12MM 2 Pin Momentary Waterproof Push Button Electrical Switch

Push button electrical switch parameters

Production Series FLM12-10FJM Light Guide Button
Button Shape round Actuator 304 Stainless steel
Button LED Color Housing Sleeve H59 nickel plated brass
Mechanical Life The 500 thousand time Button Pin H62 Copper alloy
Electrical Life The 100 thousand time Rubber Ring SIL silica gel
Protection Level IP65 IK08 Nut H59 nickel plated brass
Rated Voltage 36V(DC) 250(AC) Housing PA66+GF20% nylon
Rated Current 1A(DC)0.5A(AC) Light Source LED
Rated Power 36W(DC)125W(AC) Resistor
Operating Temperature -25℃~+85℃ Contact AgCdO12

The description of the 12mm 2 pin momentary waterproof push button electrical switch.

The product is small volume, cheap price and waterproof, following is the detailed introduction.

  • The mounting hole is 12mm, and its installation mode is screw thread.
  • The waterproof rating is IP65.
  • The rated current is 2A, 36V.
  • The material is divided into three types of nickel-plated brass, stainless steel, and aluminum alloy.

Aluminum alloy materials can oxidize various colors, such as red, green, yellow, blue, black, etc. The appearance of the product is very beautiful and atmospheric.

Use scenarios of button switches
  • The product is divided into two types of high-head and flat-head.
  • The product has two functions of self-reset 1NO and self-lock 1NO.
  • The metal section of the product is divided into there materials, as follows.
  1. Stainless steel push button electrical switch adopts 304 stainless steel material, which contains nickel material. So it has the function of corrosion-resistance. It can be used outdoor and seaside.
  2. The product with copper plated nickel has the advantage that the appearance is beautiful after plating treatment. It is usually used on testing and automated devices, and the price is more affordable than the other two materials.
  3. The product with zinc alloy has the advantage that the metal appearance can be plated into a variety of colors, such as red, green, blue, black, etc. The whole push button appearance is with color after plating, which is very beautiful.
push button switch material
  • The base plastic material of the product is PC and PA66, which temperature resistance is 160 degrees. Its usage temperature is between minus40 degrees and 80 degrees.
  • The product has a normally open reset function. Its contact point is a silver point of 2.5mm, and its current can reach to 2A. It is designed with plug-in, and the bottom is with epoxy resin glue, waterproof rating can reach to IP65.
  • The interior design of the product has a waterproof ring, which waterproof rating is IP65 and can be used indoors.
  • The mechanical life of the product is 500,000 times and the service life is 100,000 times.

How does the push button electrical switch work?

  1. The product has two functions of self-lock and self-reset.
  2. The self-lock product means that press down the push button, it do not return automatically, need you press it again, the push button will return to the original position.
  3. The self-reset product means that press down the push button, release your hand, it can automatically goes back to the original position.

How to connect the wire with the push button electrical switch?

The wiring method of the product is very simple. Connect the switch’s positive pole to one pin of the push button, then connect them from the other pin.

As following picture shows:

Normally open wiring method

Press down the push button,the power is on and with load, release the push button, the power is off, as shown in the below picture.

Normally open wiring method

Where does the push button electrical switch used?

The product is generally used in car modification, medical equipment, engineering instruments, access control switches, CNC molds, computer modification, commercial kitchens, electronic and electrical equipment, etc. The application scene pictures are as follows.

push button switch application

Where to buy the push button electrical switch?


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How to ensure the quality of the product?

The waterproof push button switch of Filn had passed the certifications of UL, CE, RoSH, ISO90001. It also has a professional push button switch test laboratory, which can ensure the quality of the product.

Filn has 11 years of experience in push button producing and has a professional R&D team.

Button switch production workshop

In addition to the 12mm push button electrical switch, Filn also produce other style push button switch, including indicator light, rocker switch, touch screen, etc.

If you have any questions about the product, please contact us immediately, we will give you a satisfactory reply within 24 hours.

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