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16MM 12V illuninated momentary latching metal push button switch

    • name:metal Push Button Switch
    • Model:FLM16-11FEJ
    • Head Type:High Head
    • Mounting Size:16MM
    • Switching Functions:Momentary/Latching
    • Contact Configuration:I NO 1NC  metal  push button switch
    • Rated Voltage: 5A
    • Voltage Options:2V, 3V, 6V, 9V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 110V, 220V, 380V
    • Indicator Light:Yes
    • Colors:Red, Blue, Green, Orange, White,Bicolor, tricolor
    • Materials:Zinc Alloy, Stainless Steel, Brass
    • Download CertificationULCE, RoHS, CB
    • Waterproof Grade: IP65
    • Email:
    • Download PDF: 16mm 12v 5A custom car push button switches

Product Drawing

16MM 12V illuninated momentary latching metal push button switch

push button on off switch 12v product introduction

1.16MM METAL PUSH BUTTON SWITCH: The mounting hole is 16mm

2.METAL PUSH BUTTON SWITCH: The appearance material is metal material, which is durable

3.Momentary metal push button switch: The button function is reset, but also can be produced with lock

4.Illiuninated metal push button switch: The button can have a light.

Product Parameters:

Production Series FLM16-11FEJ Light Guide Button PC plastic
Button Shape Round Actuator 304 Stainless steel
Button LED Color Red Blue Green Yellow White Housing Sleeve H59 nickel plated brass/304Stainless steel
Mechanical Life The 500 thousand time Button Pin H62 copper alloy
Electrical Life The 100 thousand time Rubber Ring SIL silica gel
Protection Level IP65 IK09 Nut H59 nickel plated brass
Rated Voltage 36V(DC) 250(AC) Housing PA66+GF20% nylon
Rated Current 5A(DC)5A(AC) Light Source LED
Rated Power 180W(DC)1250W(AC) Resistor Metal film
Operating Temperature -25℃~+85℃ Contact AgCdO12

The shell of the button switch can be seen as shown in the figure, there are two options of silver and black, one is stainless steel, and the other is nickel-plated.

You can initiate an online order with us according to your actual needs, or directly leave us a message below to initiate an inquiry, and we will solve your problems in time!

In electrical circuits, how you wire a push button on off switch 12v can affect not only the operation of the switch itself but also connected devices. Here, we explain two different circuit configurations for a push button on off switch 12v, focusing on LED indicators and device operation.

push button on off switch 12v draw Graph One: LED Off When Idle, Device Off

In the first setup, the LED light on the push-button switch is off under normal conditions, and the connected device does not operate unless the button is pressed.

Wiring Diagram

  1. Power positive (12V) connects to Button Switch Wire 1
  2. Button Switch Wire 2 connects to LED positive
  3. LED negative connects to Device positive
  4. Device negative connects to Power negative


  1. Under normal conditions, i.e., when the button is not pressed, the circuit remains open. This means no power flows through the LED or the device.
  2. Once the button is pressed, the circuit closes, causing the LED to light up and the device to operate.
  3. It appears that the device and LED are wired in series in this configuration.


  1. This configuration ensures that the device only operates when explicitly turned on.
  2. The LED serves as an indicator that the device is operational.
  3. You must press the button to initiate any activity, which can be an additional safety feature.
16MM 12V illuninated momentary latching metal push button switch

push button on off switch 12v draw Graph two : LED On When Idle, Device Off

In the second setup, the LED light on the 12V push-button switch is on under normal conditions, but the connected device does not operate unless the button is pressed.

Wiring Diagram

  1. Power positive (12V) connects to both Button Switch Wire 1 and LED positive
  2. Button Switch Wire 2 connects to Device positive
  3. Power negative connects to both LED negative and Device negative .

  4. Explanation

  5. In this configuration, the LED remains on as it is directly connected to the power supply.
  6. However, the device remains off under normal conditions as it is only connected via Button Switch Wire 2.
  7. The device and the LED appear to be wired in parallel in this setup.


  1. This configuration allows for constant illumination of the LED, serving as a ready indicator.
  2. Pressing the button completes the circuit for the device, making it operational while the LED stays on.
  3. This setup could consume more energy as the LED is always on.

Both circuit setups are viable options depending on your needs, but they offer different advantages and disadvantages. Knowing how the 12V push-button switch operates in each setup helps you choose the right configuration for your application.

Arduino millis

Customization Advantages

1.push button on off switch 12v can be customized with various patterns and voltages, colors

2.The end of the metal push button can be customized welding wire

3.illuninated metal push button The tail of the switch can be customized to connect various terminals

4.16MM METAL PUSH BUTTON Switch has a special button base with cable

16MM 12V illuninated momentary latching metal push button switch

Customizable Button Symbols


One of the most prominent features that can be customized in a FILN push button on off switch 12v is the button symbol. Customers can opt for various light symbols depending on their specific needs.


User Experience: A customized symbol can dramatically improve user experience by providing easy identification of the button’s function.


Branding: Companies can also opt for symbols that align with their brand identity, ensuring consistency in product design.


Regulatory Compliance: In some industries, there are specific symbols that are required by law to ensure safety and compliance.

16MM 12V illuninated momentary latching metal push button switch

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What is the Voltage of the Push Button Switch?

The reason why the common button switch has a voltage is because there is an electrode inside the button switch.

When you press the button, the electrode and the circuit will be connected to each other to generate a potential difference, which is the voltage.

Different button switches have different button structures and working principles, which can be divided into normally closed button switches, normally open button switches and composite button switches.

Push Button On Off Switch 12v:12V ON OFF Push Button Switch: Push Button On Off Switch 12V…

Push Button On Off Switch 12V is a game-changing and essential component found in various applications, ranging from automotive to home appliances. This comprehensive guide explores everything you need to know about these versatile switches, including their types, wiring methods, applications, and even how to integrate them into smart home systems. Whether you’re a professional electrician, a hobbyist, or someone interested in home automation, you’ll discover valuable insights and practical tips on selecting, installing, maintaining, and customizing a 12V ON OFF Push Button Switch. Dive into the article to unlock a world of knowledge that will help you make informed decisions tailored to your specific needs.

Table of Contents

  1. The basic principle behind its operation lies in the on/off push button switch circuit mechanics. The on/off push button switch circuit is fundamental for its operation. What is a Push Button On Off Switch 12V?
  2. How Does a Push Button On Off Switch 12V Work?
  3. What Are the Types of 12V Push Button Switches?
  4. Let’s also discuss the push button on off switch diagram. For proper installation, it’s helpful to refer to a 12v push button switch wiring diagram. How to Wire a 12V Push Button Switch?
  5. The 12v push button momentary switch is a type of switch that is only active when being pressed. The 12v push button momentary switch has specific applications. What is a Push Button Momentary Switch 12V?
  6. It’s essential to understand the features of a push button on/off switch waterproof variant. When looking for a push button on/off switch waterproof models are ideal for outdoor use. How to Choose a Push Button On/Off Switch That’s Waterproof?
  7. Particularly, the 12v push button switch waterproof versions are used in outdoor settings due to their resilience. What Are the Applications of a 12V Push Button Switch?
  8. How to Use Push Button On/Off Switch with LED?
  9. What Are the Safety Considerations for a Push Button On Off Switch 120V?
  10. Where to Buy Push Button On Off Switches?

    What is a Push Button On Off Switch 12V?


    A Push Button On Off Switch 12V is a device that allows the user to make or break an electrical connection by pressing a button. It is designed to control the power flow of 12-volt circuits, common in automotive and industrial applications.

    push button on off switch 12v-Characteristics

  11. Voltage: Operates at 12 volts, suitable for various low-voltage applications.
  12. Functionality: Simple ON and OFF control, with easy-to-use interface.
  13. Versatility: Available in different shapes, sizes, and designs, including the momentary car push button ignition switch.

    push button on off switch 12v-Advantages

  14. Ease of Use: Simple push operation, accessible to all users.
  15. Reliability: Generally long-lasting and dependable.
  16. Compatibility: Works with different devices operating at 12 volts.

    How Does a Push Button On Off Switch 12V Work?


    A 12V ON OFF Push Button Switch operates through a simple mechanical mechanism. When the button is pushed, it completes the circuit, allowing current to flow. Releasing the button breaks the circuit.

    Internal Structure

  17. Contacts: They are responsible for making or breaking the connection.
  18. Spring Mechanism: Returns the button to its original position.
  19. Housing: Encloses the internal components, often made waterproof.


    Understanding the push button on off switch diagram helps in wiring and troubleshooting. The diagram shows the connections and components inside the switch. More details can be found at this link.

    What Are the Types of 12V Push Button Switches?

    Momentary Push Button Switch

    Momentary switches return to their original position once released. They are used for temporary actions like starting an engine, as seen in 12-volt momentary push button switches.

    Double Push Button Switch

    Featuring two buttons with different functions like red for ON and green for OFF, double push button switch 12v red green is useful in various control systems. Check the double push button switch 12V red-green for more information.

    Miniature Push Button Switch

    Smaller in size, miniature push button switches like 12mm push button 12 volt switches UL are used where space is a constraint.

    Metal Push Button Switch

    Metal switches provide extra durability and resistance. An example can be found at metal rotary switch.

    How to Wire a 12V Push Button Switch?

    Tools Needed

    Wiring a 12V push button switch requires basic tools such as a screwdriver, wire stripper, and multimeter.

    Wiring Steps

  20. Identify the Terminals: Find the common, normally open, and normally closed terminals.
  21. Connect Wires: Attach the wires to the appropriate terminals.
  22. Test the Connection: Use a multimeter to ensure correct wiring.
  23. Secure the Switch: Mount the switch in the desired location.
  24. Follow Wiring Diagram: Utilize the 12v push button switch wiring diagram for guidance.

    Safety Precautions

  25. Turn off the power before wiring.
  26. Follow manufacturer guidelines and local regulations.

    What is a Push Button Momentary Switch 12V?

    Definition and Function

    A Push Button Momentary Switch 12V is a switch that only stays in its changed state as long as it’s being pressed. It is commonly used in car ignition systems and other temporary control actions. For various designs, visit mini push button switch on off.


  27. Normally Open (NO): Circuit is completed when the button is pressed.
  28. Normally Closed (NC): Circuit is broken when the button is pressed.


  29. Vehicle Ignition Systems: Used to start engines temporarily.
  30. Emergency Controls: For immediate actions like stopping machinery.

    How to Choose a Push Button On/Off Switch That’s Waterproof?

    Understanding Waterproof Ratings

    Waterproof switches are rated according to their protection level. Higher IP ratings indicate better waterproofing.

    Selection Criteria

  31. Check the IP Rating: Select a switch with appropriate IP rating for your environment, such as IP67 for full waterproofing.
  32. Consider Material: Look for materials that resist corrosion and water damage.
  33. Assess Application Needs: Understand where the switch will be used, such as in small push button switch for confined spaces.
  34. Evaluate Brands: Choose reputable brands that provide 12v push button switch waterproof.

    What Are the Applications of a 12V Push Button Switch?


    12V push button switches are extensively used in cars for ignition, lights, and more. Specialized types like 16mm 12v push button switch panel are designed for automotive applications.

    Industrial Controls

    In factories and manufacturing, 12V switches are used for controlling machinery and emergency shutdowns.

    Consumer Electronics

    Push buttons are also found in everyday gadgets like remote controls and toys.

    How to Use Push Button On/Off Switch with LED?


    LEDs in push button switches provide visual feedback, indicating the status of the switch. It helps users to know if the device is ON or OFF. Switch push button offers various LED integrated options.

    Wiring LED with Push Button Switch

  35. Determine LED Voltage Requirements: Check the specifications of the LED.
  36. Connect a Resistor if Needed: To match the LED voltage with 12V.
  37. Wire the LED with Switch: Following the proper polarity and connections.

    What Are the Safety Considerations for a Push Button On Off Switch 120V?

    Importance of Safety

    While 12V switches are common, there are also 120V versions. Safety is paramount when dealing with higher voltages.

    Safety Measures

  38. Use Insulated Tools: To prevent accidental contact with live parts.
  39. Follow Wiring Regulations: Adhering to the local electrical code and manufacturer guidelines.
  40. Use Protective Housing: To avoid accidental contact with the switch.
  41. Regular Maintenance: To ensure the switch is in good working condition.

    Where to Buy Push Button On Off Switches?

    Online Stores

    Many online platforms offer a wide range of push button switches, including momentary push button switch 4 pin.

    Local Distributors

    You can also find 12V push button switches at local electrical stores and distributors specializing in switches like 20A push button switch.

    Manufacturer’s Website

    Some manufacturers also sell directly through their websites, such as Indicator Light’s Push Button Switch category. It’s an excellent way to ensure genuine products and access to complete product lines.

This comprehensive guide about Push Button On Off Switch 12V should cover most of the aspects related to these switches, including their functionality, types, applications, and where to buy them. By understanding these aspects, users can make informed decisions that align with their specific needs and requirements.

What Are the Design Considerations for a Push Button On Off Switch 12V?


  1. Color and Shape: Consider the visual appeal of the switch. Manufacturers offer various shapes and colors to match your design theme.
  2. LED Indicators: If applicable, select an LED color that corresponds to the function, such as red for STOP or green for GO.


  3. Switch Type: Select the switch type that matches your needs, such as a momentary or latching switch.
  4. Current and Voltage Rating: Ensure that the switch can handle the current and voltage requirements of your application.


  5. Operating Temperature: Consider the temperature range where the switch will be used.
  6. Water and Dust Protection: Select an appropriate IP rating if the switch will be exposed to water or dust.

    Accessibility and Ergonomics

  7. Ease of Use: Consider the users who will interact with the switch and ensure that it is easy to operate.
  8. Location and Mounting: Determine where the switch will be mounted, ensuring easy access.

    What Are the Maintenance and Troubleshooting Tips for a Push Button On Off Switch 12V?


  9. Regular Cleaning: Keeping the switch clean prevents dust and debris from interfering with its operation.
  10. Inspection: Periodic inspection for wear, tear, or damage helps prevent failure.
  11. Replacement: Have a spare switch ready for quick replacement if needed.


  12. Check Connections: Ensure wires are connected securely.
  13. Test with Multimeter: A multimeter can help identify if the switch is working correctly.
  14. Consult the Manufacturer’s Guide: For specific troubleshooting steps.

    What Are the Regulations and Standards for a Push Button On Off Switch 12V?

    International Standards

    Compliance with international standards like IEC 61058 ensures quality and safety.

    Regional Regulations

    Different regions may have specific regulations related to the design and use of switches. It’s important to understand these regulations when selecting a push button on off switch.


    Look for certification marks like UL, CE, or RoHS, which indicate compliance with various safety and environmental standards.

    What Are the Customization Options for a Push Button On Off Switch 12V?

    Custom Design

    Manufacturers offer customization options for push button switches, including:

  15. Custom Colors: To match branding or aesthetics.
  16. Custom Engraving: For specific labeling or branding.
  17. Special Features: Such as integrated LEDs or specific connectors.

    How to Order Customized Switches?

  18. Contact Manufacturer: Discuss your requirements with the manufacturer.
  19. Provide Specifications: Share detailed specifications, such as dimensions, color, and functionality.
  20. Review and Approve Samples: Usually, manufacturers provide samples for approval before bulk production.

    How to Integrate a Push Button On Off Switch 12V with Smart Home Systems?

    Smart Push Button Switches

    Smart push button switches allow integration with home automation systems. You can control them remotely via smartphone apps.

    Steps for Integration

  21. Choose a Compatible Switch: Ensure the switch is compatible with your smart home system.
  22. Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions: For wiring and connecting to the smart home hub.
  23. Configure Through App: Customize settings, schedules, and automation rules through the mobile app.

    Benefits of Smart Integration

  24. Remote Control: Control your switches from anywhere.
  25. Automation and Scheduling: Set schedules for automatic ON/OFF actions.
  26. Integration with Other Devices: Work seamlessly with other smart devices in your home.


    The Push Button On Off Switch 12V plays a crucial role in various applications, from automotive to industrial controls and consumer electronics. This guide has detailed the different aspects of these switches, including their working mechanism, types, wiring, applications, safety considerations, customization options, and integration with smart home systems. Understanding these factors will help users select the right switch to meet their specific needs and ensure proper use, maintenance, and compliance with regulations.


push button on off switch 12v

The Comprehensive Guide to 12V Push Button On-Off Switch Prices in the USA

Navigating the world of 12V push button on-off switches can be a daunting task, especially when considering the vast variety of suppliers and price points available. In this guide, we aim to provide a clear breakdown of the price range for these switches across major suppliers.

Types of Switches

Before diving into the prices, let’s familiarize ourselves with the different types of 12V push button on-off switches. These switches come in various designs and functionalities, including:

  • Momentary switches: These switches are designed to be pressed and held down to activate a circuit. Once released, the circuit is deactivated.
  • Latching switches: Latching switches, also known as toggle switches, have two stable positions – on and off. They remain in the selected position until manually switched to the other.

Now that we have an understanding of the types of switches, let’s explore the prices offered by different suppliers.


Supplier Breakdown


Made-in-China offers a wide range of 12V push button on-off switches, catering to various budgets and requirements. The prices for these switches can start as low as $0.01 and go up to $100, depending on specific parameters and features

Home Depot

Home Depot, a popular retailer, provides a diverse selection of push button switches. The price range for these switches at Home Depot typically falls between $10 and $400. The specific model and features offered greatly influence the price variance

Koino Express

Koino Express offers some interesting options for 12V push button on-off switches. They have an Ø22 push button switch priced at $8.01. Additionally, they provide an illuminated push button switch with an emergency stop function, priced at $13.23


Digi-Key, a renowned electronic components distributor, also offers a variety of push button switches. However, specific pricing information for 12V push button on-off switches is not available on their website

Please note that the prices mentioned above are approximate and can vary based on factors such as the supplier, retailer, location, and market dynamics. It is always advisable to check with the specific supplier or retailer for the most up-to-date and accurate pricing information.


In conclusion, the price range for 12V push button on-off switches in the USA varies across different suppliers. Made-in-China offers a broad range of options, while Home Depot provides a diverse selection with higher price points. Koino Express offers specific models at competitive prices, and Digi-Key offers a variety of switches without specifying the pricing.

To visualize this information, refer to the flow chart, pie chart, and table provided above. They offer a quick glance at the distribution of prices and a breakdown of specific suppliers.

Remember to consider your specific requirements and budget when choosing a 12V push button on-off switch. Conduct thorough research and compare prices from different suppliers to make an informed decision.

Source: Made-in-China

Source: Home Depot

Source: Koino Express

Source: Digi-Key

Application of Push Button Switch 12V:

The push button switch 12V can generally be used to control some low-power electrical appliances or equipment, such as small LED lights, fans, buzzers, toy cars, small LED studios, etc.

You can also use it as a part of the control circuit to consciously control the main circuit through contactors, relays, etc.

There are many types of button switches, including ordinary flat head style, mushroom head type, momentary push button switch, latching push button switch, rotary handle type, button switch with indicator light, symbol type with light and key type, etc. You can choose according to your own needs. Choose the most suitable button switch for you according to different purposes and environments.

How to choose the voltage of the button switch?

How to choose the correct button switch voltage mainly depends on the voltage and current of the circuit you want to control.

Generally speaking, the selected button switch voltage should be greater than or equal to the voltage of your circuit, so as to avoid damage to your button switch due to excessive voltage.

The current selected by the button switch should also be greater than or equal to the maximum current of your circuit, also to avoid overloading and burning your button switch.

In addition, when purchasing a button switch, you also need to consider whether the button switch has certification, EMC standards, protection functions, application functions or special functions of the button, etc., to ensure your use needs and safety requirements.

Generally speaking, the rated power of the purchased button switch will be marked on the product manual or on the surface of the product casing, such as 5W, 10W, 20W, etc.

If it is not cleared, you can try to measure the resistance of the button switch you purchased with a multimeter, and then use the formula P=V^2/R to calculate the rated power.

The load characteristic refers to whether the circuit controlled by the button switch is purely resistive, inductive or capacitive, and different load characteristics will affect the current of the button switch.

The current of purely resistive load is the smallest, the current of inductive load is next, and the current of capacitive load is the largest.

If the load characteristics are not known, it can be assumed to be a purely resistive load to ensure safety. According to the formula I=P/V, the maximum current of the button switch at different voltages can be calculated.

Here is an example form:

Voltage (V) Rated power (W) Maximum current (A)
12 10 0.83
24 10 0.42
48 10 0.21
110 10 0.09
220 10 0.05

Push Button Switch 12V Advantages and Disadvantages

Push button switch 12V advantage:

  • The push button switch 12V can be used to control some low-power electrical appliances, such as LED lights, fans, buzzers, toys, etc., no additional power converter is needed at all.
  • The button itself has a simple structure and is easy to operate, and can realize short-term (button self-resetting) or long-term (button self-locking) on or off circuits.
  • It has many types and forms, which can be selected according to different functions and uses, such as normally closed, normally open, composite, self-locking, self-resetting, with indicator light, with light symbol, key type, etc.
  • It has a variety of colors and shapes, which can be distinguished according to different occasions and standards, such as red for stop, green for start, and emergency buttons are usually big and red. The button switches developed by different manufacturers are also different, and the types of buttons are very rich.

The push button switch 12V also has the following disadvantages:

  • It cannot be used to control high-power electrical appliances, such as motors, transformers, etc., otherwise it will cause overload or overvoltage to damage your button switch or electrical appliances.
  • The conventional contacts of push button switches are easily affected by environmental factors such as dust, moisture, corrosion, etc., resulting in poor contact or short circuit. The high-quality silver dots used in FILN’s buttons greatly extend the service life of the button switch.
  • Most of the time, buttons operate at a low frequency and cannot be used for high-speed or fine-grained control.
    It may produce audible noise under light-load or no-load conditions, affecting the user experience.

About FILN 16MM 12V Push Button Switch

The 16MM button switch shown is a metal button switch of one of FILN’s classic styles. As you can see, it is illuminated, and the surface of the button is marked, which can be a ring power symbol or a Ring, even your LOGO and some special symbols, these requirements FILN can do for you.

As a manufacturer of push button switches, the voltage of 12V is only a medium voltage. We can produce the minimum voltage of 3V and the maximum voltage of 380V. You can rest assured that all products will be sold after professional inspection.

So whether your voltage is 12V push button switch or other special voltage, it is not a problem for FILN, please leave it to us with confidence.

If you are not satisfied with the size of the 16MM button switch, it doesn’t matter, we can introduce you to the button switches within the range of 8-30MM.

Push button switch is a kind of product that we have been researching and developing and producing. It exists in every aspect of our daily life, and continuous innovation is also the driving force of our production.

How to Wire a 12v Push Button Switch with LED?

The wiring of the button switch is relatively simple. After reading this article on how to wire the button switch, you will definitely learn something.

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