Rocker Light Switch 30A 250V Waterproof IP67 Black Silver

Definition of FILN Rocker Light Switch


Filn is an innovative industrial and trade company integrating R&D, production and sales. The company was established in 1998 and has a history of 21 years. Now the company has three factories and a trading company. FILN is the most complete indicator category in the world among manufacturing companies, and it is also the indicator of the only mainland manufacturer in China that has a small UL certificate. FILN is the founder of the metal button switch category and the waterproof high-current rocker switch.

FILN has a strong technical staff, with R&D teams in Wenzhou and Shenzhen, specializing in the development of button switches, rocker switches, indicator lights, guitar switches, and touch switches. FILN technical team members have more than 20 years of R&D experience and professional knowledge. From the customer’s individual requirements to product design and development, from abrasive development to product samples, it only takes 25 days. The FILN technical team can customize a variety of products with different styles and requirements.

The FILN service team is a very professional and experienced team with 18 years of experience in foreign trade. The sales engineer of the team has sales experience in sales indicators, button switches, rocker switches, guitar switches, and tact switches. With 24 years of experience, 24 provides 24/7 service to customers, is very familiar with foreign trade and product processes, and can provide customers with solutions. If the customer needs it, we can go abroad to the customer company to solve and help the customer face to face.

FILN Switch laboratory has passed UL and VDE standards to ensure the quality of FILN indicator lights, button switches, boats, guitar switches and touch switches. At the same time, the company also passed UL, VDE, CCC.CE. ROSH international certification system. FILN company has obtained IS090001 quality management system certification, and all products are produced in accordance with IS090001 quality management system standards and procedures.

What is FILN Rocker Light Switch?

The FILN Rocker Light Switch is also known as the wave Rocker Light Switch. Its structure is the same as the button Rocker Light Switch, except that the handle is replaced with a ship shape.

Rocker Light Switch is used as the power supply of electronic equipment all year round.Rocker Light Switch has several types of electric shock, such as single pole single throw, double pole single throw, double pole double throw, single pole double throw, etc. Some FILN Rocker Light Switch also has instructions Light, called FILN Rocker Light Switch with light.

Application range of FILN Rocker Light Switch

Rocker Light Switch has been widely used in electrical appliances. For example, drinking fountains, treadmills, computer speakers, electric frequency cars, motorcycles, ion televisions, coffee pots, investigations, massage chairs, etc. can all be seen in the shadow of FILN Rocker Light Switch.

Ship Type FILN Rocker Switch Type

Ship type FILN Rocker Switch SPST: 1 moving contact and 1 static contact, only 1 channel

Ship type FILN Rocker Switch SPDT: 1 moving contact and 2 static contacts, only 2 channels (the static contacts on both sides can be connected respectively)

Ship type FILN Rocker Switch double pole single throw: 2 moving contacts and 2 static contacts, only 2 channels

Ship type FILN Rocker Switch double-pole double-throw: 2 moving contacts and 4 static contacts, only 4 channels (the static contacts on both sides can be connected respectively)

The classification of ship type FILN Rocker Switch in the general market: KCD1 series ship type FILN Rocker Light Switch, KCD2 series ship type FILN Rocker Light Switch, KCD3 series ship type FILN Rocker Light Switch, KCD4 series ship type FILN Rocker Light Switch

Ship type FILN Rocker Switch as long as the technical parameters
Rated voltage and current: 30A 250VAC

Contact resistance: <50mΩ
Withstand voltage: 1500V, AC/min
Insulation resistance: >100mΩ
Rated load: 2/8A 250V AC
Electric strength:> 1500VAC/min
Temperature range: -25 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius
Electrical life: >100000 times

Mounting hole size and specifications of FILN Rocker Switch: General transformation switches are divided into small square type, round type, upper circle type and bottom type, generous square type, and oval shape. All sizes are produced and designed in accordance with international common sizes.


Q&A on Rocker Light Switch


Q: How many exterior styles are there for rocker switches?

A: The rocker switch has round, rectangular, square, oval and other different shapes.


Q: How many ways are there to call the rocker switch?

A: Marine switches can be called marine switches, marine switches, car switches, rocker switches, etc.


Q: Is the rocker switch waterproof?

A: There are two types of rocker switches: waterproof and non-waterproof. Waterproof rocker switch can reach IP67 level.


Q: What is the maximum temperature of the rocker switch?

A: The maximum temperature of the rocker switch can reach 80℃.


Q: What is the minimum temperature of the rocker switch?

A: The rocker switch can be used at minus 50 degrees.


Q: What is the service life of the rocker switch?

A: The service life of the rocker switch is 100,000 times.


Q: What is the maximum current of the rocker switch?

A: The maximum current of the rocker switch can reach 250V 30A.


Q: How many functions does the rocker switch have?

A: The rocker switch has different functions, such as on 0ff, on, on, off, on (on)-off, on-(on), on-off-(on), (on)-off-(on) , ETC.


Q: Does the rocker switch to light up?

A: There are two types of rocker switches: with light and without light.


Q: How many colors does the rocker switch with light have?

A: There are 5 common colors of rocker switches with lights, namely red, yellow, green, blue and white.


Q: How many voltages does the rocker switch have?

A: The rocker switch voltage can generate 3V, 5V, 6V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 250V, 380V, etc.


Q: How many sets of rocker switches are there?

A: There is a group of rocker switches, usually directly charged lines, two groups and three groups, and the three groups can control three lines.


Q: What does the 0-on the surface of the rocker switch mean?

A: The 0 on the switch means that the power is on, where-means that the circuit is closed.


Q: Can the rocker switch be customized to IP68 waterproof?

A: The rocker switch can produce IP68 waterproof rating, but it needs to be customized.


Q: Where is the rocker switch usually used?

A: Rocker switches have been widely used, and most of them are in home row plug-ins. Each rocker switch controls a socket, and it can also be used for household appliances, automobiles, automated machines, commercial kitchen equipment, yacht equipment, etc. As long as the switch is used to activate the position, the rocker switch can be used.


Q: How many mounting holes are there for the rocker switch?

A: There are three kinds of mounting holes for the rocker switch 1. There are rectangular 10×15, 15×20, 12×30, 28×22, 30×22, 31x22mm. 2. The mounting hole of the circular rocker switch is 12mm 16mm 19mm 22mm 3. The square has 28×28.


Q: How many connection modes does the rocker switch have?

A: There are two ways to connect the ship switch, 1. Terminal connection, usually 2.8 terminal 4.8 terminal 6.3 terminal 2. Welding method.


Q: What is the certification of rocker switch?

A: International rocker switch certification includes UL certification in the United States, CCC certification in China, KC certification in South Korea, VDE certification in Germany, and CE certification in the European Union.


How to get free button samples?

Please email to [email protected].

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Production series FL3-KCD4-0401-21L Light guide button Copper alloy
button shape rectangle actuator PC
button led color Red, blue, green, yellow and white washer rubber
Mechanical life The 300 thousand time Button pin H62 Copper alloy
electrical life The 100 thousand time protecting mask rubber
protection level IP65 IK09 nut
Rated voltage 12V DC housing PA66+GF20% nylon
rated current 30A Light source LED
rated power Resistor
Operating temperature -25℃~+85℃ contact AgCdO12
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