30MM IP67 Plastic Metal Push Button Switch With Wire

A push button switch can be interpreted as a simple power control switch for a machine or device.Push button switches are usually metal or thermoplastic switches designed to be easy for the user to use. The idea is that current should flow continuously through multiple wires and components. However, circuits that are always complete are not as useful as circuits that are only useful when needed.

A push button switch is a switch hidden inside the machine or inserted. In layman’s terms, you can see and use them. There are two main types of button switches – momentary(reset) and latching(self-lock). These switches are commonly used in calculators, push-button telephones, kitchenware, magnet locks, and other mechanical and electronic devices used in the home or industry.

The buttons are designed to accommodate a person’s fingers for easy control of the system. For machines with complex operations and various buttons, different colors are indicated for the buttons. This enables the user to identify the functions that the switch must perform. For our everyday applications, there are few guidelines for button colors because only a few are common across multiple industries. For example, red buttons are often used as power buttons, while yellow means pause. For industrial applications such as machinery, the meaning of color has been more strictly defined in international standards.

Today, I would like to introduce one of our flagship products –30mm plastic metal button with wire.

1.Appearance and Size

30MM IP67 Plastic Metal Push Button Switch With Wire

30MM IP67 Plastic Metal Push Button Switch With Wire


Light guide bracket:  PC Plastic

Casing sleeve: PA66 nylon flame retardant (30% enhanced)

Button: 304 stainless steel (30% enhanced)

Button pin: with wire, default Teflon wire 0.75mm2 20cm long

Rubber ring: SIL silica gel ring

Plated brass: H59 Nickel Plated brass

Housing: nylon PA66 nylon

LED lights: are either positive or negative, ring lights or ring lights with power symbol

Resistor: Metal film Resistor

Contact: Silver contact

3.The performance parameters

Rated voltage of the switch: Rated 220V AC

Rated voltage of indicator light: 3V-220V

Rated current of the switch: Rated current 10A

Rated current of indicator light: ≤20mA

Rated power or rated power: 2200W

Insulation and voltage resistance: 2000V

Mechanical life: 500,000 cycles

Electrical Life: 200000 times (3A) / 50000 times (10A)

Operating temperature: -25℃~+85℃

IP degree: IP67 IK09. Special black glue is used at the bottom of the button to make it waterproof and oil-proof. At present, our company’s button is mainly used in commercial kitchen equipment.

Indicator color: red, blue, green, yellow and white

Functions: 2NO self-lock and momentary

Momentary(reset): When you push the button, the button will be down, when you release, the button will come back.

Latching(self-lock): When you push the button, the button will be down and stay, you need to push again, then the button will come back.

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