16mm Push Button Switch

16mm Push Button Switch


16mm PUSH BUTTON SWITCH is a very conventional and universal button. Its wiring method has screw feet, pins, and direct wires. The installation method is the same, there are screws fixed, and there are directly snapped in.


16mm PUSH BUTTON SWITCH is widely used in modified cars, because its head can be customized with various car symbols according to customer needs, and the button appearance color can also be produced in black, silver, red and so on.


The appearance styles of 16mm PUSH BUTTON SWITCH include flat head, high head, emergency stop, key, knob, etc. It also has two functions of lock and reset. If you need different functions, FILN can also produce according to your needs. If you need a very short one, we have the shortest 13mm button.


FILN has continuously improved the quality and appearance of the old 16MM PUSH BUTTON SWITCH, and is also constantly developing new buttons. If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].