12 volt LED Dash Indicator Lights 10MM Plastic

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  • Color: Red, blue, green, yellow, white
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The company is good at developing small indicators such as 12 volt LED dash indicator lights.

Yueqing Yulin Electronic Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of push button switches, dash indicator lights, and signal lights.

Its products are widely used in machinery, electric power, automation and other industries, and are the first choice for domestic high-end users.

We also have advanced and complete production equipment, testing equipment and testing equipment, and have established a unique quality assurance system in strict accordance with the requirements of the IS09001 quality assurance system.

Ensure that the production process of the product and the various quality work of the enterprise are completely under quality control.

Indicator manufacturer

What is dash indicator lights?


Indicator lights are components that use lights to monitor the working or position status of circuits and electrical equipment.

12 volt LED dash indicator lights are usually used to reflect the working status of the panel equipment circuit (powered or not), the working status of electrical equipment (running, out of service or testing) and position status (closed or disconnected), etc.

The indicator light using LED as the light source is composed of the lamp cap, bulb, lampshade and connecting wire, etc., and is generally installed on the panels of various equipment of high and low voltage power distribution devices, or on the panels of some low voltage electrical equipment and instruments. Other more eye-catching positions.

Two-color indicators

What do the different colors of 12 volt LED dash indicator lights represent?

Indicator light reflecting the working status of the device:

Usually the green light is on to indicate that it is in operation, the red light is on to indicate that it is in a shutdown state, and the white light is on to indicate that it is in a test state;

Indicators that reflect the status of the device’s location:

Usually, the light is on to indicate that the device is live, and the light is off to indicate that the device is de-energized; the indicator light that reflects the working status of the circuit, usually a red light on means that it is life, and a green light on that means no electricity.

In order to avoid misjudgment, check the condition of the bulb or light-emitting diode frequently or regularly during operation.

12 volt LED Dash Indicator Lights 10MM Plastic

Introduction of 12 volt LED dash indicator lights:

The rated working voltages of 12 volt LED dash indicator lights are 3V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 110V, 220V, etc.

Limited by the current through the control circuit, and in order to extend the service life of the bulb, it is often adopted to add a current-limiting resistor in front of the bulb or use two bulbs in series to reduce the operating voltage.

These 12 volt LED dash indicator lights with a 10mm mounting hole size uses 5mm dual crystal LEDs inside. The lamp beads are not divided into positive and negative poles, so it is very easy to use.

The base material is PA66 nylon, the wire is AWG22 PVC positive marking wire, and the conventional wire length is 20cm.

If you need other customized wire lengths or wire gauges, please contact us by email.

Wire can be customized

12 volt LED dash indicator lights are usually suitable for all kinds of small household appliances, electronic equipment, automation equipment, instrumentation, communication equipment,

Cars, motorcycles, photography, toys, refrigerators, freezers, welding machines, generators, medical equipment and other electrical circuits are used for various light indicator signals, warning signals, accident signals and other signals.

Application of indicator light

Indicator light size/material/certification:

Indicator light specifications



In addition to the 10mm size in the picture, we also have 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm and other 12V indicator lights.

The luminous color is usually red, green, blue, yellow and white, but can also be used in two-color and three-color, such as red and green, red, yellow, and blue.

Indicator material



The material of 12V indicator light is usually divided into four materials: stainless steel, brass, zinc-aluminum alloy black and plastic. The price of zinc-aluminum alloy black and stainless steel is the most expensive, and plastic is slightly cheaper.

Indicator certification



Regarding the 12V indicator light certificate, we have CE, ROHS, and some models have UL certification.

The shelf life of this product is 1 year. Our FILN logo is printed on the conventional shell. If you want your company’s logo or other logos, it is acceptable.

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