-style button is designed.


The 19mm PUSH BUTTON SWITCH metal shell can be produced in a variety of different colors, and the button plastic cap can also be customized with a variety of different symbols. At the same time, it is very popular on Amazon.


The 19mm PUSH BUTTON SWITCH LED adopts the dual-core electrodeless LED developed by FILN itself. It can be wired freely under direct current, regardless of the positive and negative levels. It is also divided into two functions: a lock button and a self-reset button.


19mm PUSH BUTTON SWITCH series products have passed the American UL certification and the European Union CE certification, and you can sell them in the United States and Europe.


FILN has 20 years of experience in the production of 19mm PUSH BUTTON SWITCH and a strong foreign trade team, which can provide good service and docking with you, including technical issues.


If you have any questions about the button, you can contact us immediately [email protected].