How to Wire a Push Button Switch?

How to wire a push button switch may be a small problem that plagues some people. This article will introduce you to how to wire a push button switch.

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What is a push button switch?

Metal push button switches are called push buttons for short, which are usually used to switch on or off the control circuit. It is a low-voltage electrical appliance that gives instructions in electric drag, and also is a master control electrical appliance, which is very widely used. In the electrical automatic control circuit, it is used to manually send control signals to control contactors, relays, electromagnetic starters, etc.

Applications include: all kinds of commercial kitchen equipment, medical equipment, small household appliances, material handling equipment, etc.

When a push button is installed on a working machine or instrument, it is in the original free position most of the time.

The switch is converted to the second state only when required by an external force, and as soon as the external force is removed, the switch returns to its original position because of the spring.

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So switches are designed to have latching push button switch and momentary push button switches, and there is also a kind of button that is used in emergency stop.

Different push button switch wiring can complete the basic control, such as start, stop, positive and negative rotation, speed change and interlock, etc.

Usually, per push button has two pairs of contactors. Each pair consists of one normally open contactor and one normally closed contactor.

When pressing the button, both pairs of contactors act simultaneously, the normally closed contact is disconnected, while the normally open contact is closed.

Do you know how to wire a push button switch? There are many ways to connect the same button. You can know the details from our video.

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How to wire a push button switch?

The button in the picture is a 19mm stainless steel metal push button switch, has the function of self-locking, 1NO1NC, red, 12V, 5 pins.

The pins are divided into NC normally closed pin, NO normally open pin, C public pin and two lamp pin.

Conventional lamp bead configuration without positive and negative polarity. The lamp bead is relatively independent of the switch, which can be controlled by switch or peripheral circuits.

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It can be used with the corresponding button harness, the button harness is shown in the figure:

  • Black wire and red wire represent the LED light wire
  • Yellow wire represents NC wire
  • Blue wire stands for NO wire
  • Green wire is a C pin as a public wire

The color of the wire can be customized according to your requirements such as white wires or other colors.
Buttons for screw terminals can only be linked using wires.

The device is normally connected to grounding wire, hot wire and neutral wires.

push button switch harness
wire a push button starter switch
wire a push button starter switch
wire a push button switch

Connect the green pin C public wire with the power source’s positive pole. Join red LED light wire and positive pole of controlled appliance together, then connect with the blue NO line.

Connect negative pole of controlled appliance with power source’s positive pole of black LED light wire. Press the button, the LED light starts to work, and the load is energized.

Press the button again, the LED light is turned off, and load is power off. As the following picture shows.

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Button switch lights up

Above is the most conventional push button switch wiring, the other is the wiring of lighting form, operation is as follows.

Connect green C pin public wire with power source’s positive pole.

Join red LED lamp wire and the positive pole of controlled electric appliance together, then connect with yellow NC wire.

Join the negative pole of the controlled electric appliance and black LED line together, then connect with the positive pole of the power source.

Press push button, the LED light is turn off, and the load is powered off.

How to connect the wire with the LED indicator lights?

How to wire a push button switch of double color?

Do you know how to wire a double switch?

The wiring of the two-color button is a bit similar to the double switch.

The push button switch can also be divided into a single pole and bipolar, the main difference is the number of controlled lines: one unipolar and two bipolar.

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The operation of 19 mm red-green two-color light is as follows.

Connect the green lamp’s pin with the positive pole of the controlled electric appliance.

Connect negative pole of the controlled electric appliance with blue NO pin.

Connect yellow wire NC pin with red lamp pin. Green C pin and LED lamp public pin together connect with power source.

Green lamp turn on, the load is energized, while the red lamp turn on, the load is power off.

automotive push button switch

Can be used with push button switch wiring harness

In some places where the installation space is small, the button switch can be used to install the button more quickly, and the button product can be replaced more conveniently in the future use or the button switch is accidentally damaged.

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How to Wire a Push Button Switch?



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How to Wire a Push Button Switch?

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