What is a push button switch?

A button switch is a switch composed of a simple electric mechanism or an air switch mechanism, which is used to turn on or off the device.

Depending on the model, they can have instantaneous or locked action functions.

The button itself is usually made of a strong and durable material, such as metal or plastic. Button switches come in many shapes and sizes. Our company has a variety of sizes and types of button switches to choose from.

Push button switches are used in home appliances, industrial and medical applications, and are also easy to identify in daily life.

In the field of household electrical appliances, button switches are usually used as the switch or operation keys of the device. It is the most common to be the switch key; some button switches with ring lights are used as operation keys, like in coffee machines, the white ring light button is usually used as the operation key for coffee powder grinding, which is not only convenient for operation but also very beautiful.

For uses within the Industrial sector, push buttons are often part of a bigger system and are connected through a mechanical linkage. This means that when a button is pressed it can cause another button to release.

For medical applications, the requirements for button switches are particularly rigorous. To avoid rust, button switches made of high-quality plastic will be used; button switches with a certain degree of waterproofness will also be used. We can produce and customize these buttons.