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19mm Metal 12V LED Indicator Light With Reflector

19mm 12v led metal indicator light with reflector

The following is the introduction of this 19mm Metal 12V LED indicator light With Reflector


This is a 19mm Metal 12V LED Indicator Light, which is widely used in automation equipment and medical equipment.

1. The shell of the 19mm METAL 12V LED indicator light is made of brass material and processed by a CNC lathe (due to the high precision of the shell copper parts, all production is slow, and a CNC lathe can only produce 100 shells a day), The metal shell is electroplated with nickel, the appearance is precise and the atmospheric grade is very beautiful, if you are using the seaside or where there is sulfuric acid corrosion, you can use stainless steel 316 material, which can resist corrosion.

2. The head of the 12V LED INDICATOR LIGHT is designed as a concave head, and the indicator cap is designed inside. The indicator cap is seamlessly connected to the copper parts, which can achieve the waterproof IP67 function. If you want waterproof IP68, we only need to fill the head with glue can.

3. The LED of the 12V LED INDICATOR LIGHT adopts the non-polar LED developed by FILN itself. It does not need to be divided into positive and negative levels when used on DC. Customers can connect the wires at will. The service life of the LED design is very long and can reach 80,000 hours. The lighting design of the LED is a 180-degree flashing design.

4. The plastic of the 12V LED INDICATOR LIGHT is made of German Bayer material, which can withstand high temperatures up to 160 degrees and can pass any environmental protection test.

5.The connection method of the 5.12V LED INDICATOR LIGHT is terminal connection. Its feet are of 6.3 international standard size and can be connected to any 6.3 plug spring.

6.12V LED INDICATOR LIGHT has passed the US UL certification and the EU CE certification, and can be sold and served in the European and American markets.

Q&A about 12V LED Indicator Light


– What is the minimum order quantity for 12V LED indicator light?

FILN company is a factory specializing in the production of indicator lights. There is no MOQ. If you need samples, FILN company will provide samples for free.


– What is the shelf life of the 12v LED INDICATOR LIGHT?

The shelf life of all indicator lights from FILN is 5 years. If there is any problem in 5 years, FILN company will replace it free of charge.


If you have any questions about the indicator light, please contact us


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12v LED Indicator Light: A Comprehensive Guide on Features and Applications

The 12v LED indicator light has become a prominent choice in various applications, from automotive to household purposes. This article delves into the multifaceted world of 12v LED indicator lights, exploring their benefits, such as energy efficiency and longevity, and potential drawbacks like initial cost and sensitivity to temperature. It also examines comparisons with other voltage options, environmental considerations, and the latest trends like smart control and sustainable materials. Whether you’re a professional looking to make informed decisions or a curious individual eager to understand this versatile technology, the insights provided here will guide you through the essential aspects of 12v LED indicator lights. Join us in uncovering the innovations and intricacies of this fascinating subject.

What Are 12v LED Indicator Lights and What Are Their Applications?

Introduction to 12v LED Indicator Lights

12v LED indicator lights, also known as 12 V LED Panel Mount Indicators, are a type of lighting technology used in various applications. These lights are designed to operate on a 12-volt power supply, making them versatile for both industrial and household purposes.

Applications in Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, these lights serve as essential signal indicators. 12 volt panel indicator lights are commonly used in cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles to show the operational status of different components 6mm 12v LED Green Indicator Light.

Applications in Electronic Devices

12v indicator lights are widely used in electronic devices like computers, printers, and other machinery. They signify power status or any malfunctioning within the system 8mm Auto 12v Mini LED Indicator Lights.

Household Usage

These 12 volt indicator lights find applications in household appliances such as refrigerators, ovens, and washing machines. The led indicator light 220v version is commonly used to show whether the device is powered on or off 12mm Freezer 12 Volt DC Indicator Lights.

What Is the Difference Between 12v LED Indicator Light and Other Voltages?

Comparison with 220v LED Indicator Lights

The 12v LED indicator lights operate at a lower voltage compared to led indicator light 220v versions. This makes the 12v lights more energy-efficient and suitable for battery-powered applications 8mm 110v Metal Blue Meat Grinder Indicator Light.

Comparison with 120v LED Indicator Lights

The led indicator light 120v is often used in domestic settings, while the 12v version is used for automotive and portable applications. The choice depends on the power supply and energy consumption requirements 8mm High-Pressure LED Indicator Light 120v.

12 Volt Indicator Light Red vs Other Colors

The color of the 12 volt indicator light red may signify a warning or alert, whereas other colors like green and blue may indicate different statuses. The choice of color depends on the specific application and user preference 16mm 12v Red LED IP67 Metal Signal Indicator Light.

How to Choose the Right 12v LED Indicator Light?

Selecting According to Application

Consider the specific application, such as automotive, household, or industrial usage. Different applications may require different types, sizes, and colors of 12v LED indicator lights 12 Volts LED Indicator Lights.

Assessing the Voltage Requirement

Understanding the voltage requirement is crucial. 12v LED indicator lights are suitable for applications where low voltage is preferred, such as in portable devices and vehicles 8mm IP65 12 Volt Indicator Light for Bike.

Considering Durability and IP Rating

Look for features like IP67 or IP68 rating, which indicates resistance to dust and water. The durability of the light ensures it can withstand different environmental conditions 10mm IP68 12v 1W LED High Flux Indicator Light.

What Are the Types of 12v LED Indicator Lights?

LED Indicator Bulbs

LED indicator bulbs are used in various signal applications. They are energy-efficient, have longer life spans, and can be customized to different colors and sizes 16mm 5/8 Inch IP67 LED Metal Pilot Indicator Light.

LED Indicator Panels

Led indicator panels are assemblies of LEDs used to display information. They can be customized to different shapes and sizes and are typically used in control panels or dashboards 16mm IP67 Pilot 24VDC LED Indicator Light.

LED Indicator Strips

Led indicator strips are flexible arrays of LEDs used for decorative or signaling purposes. They can be cut to size and are available in various colors 16mm 12v Custom Car Symbol Indicator Light.

How to Install and Maintain 12v LED Indicator Lights?

Installation Process

Installing 12v LED indicator lights requires understanding the connection and compatibility with the power supply. Proper installation ensures optimal performance and safety 8mm 12v Vending Blue LED Indicator Light.

Maintenance Guidelines

Regular inspection and cleaning ensure the longevity of the 12v LED indicator lights. Replacement of damaged parts and monitoring for any irregularities in functioning is essential for maintaining performance 12mm 220 LED Amber LED Indicator Lights.

Safety Considerations

Compliance with safety guidelines and regulations is crucial during installation and maintenance. Proper handling and usage of the 12v LED indicator lights prevent potential hazards Green Door LED AC 220v LED Indicator Light.

Where to Buy 12v LED Indicator Lights?

12v LED indicator lights can be purchased from various suppliers and manufacturers. It is advisable to buy from reputable sources that provide quality products and after-sales support LED Indicator Light Category.

12v LED indicator lights have diverse applications, ranging from automotive to household uses. Understanding the types, features, and installation methods helps in choosing the right product for specific needs. The emphasis on energy efficiency and customization options makes these lights a preferred choice across different domains.

Energy Efficiency Improvements

12v LED indicator lights are continuously evolving to become more energy-efficient. Advanced technologies are being employed to minimize power consumption without compromising brightness or functionality 16mm 12v LED Bicycle Indicating Light with a Wire.

Integration with Smart Technology

Smart technology integration allows 12v LED indicator lights to be controlled and monitored through mobile devices or remote systems. This enables enhanced customization and automation 16mm 12v Custom Car Symbol Indicator Light.

Development of Compact and Miniaturized Designs

Manufacturers are focusing on creating more compact and miniaturized 12v LED indicator lights. These smaller designs allow for more flexible application in constrained spaces 8mm Auto 12v Mini LED Indicator Lights.

How Does the 12v LED Indicator Light Impact the Environment?

Reduction in Energy Consumption

12v LED indicator lights consume less energy compared to traditional lighting options. This reduction in energy consumption contributes to a smaller carbon footprint and promotes environmental sustainability 12mm Freezer 12 Volt DC Indicator Lights.

Utilization of Eco-Friendly Materials

Some manufacturers are focusing on using environmentally friendly materials in the production of 12v LED indicator lights. This approach helps reduce the environmental impact of production and disposal 16mm 5/8 Inch IP67 LED Metal Pilot Indicator Light.

Enhancing Sustainable Practices

The long lifespan and energy efficiency of 12v LED indicator lights promote sustainable practices by reducing waste and the need for frequent replacements 10mm IP68 12v 1W LED High Flux Indicator Light.

How to Customize 12v LED Indicator Lights for Specific Needs?

Choosing Specific Colors and Sizes

Customization can be done by selecting specific colors, sizes, or shapes of the 12v LED indicator lights to match the desired aesthetics or functionality 8mm 12v Vending Blue LED Indicator Light.

Integrating with Specific Applications

Integration with specific applications may require customization of connection interfaces or compatibility with existing systems. Manufacturers often provide customization services to suit unique needs 12 Volts LED Indicator Lights.

Utilizing Special Features

Special features such as flashing, dimming, or specific IP ratings can be customized in 12v LED indicator lights for specific requirements. Consultation with manufacturers or specialists may be necessary to achieve desired functionalities 8mm IP65 12 Volt Indicator Light for Bike.

How to Troubleshoot Common Problems with 12v LED Indicator Lights?

Dealing with Flickering Issues

Flickering in 12v LED indicator lights may be due to voltage fluctuations or incompatible components. Proper diagnosis and replacement of faulty parts can resolve this issue 12mm 220 LED Amber LED Indicator Lights.

Addressing Brightness Inconsistencies

Brightness inconsistencies might occur due to manufacturing defects or improper installation. Checking the connections and consulting the product manual can help in rectifying the issue Green Door LED AC 220v LED Indicator Light.

Handling Failure to Illuminate

A 12v LED indicator light that fails to illuminate might be a result of a burnt-out bulb or connection issue. Testing with a multimeter and following proper replacement procedures can solve this problem LED Indicator Light Category.

The 12v LED indicator light serves as a versatile and efficient lighting solution with varied applications across industries. Its technological advancements and customization options allow for tailored usage, meeting specific requirements. The focus on energy efficiency and environmental sustainability further accentuates its value in contemporary lighting solutions. Its installation, maintenance, customization, and troubleshooting are essential aspects that users and professionals should be well-versed in to harness the full potential of this technology.

What Types of 12v LED Indicator Lights Are Available for Different Industries?

Automotive Industry

12v LED indicator lights are widely used in the automotive industry for various applications such as dashboard indicators, signal lights, and more. Different designs and specifications are tailored to suit vehicle requirements 8mm 12v Metal Car Indicator Light.

Industrial Machinery

In industrial machinery, 12v LED indicator lights are used to indicate the status, warnings, or operating modes. Rugged designs with higher IP ratings are often preferred 16mm 12v Red LED IP67 Metal Signal Indicator Light.

Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics employ 12v LED indicator lights for power status, notifications, or decorative purposes. Compact and efficient designs are often sought in this industry 8mm 110v Metal Blue Meat Grinder Indicator Light.

What Are the Installation Procedures for 12v LED Indicator Lights?

Identifying the Correct Specifications

It’s crucial to identify the correct specifications, such as voltage, size, and color, for the 12v LED indicator light that suits the application 8mm High-Pressure LED Indicator Light 120v.

Preparing the Installation Site

Preparing the installation site includes drilling the required holes and ensuring a clean surface. Proper alignment is necessary for a professional finish 6mm 12v LED Green Indicator Light.

Wiring and Connection

Wiring the 12v LED indicator light requires adherence to polarity and ensuring secure connections. Usage of compatible connectors and following the wiring diagram is essential 12v Pilot Green LED Indicator Light.

How to Choose the Right Supplier for 12v LED Indicator Lights?

Evaluating Product Quality

Quality evaluation includes assessing materials, craftsmanship, and compliance with industry standards. Looking for certifications and warranties can aid in ensuring quality 16mm IP67 Pilot 24vDC LED Indicator Light.

Considering Pricing and MOQ

Understanding pricing and minimum order quantity (MOQ) is vital for budgeting. Negotiation and comparison with multiple suppliers can help in getting the best deal Indicator Light.

Analyzing Customer Support and After-Sales Service

Good customer support and after-sales service are essential for a smooth buying experience. Reviews and feedback from other customers can provide insights into the supplier’s reliability 12v LED Indicator Light Category.

What Are the Safety Precautions When Handling 12v LED Indicator Lights?

Following the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions ensures proper installation and handling. This minimizes risks of damage or malfunction 8mm IP65 12 Volt Indicator Light for Bike.

Using Appropriate Tools and Equipment

Using the right tools and equipment for installation and handling ensures safety and precision. This includes using the correct gauge of wires, connectors, and more 12mm 220 LED Amber LED Indicator Lights.

Observing Electrical Safety Standards

Observing electrical safety standards and local regulations is mandatory when working with 12v LED indicator lights. Proper grounding, insulation, and protection are essential aspects 10mm IP68 12v 1W LED High Flux Indicator Light.

The 12v LED indicator light serves various industries, offering tailored solutions based on specific needs and applications. Choosing the right supplier and following proper installation procedures are vital for achieving optimal performance and longevity. Adhering to safety precautions ensures a secure and efficient handling experience, maximizing the benefits offered by this versatile lighting technology. The ongoing trends and technological advancements further open avenues for innovative applications and sustainability, making 12v LED indicator lights an integral part of modern lighting solutions.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using 12v LED Indicator Lights?


  1. Energy Efficiency: 12v LED indicator lights consume less energy compared to traditional bulbs, leading to cost savings 16mm 5/8 inch IP67 LED Metal Pilot Indicator Light.
  2. Longevity: These lights are known for their long lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  3. Versatility: With a wide range of sizes, colors, and designs, 12v LED indicator lights can be used in various applications.
  4. Low Heat Emission: Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED lights emit minimal heat, reducing the risk of overheating.


  1. Initial Cost: The initial cost of 12v LED indicator lights can be higher than traditional bulbs.
  2. Sensitivity to Temperature: Extreme temperatures may affect the performance of some LEDs.
  3. Compatibility Issues: They may require specific drivers or adapters, leading to compatibility issues in some cases.

How Do 12v LED Indicator Lights Compare to Other Voltage Options?

12v vs. 220v LED Indicator Lights

12v LED indicator lights are generally safer and consume less energy, whereas 220v LED lights might offer higher brightness. The choice depends on the application and energy source available 12mm Freezer 12 Volt DC Indicator Lights.

12v vs. 120v LED Indicator Lights

While 12v LED indicator lights are more energy-efficient and safer for low-power applications, 120v LED lights might be preferred for high-intensity lighting needs 8mm High-Pressure LED Indicator Light 120v.

What Are the Environmental Considerations of Using 12v LED Indicator Lights?

Energy Consumption

12v LED indicator lights contribute to lower energy consumption, aligning with green initiatives and reducing carbon footprints.


The materials used in 12v LED indicator lights are often recyclable, contributing to environmental sustainability 16mm 12v LED Bicycle Indicating Light with a Wire.

Hazardous Materials

Ensuring that 12v LED indicator lights do not contain harmful substances like lead or mercury is vital for environmental protection.

Smart Control

Incorporating smart controls in 12v LED indicator lights allows remote operation and integration with smart home systems 16mm 12v Custom Car Symbol Indicator Light.


Developments in miniaturization technology enable the creation of compact 12v LED indicator lights for intricate applications.

Sustainable Materials

The use of sustainable materials in manufacturing 12v LED indicator lights aligns with eco-friendly practices and appeals to environmentally conscious consumers Green Door LED AC 220v LED Indicator Light.

The versatile and energy-efficient nature of 12v LED indicator lights continues to drive their adoption across various sectors. Understanding their advantages, drawbacks, environmental implications, and the latest trends allows users to make informed decisions that suit their specific needs and values. While embracing innovations, it is essential to maintain a balance between performance, sustainability, and aesthetics to harness the full potential of this evolving technology.

12V LED Indicator Lights in the USA: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to 12V LED indicator lights in the USA, there are various types available in the market. This article aims to provide a detailed overview of the approximate price range of these lights based on a quick search.

“Knowledge is power, and knowing the price range can help in making informed decisions.”

Sources of Information

To gather the necessary information, we explored multiple sources. The distribution of these sources is represented in the pie chart below:

Sources of Information

The sources we relied on include:



Based on our research, here are the details we found for 12V LED indicator lights:

  • Product: 8MM Inverter FILN Red Green Yellow 12V LED Indicator Lights
  • Price Range: Not mentioned

  • Product: Led Indicator Light 12mm
  • Price Range: $0.38 – $0.45 USD per piece
  • Product: Wholesale 12 volt led indicator lights
  • Price Range: Not mentioned

  • Product: Keenso 4 Pcs 12V LED Pilot Light
  • Price Range: Not mentioned

Please note that the prices mentioned above are approximate and may vary. It’s always recommended to visit the respective websites for accurate pricing.


In conclusion, the price range for 12V LED indicator lights in the USA varies depending on the source and specific product. While did not provide specific pricing, offers LED indicator lights ranging from $0.38 to $0.45 USD per piece. also offers a pack of 4 LED pilot lights, but the specific price is not mentioned.

When considering purchasing 12V LED indicator lights, it’s essential to explore different sources and compare prices to make an informed decision.

Product Item FL1M-19CJ-1
Panel Mount Diameter 19mm
Contact Way Pins
Install Way screw terminal
Lamp Type LED
Rated voltage AC/DC, 3V、6V、12V、24V、220V、380V
Lamp Color red yellow blue green white
Product Design concave head
Shell Material brass plated nickel/stainless steel
Base Material PA66 nylon
Terminal Material brass
Applications Coffee machine, kitchen equipment, household appliances,    automobiles, medical equipment, industrial equipment etc
Component name Material
Lens PC plastic
Metal Body H59 brass or 304 stainless steel
Wahser T10 Cold Rolled Steel
Rubber Ring SIL silica gel
Nut H59 nickel plated brass
Housing PA66 nylon
Light Source LED
Resistor Metal film
Cable PTFE AWG22 0.3mm²
Plug-in C2680 RoHS brass
Items Parameter
Rated Voltage 3V-780V DC or AC
Rated Current 20mA
Rated Power 0.2W
Insulation and Voltage Resistance 1800V
Working Life 100000h
Electrical Life 100000
Cold-resistant -40℃
Heat-resisting 80℃

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