12MM Momentary Non-illuminated Push Button Power Switch

Push button power switch parameters

Production Series FLP12-BJ-1-XX000-P10M2 Light guide Button
Button Shape round Actuator ABS plastic
Button Color Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White Housing Sleeve ABS plastic
Mechanical Life The 500 thousand time Button Pin
Electrical Life The 100 thousand time Rubber Ring SIL silica gel
Protection Level IP65 Nut H59 nickel plated brass
Rated Voltage 36V (DC)

250V (AC)

Housing ABS plastic
Rated Current 3A DC / 3A AC Light Source
Rated Power 36W(DC)125W(AC) Resistor
Operating Temperature -25℃~+85℃ Contact AgCdO12

Below is the question analysis of the push button power switch.

The detailed description of the push button power switch

The mounting hole size of the push button power switch is 12mm.

The head shape of the push button power switch is the spheroidal head.

Below is the detailed size drawing of the push button power switch

12mm push button power switch


Key: PC plastic

Housing: PC plastic

The pin material of the push button power switch: H62 copper alloy

Base Material: PA66+ GF20% nylon.

The color of the key: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White

The performance parameter

The rated voltage of the switch: 36 V DC/ 250V AC

The rated current of the switch: 3A DC /3A AC

The contact resistance:≤50mΩ

The insulation resistance: ≥100mΩ

The electrical life: 100,000 times

The working environment temperature: minus 25 degrees to 85 degrees.


The push button power switch has the function of 1NO and self-reset.

The self-reset, press down the key, then release your hand, the key will return automatically.

The self-locked, press down the key, when your finger releases the push button, it will not bounce back automatically, we can produce the self-locked push button switch.

How to wire a push button power switch?

Press on the key of the push button power switch, the device starts. Release the push button power switch, the device is closed.

The wiring way is as follows, the first step, the positive pole of the power is connected to the NO pin, the second step, connect the negative pole of power to the C pin of the switch.

Where to buy the push button power switch?

Online: / / FILN online store

Offline: email, the email address is [email protected]. There will be a professional salesman connecting business with you.

filn sales-team

Following is the question analysis about the push button power switch.

1. Can you provide after-sales service if there is a problem?

Filn has an after-sales service system.

The warranty period of the joy switch is one year, During the warranty period, you can contact us at any time if there is some problem with the product.

We will contact you at first time when we receive the message, helping you solve the problems of the quality issues and other questions.

2. Can Filn provide the customized service?

Of course, we can provide OEM service, such as customers want to carve their own logo on the push button.

We have a strong engineering R&D team, as long as you provide your needs completely, we will give the corresponding solutions.

If existing products don’t meet your needs, we can also develop new products, but need the customer to bear the moulding costs and research & development expense.

Filn will offer you an exclusive sale, this can greatly enhance the competitiveness of customers and increase profits.

3. Can the end of the push button power switch weld a wire

Yes, you just need to provide us with the wire specification and length, we can weld the wiring on the pin of the push button.

In terms of testing, we have two test processes, once after the button is installed, and after the welding wire, it will be tested again to ensure that the quality of the button.

It can greatly reduce your time and labor costs by us welding wire for you, you can gain higher profits.


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