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16MM Momentary Push Button Switch 4 Pin Waterproof 12V

  • Name:12v momentary switch
  • Model: FLM16-10HEJM
  • Head Type:High Head
  •  Size: 16mm
  • Switching Functions: Momentary
  • Contact Configuration: 1NO
  • Rated Voltage:10A (DC) 10A (AC)
  • Voltage Options:3V, 6V, 12V, 110V, 220V, 380V
  • Indicator Light: Yes
  • Color: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White
  • Material: ABS plastic,Copper, Stainless Steel
  • Download Certification:CECCC, ROSH, IP67, UL
  • Waterproof grade: IP67
  • Wire specification: AGW22
  • Email:
  • Download PDF16MM 4pin 10 amp waterproof 12V momentary push button switch

Product Drawing

spdt momentary push button switch

Product Parameters:

Production Series FLM16-10HEJM Light Guide Button PC plastic
Button Shape round Actuator 304 Stainless steel
Button LED Color Red blue green yellow white Housing Sleeve H59 nickel plated brass/304Stainless steel
Mechanical Life The 500 thousand time Button Pin H62 copper alloy
Electrical Life The 100 thousand time Rubber Ring SIL silica gel
Protection Level IP67 IK09 Nut H59 nickel plated brass
Rated Voltage 36V(DC) 250(AC) Housing PA66+GF20% nylon
Rated Current 3A(DC)3A(AC) Light Source LED
Rated Power 108W(DC)750W(AC) Resistor Metal film
Operating Temperature -25℃~+85℃ Contact AgCdO12

How to wire a 12v momentary switch with led?

12v momentary switch Circuit Configurations

In electrical circuits, how you wire a 12v momentary switch can affect not only the operation of the switch itself but also connected devices. Here, we explain two different circuit configurations for a 12v momentary switch, focusing on LED indicators and device operation.

12v momentary switch draw Graph One: LED Off When Idle, Device Off

In the first setup, the LED light on the push-button switch is off under normal conditions, and the connected device does not operate unless the button is pressed.

Wiring Diagram

  1. Power positive (12V) connects to Button Switch Wire 1
  2. Button Switch Wire 2 connects to LED positive
  3. LED negative connects to Device positive
  4. Device negative connects to Power negative


  1. Under normal conditions, i.e., when the button is not pressed, the circuit remains open. This means no power flows through the LED or the device.
  2. Once the button is pressed, the circuit closes, causing the LED to light up and the device to operate.
  3. It appears that the device and LED are wired in series in this configuration.


  1. This configuration ensures that the device only operates when explicitly turned on.
  2. The LED serves as an indicator that the device is operational.
  3. You must press the button to initiate any activity, which can be an additional safety feature.
16MM Momentary Push Button Switch 4 Pin Waterproof 12V

12v momentary switch draw Graph two : LED On When Idle, Device Off

In the second setup, the LED light on the 12V push-button switch is on under normal conditions, but the connected device does not operate unless the button is pressed.

Wiring Diagram

  1. Power positive (12V) connects to both Button Switch Wire 1 and LED positive
  2. Button Switch Wire 2 connects to Device positive
  3. Power negative connects to both LED negative and Device negative .

  4. Explanation

  5. In this configuration, the LED remains on as it is directly connected to the power supply.
  6. However, the device remains off under normal conditions as it is only connected via Button Switch Wire 2.
  7. The device and the LED appear to be wired in parallel in this setup.


  1. This configuration allows for constant illumination of the LED, serving as a ready indicator.
  2. Pressing the button completes the circuit for the device, making it operational while the LED stays on.
  3. This setup could consume more energy as the LED is always on.

Both circuit setups are viable options depending on your needs, but they offer different advantages and disadvantages. Knowing how the 12V push-button switch operates in each setup helps you choose the right configuration for your application.

Arduino millis

Customization Advantages of FILN 12v momentary switch

The FILN 12v momentary switch is a versatile product that can be customized according to the needs of different customers. This flexibility opens up an array of advantages for users, making it a sought-after component in various applications.

 Why Customization is Important for 12v momentary switch ?


Customization is not just a luxury but a necessity in the ever-competitive market. Manufacturers are under constant pressure to provide products that meet specific customer needs. In the case of the FILN 12v momentary switch, customization has a significant impact in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and adaptability.


  1. Industry requirements differ: Different sectors have different requirements for push button switches. For example, the medical industry might require switches that are easily sterilizable, while the automotive industry may need switches that can withstand harsh conditions.


  1. Consumer Preferences: End-users may prefer specific symbols or lights that make the switches easier to use or identify, enhancing the user experience.


  1. Technological Advances: As technology progresses, the requirement for switches also changes. Customization ensures that the product remains relevant.
16MM Momentary Push Button Switch 4 Pin Waterproof 12V

FILN’s commitment to customization offers not just product variety but also competitive advantage. Whether it’s custom symbols, voltages, or connectors, the FILN 12v momentary switch can be tailored to meet the unique demands of your project, making it a smart choice for a multitude of applications.

Customizable Voltage Options


Another crucial aspect of customization is the voltage of the push button switch. FILN offers various voltage options, such as 110v push button switches, to cater to the varied needs of customers.


  1. Geographic Requirements: Different countries have different standard voltages. Custom voltage options allow for the global distribution of products.


  1. Device Compatibility: Customizable voltage ensures that the switches can be easily integrated into different systems without requiring additional components.


  1. Energy Efficiency: The ability to customize voltage can help in creating energy-efficient systems.

Customizable Button Connectors


The FILN 12v momentary switch also offers customizable button connectors, making it easier for customers to use the switch in their unique setups.


  1. Ease of Installation: Custom connectors can make the installation process simpler and quicker, saving both time and money.


  1. System Compatibility: Different systems may require different types of connectors. Customization ensures that the push button switch can be integrated seamlessly.


  1. Durability: The type of connector can also affect the durability of the switch, especially in harsh conditions.

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Do you know about momentary pushbutton switches?


Momentary pushbutton switch is a more used type of pushbutton switch, the role played in the circuit is also very important, when you press the button does not let go, the circuit is connected, the equipment energized will run normally, when you release the button, the line will be interrupted, the equipment is not running.

Just like the self-service beverage machine, you select the Coca-Cola, and then hold down the button, the Coke will flow into the cup, when you cup full release the button, the Coke will not continue to flow.


push button switch wiring

12v momentary switch: A Comprehensive Guide A Full Guide to the 12v Momentary Switch: Everything You Need to Know Delving into the. intricacies of the 12v momentary switch, this guide unpacks its design, functionality, and essential considerations for users. Whether you’re exploring its internal mechanism, seeking safety tips, or keen on understanding its global standards, we’ve got you covered. With a myriad of applications spanning across industries, the 12v. momentary switch stands as a pivotal component in controlling electrical circuits. Embark on this enlightening journey to unravel the multifaceted world of these switches and discover how to harness their full potential.

What Is a 12v Momentary Switch and How. Does It Work?

A 12v momentary switch is a type of switch that only stays in its “on” or “off” state as long as it is being pressed or activated. These switches are commonly used in various applications, ranging from automotive to industrial settings..

Key Concepts

Understanding the Basics

Core Principles The 12v momentary switch is typically designed to control 12-volt circuits. When pressed, it allows current to flow, and once released, it breaks the circuit. This temporary activation has diverse applications, such as in car ignition systems or machinery controls. Discover the magic of different variations here.

Key Types of 12v Momentary Switches

1.12 Volt On/Off Momentary Switch: Used for turning circuits on and off momentarily.

2.12 Volt Momentary Push Button Switch: Operated by a simple push, utilized in many household gadgets.

3.12v Toggle Switch: Incorporates a lever to toggle the switch on and off.

4.Momentary Toggle Switch: Combines the features of toggle and momentary switches.

Usage in Automotive Industry In vehicles.

the 12v momentary switch is often found in the ignition system or as a reset button for various functionalities. Many automotive stores like O’Reilly and AutoZone offer a variety of these switches.

16MM Momentary Push Button Switch 4 Pin Waterproof 12V

What are the Differences Between 12v Momentary Switches. and Other Types?

Comparing 12v momentary switches with other switches can highlight their unique features and applications. 12v Momentary Switch Vs. Regular Switch A 12v momentary switch only maintains its state while being actuated, whereas regular switches stay in their last position until manually changed. again.

Different Forms of 12v Momentary Switches The 12v momentary switch comes in various shapes and sizes, including push buttons, toggles, and relays. The detailed difference can be understood here.

Where Can You Buy 12v. Momentary Switches?

12v momentary switches are available in many online and physical stores. Here’s where you can find them: Online Retailers Websites like Amazon and eBay offer a wide variety of switches, including the 12v momentary push button switch and 12v momentary relay.

Specialized Stores Stores like Indicator Light and other specialty. retailers provide specific types of 12v momentary switches, such as waterproof momentary switches, which can be found here.

How Can You Install a 12v Momentary Switch?

Installation of a 12v momentary switch may vary based on the type and application. Here’s a general guide:

Tools Required You may need basic tools. such as wire strippers, screwdrivers, and a multimeter.

Step-by-step Guide

  1. Identify the circuit to be controlled by the switch.
  2. Cut and strip the wires to the appropriate length.
  3. Connect the wires to the switch terminals.
  4. Secure the switch in its intended location.
  5. Test the switch to ensure proper functionality. For specific installations, such as the 12v push-button switch panel, consult the guide here.

    What Are Some Common Problems with 12v Momentary Switches and How to Troubleshoot Them?

12v momentary switches may encounter problems over time. Here are some common issues and how to address them:

Switch Fails to Activate.

This could be due to a loose connection, a broken wire, or a faulty switch. Check all connections and replace any damaged parts.

Intermittent. Use This might result from dirt or corrosion within the switch. Cleaning the switch with appropriate cleaners can often solve the issue.

Complete Failure In cases of complete failure, replacement might be the only option. Understanding the momentary switch’s meaning and function will help you choose the right replacement. Find out more here.

How Do You Choose the Right 12v Momentary Switch for Your Needs?

Choosing the right 12v momentary switch requires understanding your specific needs and the available options.

Consider the Application Identify the exact use of the switch, such as whether it will be used in a. car or for industrial machinery.

Determine the Type Select between the various types, like a toggle switch or push-button switch, depending on your preference.

Check the Specifications Ensure that the voltage and current ratings align with your requirements.

Look for Additional Features Consider special features such as waterproofing or illumination. Waterproof momentary push-button switches can be found here.

How to Maintain a 12v Momentary Switch?

Proper maintenance can extend the life of a 12v momentary switch.

Regular Inspection Regularly inspect the switch for. any visible damage or wear.

Cleaning Keep the switch clean from dust and grime, which might affect its functionality.

Conclusion 12v momentary switches are versatile components used in various applications. Understanding their types, functions, and maintenance can help you make informed. decisions, whether you’re purchasing a new switch or troubleshooting an existing one. From momentary toggle switches to waterproof options, the range of choices caters to diverse needs, providing reliability and efficiency in controlling electrical circuits.

What is the Internal Working Way of a 12v Momentary Switch?

Understanding. the internal workings of a 12v momentary switch can enhance your ability to use, troubleshoot, and maintain these devices.

Basic Structure A 12v momentary switch usually consists of contacts, a spring mechanism, and an actuator. Pressing the actuator forces the contacts to close, allowing current to flow. Releasing it disconnects the contacts due to the spring, breaking the circuit.

Types of Contacts

Different contacts, such as single-pole single-throw (SPST) or single-pole double-throw (SPDT), can determine the switch’s function. More about contact types can be read here.

Actuation Way The actuation. might be performed through a push button, toggle lever, or even a relay. For instance, a 12v momentary relay switch uses an electromagnetic coil to close or open the contacts.

What are the Safety Thoughts When Using a 12v Momentary Switch?

Safety is paramount when working with electrical components like 12v momentary switches.

Use Appropriate Ratings Ensure that the switch complies with. the voltage and current ratings of the circuit to prevent overheating or failure.

Consider Environmental Conditions If the switch is to be used outdoors or in wet conditions, opt for waterproof momentary 12v round switches, available here.

Follow Installation Guidelines Proper installation, as outlined by the manufacturer, minimizes risks. For specific types like 12mm push-button 12-volt switches, you can find guidelines here.

How are 12v Momentary Switches Used in Various Industries?

The versatility of 12v. momentary switches makes them suitable for various industries.

Automotive Industry Used in ignition systems, headlights, and other controls, they play a vital role in modern vehicles. More details can be explored at this link.

Manufacturing Industry In machinery, 12v momentary switches act as control buttons for starting or stopping specific functions.

Home Appliances You’ll find these switches in many household gadgets like blenders and vacuum cleaners, where momentary control is needed. ## What Are the Different Materials Used in 12v Momentary Switches? 12v momentary. switches are made from different materials, depending on their application and requirements.

Plastic Lightweight and economical, plastic is commonly used for the casing of indoor switches.

Metal Metal switches offer durability and are often used in rugged environments like industrial machinery.

Rubber For waterproof applications, rubber

might be used to seal the switch and prevent water ingress. Explore waterproof momentary push-button switches here.

What Innovations are Happening in the Field of 12v Momentary Switches?

Innovation in the field of 12v momentary switches is driving efficiency and new functionalities.

Smart Switches Integration with IoT enables remote control and. monitoring of switches, adding convenience and intelligence to operations.

Energy Efficiency New designs aim to reduce energy loss, contributing to sustainability goals.

Customization Manufacturers are providing more customization options, such as LED illumination or logo designs on the switch surface. Explore power logo momentary switches here.

What are the Global Standards for 12v Momentary Switches?

Global standards ensure the quality and safety of 12v momentary switches.

IEC Standards The International Electrotechnical Commission sets guidelines on the performance requirements of electrical switches.

UL. Standards Underwriters Laboratories provide safety certification for products, including momentary switches.

Regional Standards Different countries might have specific regulations and standards that must be adhered to, ensuring compatibility and safety within their jurisdictions.

Understanding Voltage Ratings Different countries operate at various voltage standards. Therefore, a 220v momentary push-button switch might be applicable in certain regions. More on that can be found here.


12v. momentary switches play a significant role in numerous applications and industries. By understanding their design, working mechanism, safety considerations, materials, innovations, and global. standards, users can make informed decisions and effectively utilize these essential devices. With constant innovations and adherence to quality standards, 12v momentary switches. continue to provide reliability and functionality in controlling various electrical circuits. Whether you’re looking for a basic on/off switch or a specialized waterproof or illuminated option, understanding the key. aspects covered in this guide will assist you in making the right choice. 12 volt on/off on momentary switch. 12 volt on/off on momentary switch. 12 volt momentary push button switch. 12 volt momentary push button switch. 12v toggle switch. 12v toggle switch. momentary switch push button. momentary switch push button. momentary switch oreillys. momentary switch oreillys. autozone momentary switch. autozone momentary switch.

Supplier Price Range

Here’s a table summarizing the approximate price range of 12v momentary switches from each supplier:

Source Approximate Price Range
MSC Direct $18.12
Indicator Light ~$10
Wiring Depot Varies
Amazon $5 – $20
Made-in-China $0.01 – $100
Home Depot $10 – $400

Detailed Analysis

Now, let’s take a closer look at each supplier and their respective prices:

  1. MSC Direct: MSC Direct offers a heavy-duty pushbutton switch for approximately $18.12. They provide reliable and durable options for your 12v momentary switch needs.
  2. Indicator Light: Indicator Light offers a 16mm momentary push button switch, with an average price of around $10. These switches are known for their quality and affordability.
  3. Wiring Depot: Prices at Wiring Depot can vary depending on the specific model and features you require. It’s best to check their website or contact them directly for accurate pricing information.
  4. Amazon: On Amazon, you can find a wide range of 12v momentary switches with prices ranging from $5 to $20. It’s a popular platform with various options to suit your budget and requirements.
  5. Made-in-China: If you’re looking for more affordable options, Made-in-China offers 12v momentary switches with prices as low as $0.01. However, they also have higher-end switches priced up to $100. It’s important to consider the quality and reliability when opting for lower-priced options.
  6. Home Depot: Home Depot provides momentary push button light switches with prices ranging from $10 to $400. They offer a variety of options, including both budget-friendly and premium switches.

Please note that these prices are approximate and may vary. It’s always recommended to check with the specific supplier for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.


In conclusion, the price range for 12v momentary switches in the USA varies depending on the supplier and specific model. By comparing prices from different sources, you can find the best deal that suits your needs and budget.

For a more visual representation, refer to the flow chart, pie chart, and table provided above. We hope this article has helped you gain insights into the price range of 12v momentary switches. Happy shopping!

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What is the Meaning of 12v Momentary Switch?

It can be described separately here.
12V refers to the voltage of this pushbutton switch, and the picture shows that it is a button that can send a ring light, so this type of pushbutton switch has a voltage requirement. When the voltage of your device is less than 12V, you can control the line, but the light of the ring will not be bright and not very beautiful.

When the voltage of your equipment is up to 220V and you use 12v momentary switch, it will cause too much current inside the switch and burn out the lamp beads or scrap them.

So be sure to first understand the voltage of the equipment, and then choose the corresponding voltage momentary button switch to ensure safety.

A momentary switch is a mode of the button, and the same as described above, press the energized class of button switch.

Together with the 12v momentary switch means that this momentary pushbutton switch is suitable for use in a 12v voltage environment.

By the same token, when you see 12v switch push button, momentary 12v switch, momentary 12 volt switch, 12 volt push button switch, 12 volt momentary switch with these different descriptions, they all mean the same thing, just that everyone is described in a different way.

If it is 12v waterproof push button on off switch, it means that this push button switch is still waterproof, or it may be the rocker switch described.

Introduction of 12v Momentary Switch

The mounting holes of 12v momentary switch are 16mm in diameter and its panel openings are all between 16.2mm and 16.5mm. Then put the product into the installation hole, install the waterproof ring on the back of the panel and screw on the metal nut of 16mm to play a waterproof role.

The head of the button is a high head, it is Europeans and Americans have larger fingers, and the raised head makes it very convenient for them to use the button.

High head push button switch

The 12v switch push button metal part of the product is divided into three kinds of metal materials, and their functions are different, the following is the introduction of the materials.

push button switch material
  1. The stainless steel product adopts 304 or 316L stainless steel, which contains nickel material. It has corrosion resistance, which is suitable for outdoor and seaside use.
  2. The brass product means that the appearance is beautiful and atmosphere after electroplating treatment. The cost is relatively low, which is usually used in test equipment and automation equipment.
  3. The metal appearance of the zinc alloy product can be electroplated in a variety of colors, such as red, green, black, and so on. The appearance of the whole button is with color after electroplating, which is very beautiful and personalized.

The plastic material of this momentary 12v switch is PC and nylon PA66. it can withstand temperatures up to 160 degrees and is usually used in environments from -40 degrees to 80 degrees.
It has a reset function, has a normally open function, its contact point is silver point, its size is 3.5mm, and its current can reach 10A. It can be used for mechanical equipment with power up to 1500W.
The waterproof momentary switch is designed with a waterproof ring, and its waterproof rating is IP67, so it can be used outdoors.
The mechanical life of FILN button is 500,000 times, while the service life is 100,000 times.
The product is available in various colors, such as red, green, yellow, blue, white and orange.
The 12v momentary switch can be customized with various voltages, such as 2V, 24V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 380V, etc.
The wiring pin position is 2.8mm, you can directly buy 2.8mm terminals for connection, or you can use solder for wiring, which is very convenient to use.

Long service life

How to wire Momentary Push Button Switch

Connect the positive pole of power with the load pin of switch, the other load pin with LED lamp pin ”+” and the positive pole of equipment.

Next, connect the negative pole of power and negative pole of the LED lamp pin. When the power is on, press the button, it is energized, the LED inside the push button lights up.

When hand release the push button, it is power off. Please refer to the drawing.

push button switch wiring

What Does a Momentary Push Button Switch Work?

Momentary push button switch is a button that is installed on the machine. When the machine is powered up, press the button, the machine will start. While finger release the button, the machine will be powered off, which is used to control the start and stop of machinery and equipment.

Product recommendation: flat head button switch with light


The momentary push button switch of Filn had passed the certifications of UL, CE, ROSH, ISO90001. It also has a professional button switch test laboratory, which can ensure the quality of the push button.

filn production company

Filn has 11 years of experience in button production, and also has a professional R&D team and can customize various types of button switches according to customer’s requirements.

In addition to button switches, Filn also produces indicator light, rocker switches and other products, which can be found at

If you have any questions about the blue push button switch, please contact us immediately, we will give you a satisfactory answer within 24 hours.

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