Why Choose FILN Indicator Light In 2020?

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Why choose FILN indicator light?

When you look for indicator light, you all want to find it with cheap price, good quality, fast delivery time and good service LED indicator light factory, so you can earn lots of money. FILN indicator light factories are the ideal factory you are looking for.

How many names does the indicator lights have?

There are many names for indicator lights, usually, there are 6 names, indicator light, indicator lamp, signal light, signal lamp, pilot light, pilot lamp, etc.

Usually, the signal lights and signal lamps refer to traffic lights. Indicator light, indicator lamp, pilot light, pilot lamp refers to the MINI indicator.

How many types of MINI indicator lights are there?

There are two types of mini indicator lights, one is an indicator light, the other is a NEON indicator light.

The indicator light is usually used on the larger style indicator. Now, because the indicator has a very long service life, the lighting effect is very good.

Well, now most of the indicator lights are all changed to indicators. The advantage of indicators is that they can be used for any voltage.

According to the user’s needs, the volts can be changed by changing the resistance value of the resistor. The neon bulb indicator is the previous practice.

Usually, the neon bulb indicator is used when producing small indicator lights. Its advantage is high-temperature resistance. Now many indicator light bulbs still use neon light.

Where is the MINI indicator light used?

MINI indicator light is mostly used in home appliances, test benches, distribution boxes, kitchen equipment, etc., especially home appliances, such as water heaters, washing machines, grills, and so on.

indicator light accessories

How do the indicator lights calculate the resistance to change the voltage?

For example, indicator light 12V, the voltage drop of the is 2V, and the LED current is 10mA (0.01A), and the voltage minus the voltage drop is divided by the current. (12-2)/0.01=1000 ohms and then to calculate the power of the resistance, P=I²R, 0.01²*1000 ohms=0.1W, and then our resistance ¼ watts can be used, so that any voltage can be used the indicator light up.

How many installation styles are there for indicator light?

There are two installation styles for the indicator light, one is the snap-in indicator light, the other is the threaded indicator light.

indicator light


How many connection methods are there for indicator light?

There are three connection methods for the indicator light. One is the pin type. The pin styles are divided into 2.8MM pins, 4.8MM pins, and 6.3MM pins. Please see the link below.


red indicator light

The second connection method of indicator light is a screw connection. You only need to connect the wire to the screw hole and tighten the screw. This is usually used in maintenance or small-quantity factories. Please see the link :


green indicator light


The third connection method of indicator light is to bring the indicator light directly out of the wire.

You can connect it directly or directly to the terminal. At the same time, FILN can directly connect the terminal to the wire according to the customer’s needs. Please see the link:


Plastic indicator light

How many installation sizes are there for indicator light?

There are many installation dimensions of the indicator. The installation dimensions in China are expressed in MM, starting from 6MM to 8MM 10MM 12MM 14MM 16MM 19MM 22MM 25MM 30MM 40MM and so on. Europe and the United States are basically expressed in inches, 1 inch = 25.4MM. You can calculate it.

How many colors does the indicator light have?

The indicator light can be produced in a single color, red, yellow, green, blue and white, etc.

Can indicator light be produced in two-color and three-color?

LED indicator lights can be produced in two-color and three-color, and there is common negative and common positive. we also can make indicator light combine two non-polar led in double color even tri-color.

Is there a difference between the inside indicator light?

The in the indicator light is like the human heart, which is very important. The quality mainly depends on the chip inside.

When the chip is good, the light source will be much brighter. The lifespan of the basic goodwill is about 50,000 hours.

If the non-polar dual-core is used, it will be used when DC, there is no need to divide the positive and negative levels, so you don’t need to divide the red and black when wiring, you can connect the wires casually.

What is the difference between outdoor indicator light and indoor indicator light?

Because outdoor indicator light is used outdoors, it is particularly bright during the daytime, and the light source requirements for indicator light are relatively high, so we basically use condensing.

This kind directs 90 degrees light and can be seen under the sun. The lighting effect of the LED and the indicator light used outdoors will definitely have the impact of rain, so it must be designed with waterproof IP67.

The indoor indicator light is at home, so it basically uses an astigmatic. The light source of this astigmatic is softer and looks and feels more comfortable. In addition, indoor indicator light has two types of non-waterproof indicator and waterproof indicator light.

Can the indicator light be made waterproof?

This is according to customer needs. The indicator can achieve the highest waterproof level of IP68.

All the indicator lights must be filled with glue and whole sealed. The waterproof indicator light is usually used at the beach or in the kitchen.

If you want to make metal waterproof indicator lights, you must find a factory that specializes in the production of indicator lights. Ordinary factory waterproofing quality is not good, and usually cannot be made waterproof.

What is the temperature resistance of indicator light?

The temperature resistance of the indicator light is only 220 degrees. It should be noted that the plastic of the indicator light must be high temperature resistant. Usually, the material of Bayer PA66 is used, and the temperature resistance can reach 280 degrees.

The wires used are Teflon or silicone The most important thing is that the connection between the lamp and the resistor must be connected by copper tape or butt welding. If it is connected by soldering, it will melt when the temperature is high.

If the high-temperature indicator light is best to use a neon lamp In production, the neon lamp has very high-temperature resistance, but it can only be used for voltages above 110V.

How long is the FILN indicator light warranty?

The warranty for the FILN indicator light is 5 years. If FILN indicator light

LIGHT has quality problems or breaks during use within 5 years, FILN promises to replace indicator light for free.

Can indicator light produce warning indicator light?

The indicator light can be used as a warning indicator, or a MINI-type warning indicator light can be produced, which is a flashing light method.

Why does the indicator light flicker and then break?

This is basically because the withstand voltage of indicator light cannot pass, resulting in mixed positive and negative levels.

The normal indicator light withstand voltage test must pass the 1500V voltage, if it is 380V, it must pass the 4000V withstand voltage test.

If it is a 380V indicator light, the inside must be filled with glue, so as to ensure the quality of the indicator light.

Why do some manufacturers have good quality indicator lights and some manufacturers have bad quality?

The quality of the indicator  light depends on three aspects,

  1. Whether the materials of indicator light are used well, especially, and resistance. If the quality and resistance are not good, the indicator light will be bad. When the indicator is designed in the early stage, the indicator’s withstand voltage will be tested. Temperature, life, method, and other aspects of performance to ensure the stability of the quality of the indicator.
  2. Whether the production process of indicator light is consistent or not depends on the experience and professionalism of the indicator light factory. When the regular indicator light factory produces the new indicator light, it will first make a process flow chart and indicate Light process card, indicator light work instruction, indicator light inspection documents, and then train the workers on the indicator light production process, pay attention to the problems that will occur when producing the indicator light.
  3. If it is an indicator light with a wire, test the tension between the wire, usually through 5G strength. If it is too loose, the wire of the indicator light will fall off after a long time, causing the indicator light to break.


Which factory indicator light is the best and most professional?

The longest time to produce indicator lights in the world must be European and American countries, such as APEM in France, KING-BRIGHT in the United States, etc. They have a long history and FILN in China. The official website is www.indicatorlight.com and produces more than 1,000 different types.

The indicator light has more than 20 years of production experience.

What is the difference between the European and American indicator lights factory and the China FILN indicator light factory?

The advantage of FILN indicator light is that in China, there is an indicator light industry chain, and different styles of indicator lights can be customized according to the needs of customers. This is difficult for European and American indicator factories to achieve.

The advantage of FILN indicator light is that it can be customized in small batches and develop various indicator lights with different functions. The production speed of FILN indicator light is very fast. Usually, a product order can be delivered within 7 days.

The FILN indicator light factory has a professional R&D and design team. He can develop and produce indicator lights with different functions according to customer needs. The time from development to completion of indicator lights is 30 days.

And the price of FILN indicator light is very advantageous because China’s labor wages are relatively low. The hourly wage of indicator lightworkers in China is $3 per hour, and the hourly wage of indicator lightworkers in the United States is $18 per hour, which is basically European and American indicator factories. 1/4 price. And FILN indicator light has professional indicator automation equipment, which greatly improves the production efficiency of indicator lights and reduces the cost of indicator lights, which is basically 1/4 of the price of European and American indicator factories.

Can FILN indicator light accept an order of 100 pieces?

If you need a customized product that does not involve the development of new abrasive tools, it is to customize special services such as different volts, voltages, colors, or wire additions on the old products. FILN indicator light can be customized. FILN indicator light and there is no quantity requirement. Order from 1 piece, so that you receive the product will be very convenient for you to use.

What kind of company is FILN indicator light?

The FILN indicator light factory has been producing indicator lights for more than 20 years. It is now the largest, most professional, and style indicator factory in China that integrates R&D, design, and production. There are currently 10 indicator lights engineers, indicating There are 8 light management staff, 10 indicator light quality engineers, 120 indicator light production employees, and 26 indicator light sales employees.

Which international company has FILN indicator light supplied indicator products to?

The FILN indicator light factory is also the supplier of Samsung in South Korea, GM in the United States, Haier in China, and Ph.D. in Germany. FILN indicator light has rich experience in indicator light production. The indicator sales team of the FILN indicator light factory has more than 10 years of foreign trade experience.  The service is in place.

What certification does FILN indicator light have?

The FILN indicator light factory has obtained many international certifications, including UL certification in the United States, VDE certification in Germany, CE certification in the EU, RHOS certification, etc., and it has also obtained ISO90001 quality management system certification.

Indicator certification

Is there a professional indicator light test laboratory for FILN indicator light?

FILN indicator light factory has a professional indicator light testing laboratory, including an indicator pressure test bench,  life test bench, indicator light burn-in test bench, indicator light high-temperature test bench, indicator light low-temperature test bench, indicator light tensile test bench, indicator light waterproof test bench, and other equipment, these indicator light test equipment provide a strong backing to ensure the high quality of the indicator light.

test laboratory

Can indicator light be OEM?

If you want to OEM, you must have a larger number of indicator light products.

Can indicator light be customized?

If you want to make customized indicator lights, FILN can produce them. The indicator light engineers will first check whether our current indicator light abrasive plastics are suitable for your customized plastics. Yes, it will reduce R&D costs. If there is no match, then redesign the grinding tool, but you have to bear the cost of the indicator design and grinding tool in the early stage. The design and development time of indicator light is about 30 days, the specific situation is still Specific cooperation details.

Indicator light technology

Indicator lights are very versatile, so every country in the world will use a variety of different indicators. If you are looking for a factory specializing in the production of the indicator light, please choose FILN indicator light factory.

If you are a distributor, FILN indicator light will bring you huge economic benefits, because the indicator light produced by them is very cheap, the quality is very reliable, and the products are basically developed by them, and they are very unique.

If you are a factory, FILN indicator light will provide you with professional and personalized customized services to improve the overall effect of your products. In this way, your competitiveness will be very strong, and your products will be unique.

If you are a cross-border e-commerce company, FILN indicator light will bring you more than 1,000 different styles of indicator lights and can support you in small-batch shipments. FILN indicator light has very good sales on Amazon and AliExpress, especially the symbol indicator. The symbol indicator means that you want to display any pattern or symbol. We draw it according to the customer’s requirements, and then engrave it on the surface of the indicator light. When the indicator light lights up, the pattern or text will light up. Beautiful, this is a private custom indicator. The important thing is that FILN indicator light will develop a new indicator light every month.

If you want a sample test, we will provide a free sample for you to test, please contact us immediately at [email protected]

In the future, FILN indicator light will focus more on R&D, design, and production of indicator lights. I believe that in the near future, FILN indicator light will become the leader of indicator lights in the world.

How much does it cost to send an indicator light to the US?

The shipping cost of indicator light to the United States is not high. The weight of 100 indicator light is basically within 1KG, and the weight of the US DHL will be basically less than 20 US dollars. China will arrive in the United States within 3 days.

Is it cost-effective to buy an indicator light in China?

It is very cost-effective to buy indicator lights directly from a Chinese indicator factory. Take 100 indicator lights as an example. The price of 100 indicator lights in China is US$100. If you buy them locally in the United States, you will need at least US$400. If you buy them in China, you will cost US$100 plus shipping. 20 US dollars plus tariff 25 US dollars is a total of 145 US dollars, 100 indicator light difference is 255 US dollars, but if you find a professional indicator factory, if you find it is unprofessional, although the price is cheap, the quality is not good in the United States, It might as well purchase locally in the United States.

How to find a professional indicator light factory in China?

You can see through the website if it is a professional indicator factory.

  1. Your search on GOOGLE or Alibaba, check their website after you find it, and see if there is any professional instrument for detecting indicator light equipment so that you can know the stability of the indicator light.
  2. You can see if there is any UL certification for indicator lights because UL certification is relatively expensive in China. To make an indicator light product is about 20,000 US dollars, and the maintenance cost of 4000 US dollars one year is not a powerful factory It will not do the American UL certification. Please note that the indicator must be UL certified, and the UL certification confirms the name of their factory.
  3. Next, look at the indicator light products on their website, and whether the products are new or different from the ones on the market so that you can know if they have R&D capabilities.
  4. Take a look at YOUTUBE or FACEBOOK of their indicator light factory, and see if there are frequent production indicator light  videos,
  5. You can contact the indicator light factory and ask them to directly shoot the indicator light factory video and send it to you. This must inadvertently ask the factory to take the video and take the video of the indicator light. You can see if the workers who produce the indicator light wear it. Their brand of factory clothes, because some of them are not factories, they will take videos of other factories for you.

If you want to find a factory with an acceptable price, good quality, fast delivery, good service, and professional indicator light factory, please email us immediately at [email protected], we will give it within 24 hours Your satisfactory reply.

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