10mm Push Button Switch

10mm Push Button Switch


The shell material of 10mm PUSH BUTTON SWITCH includes plastic and metal materials. If it is used in harsh environments including corrosive places, you can use stainless steel materials, and the waterproof level of the button can also be produced according to your needs. IP65 And ip67.

Why is it called 10mm PUSH BUTTON SWITCH?

Because its mounting hole is 10MM, it can only be installed within the aperture of 10MM.

The maximum current of 10mm PUSH BUTTON SWITCH is 5A, and the voltage is between 3V and 220V. It has two functions with lock and without lock. The appearance can be customized according to your requirements.

FILN company is constantly developing various styles and functions of 10mPUSH BUTTON SWITCH, if you have any questions, please contact us [email protected].