10MM Momentary Signal Control Button Switch on off 2 Pins

Button switch on off parameters

Production Series PA-314
The keys PC plastic
The shell PC plastic
pin H62
nut PC plastic
housing PA66+GF20% nylon
Button color Red, yellow, blue,

green, white, black

Rated voltage 250V AC
rated current 3A AC

The description of the button switch on off.

Regarding the button switch on off, the diameter is 10mm, and its head can be achieved six colors of red, yellow, blue, green, white, black.

The material of the key and housing sleeve are PC, the pin’s material of the push button is H62 copper alloy, the base’s material is PA66+GF20% inflaming retarding nylon.

Please refer to the below drawing of the plastic push button.

Button switch on off installation

How does a push button on off switch work?

The button switch on off has two functions of self-locked and self-reset.

1. The self-locked button switch on off means press the key, it do not return automatically, when you press the key again with your finger, it will go back in original position.


2. The self-reset button switch on off means press the switch, the key is down, when you release your hand, it will go back in original position.

How to wire a button switch on off?

The product’s wiring method is very simple, similar to the connection on the picture.

Connect the positive pole to one pin of the push button, then connect with it from the other pin.

Press down the push button, the load is powered on, when release the push button, it is powered off.

How to wire the push button switch

Where does the button switch on off used?

Most electronic devices can use the push button, using different functions depending on the actual use scene needs.

In general, the button switch on off can be applied in car modification, medical equipment, engineering instruments, access control switches, CNC molds, computer modification, commercial kitchen, electronic and electrical equipment and more. Application scenario pictures are shown below.

push button switch application

Where to buy the button switch on off?

First, you need to determine what kinds of switch you need, and then find a reliable seller.

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What are the payment ways of purchasing the button switch on off?

In general, we accept paypal, T/T, West Union, letter of credit, etc.

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