Introduction of the Push-Button Switch and New Button


What is a push-button switch?

A Push-button switch is a control switch which is operated by applying force with a finger or palm and has a spring energy storage reset. It is one of the most commonly used main electrical appliances.

The current allowed for the contact of the push button switch is small, generally no more than 5A. Therefore, under normal circumstances, it does not directly control the on and off of the main circuit (large current circuit), but in the control circuit (small current circuit) issued instructions signal, control contactors, relays, and other electrical appliances, and then they control the main circuit on and off, functional conversion or electrical interlocks.


A Push Button switch is a type of switch which consists of a simple electric mechanism or air switch mechanism to turn something on or off.


Depending on the model they could operate with momentary or latching action functions.

The button itself is usually constructed of a strong durable material such as metal or plastic. Push Button Switches come in a range of shapes and sizes. We have a selection of push-button switches here at Herga.

Push-button switches are used throughout industrial and medical applications and are also recognizable in everyday life.

For uses within the Industrial sector, pushbuttons are often part of a bigger system and are connected through a mechanical linkage. This means that when a button is pressed it can cause another button to release.


Examples of Push Button Switches

Push-button switches are present in so many areas across different industries and for different uses here are some examples;


  • Calculator buttons – a handheld calculator has lots of small push button switches
  • Reset switches – these are usually small and require a tool to press to avoid accidental operation
  • Stopping machinery – often around industrial machinery, there will be an emergency stop button, sometimes these are located on the wall
  • Arcade gaming – these are usually brightly colored to encourage people to play


How Do Push Button Switches Work?

Push-button switches have three parts. The actuator, stationary contacts, and the grooves. The actuator will go all the way through the switch and into a thin cylinder at the bottom. Inside are a movable contact and spring.

When someone presses the button, it touches with the stationary contacts, causing the action to take place. In some cases, the user needs to keep holding the button or to press it repeatedly, for an action to take place. With other pushbuttons, a latch connects and keeps the switch on until the user presses the button again.


How Do Push Button Switches Work in an Electrical Circuit?


Electrical circuits need to be complete to work. The electricity must be able to flow uninterrupted through the various wires and components.

But circuits that are complete all the time aren’t as useful as ones that work only when we want them to. This is what a switch does.

Some switches are hidden inside machinery; others are where we can see and use them. The push-button switch has thousands of familiar uses, from elevators to car stereos. It comes in two basic kinds: momentary and non-momentary.



A push-button switch is a small, sealed mechanism that completes an electric circuit when you press on it. When it’s on, a small metal spring inside makes contact with two wires, allowing electricity to flow.

When it’s off, the spring retracts, contact is interrupted, and current won’t flow. The body of the switch is made of non-conducting plastic.


Momentary Contact

Momentary switches work only as long as you press on them, like the buttons on a phone, calculator or door buzzer.

They can be subdivided into normally-on and normally-off types.


With the normally-off switch, there’s no connection till you push the button.

Most push-button switches are used this way. Examples include doorbell buttons, cell phone keys, and garage door openers.



Here the switch conducts normally but interrupts the circuit when you press on it.

This is more specialized and may be used in conjunction with a wiring trick. For example, connecting a normally-on switch in parallel with a light bulb will light the bulb when the button’s pushed; otherwise, the current will flow through the switch, leaving the bulb off.


Non-Momentary Contact

Non-momentary switches take one push to turn on, another to turn off. TVs and stereos use non-momentary switches for their power buttons.



For reliability and safety, switches are rated for current and voltage. This is necessary since higher voltage or current requirements call for larger, more expensive parts, and switches, like most parts, are only as large as necessary.

Cell phones and portable radios have small requirements; industrial machines have large requirements.


  1. Divide by material

The push-button switch can be metal material and plastic material, among them the plastic push-button switch’s price is cheap, but the life is short, the metal push button switch withstands the pressure strong, the life is long.

The metal push button switch can also be available in brass nickel-plated, stainless steel, and zinc-aluminum alloy. Brass nickel-plated type is light in weight but not resistant to corrosion. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel; Zinc-aluminum alloy is black in appearance.

  1. Divide by shape

Push-button switch has a pin style, screw pin style, and wire style. The wire style is our newly developed button in recent years.

The bottom is specially made black glue, which can effectively achieve the waterproof effect is IP68. Moreover, the direct wire style can save some customers from the trouble of the welding line and make the operation easier.

  1. Divide by mounting hole

The mounting hole of the push button switch can be 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 30mm, and 40mm, among which the conventional sizes are 16mm and 19mm, which are our best-selling sizes.

  1. Divide by head shape

Push-button switch has a flat head, high flat head, and ball head

  1. Divide led

Push-button switch can be with or without light, a ring with light, dot with light, a ring with power symbol, power symbol, etc

  1. Divide by switch function

Switching functions include 1NO, 2NO, 1NO1NC, and 2NO2NC. Customers can choose according to their own requirements. Generally speaking, the buttons of the pin style are 1NO1NC and 2NO2NC, and the screw foot and beltline style are 1NO and 2NO.

7.According to the operation function

Push-button switch is divided into self-locking and momentary. Self-locking refers to normally moving contacts and static contacts are separate, press the hand to release, two contacts are closed, need to press one more time to separate.

Momentary means that the moving contact and the static contact are separate. Press (do not release the hand), the two contacts close, release the hand, restore the original state, and the two contacts break.

8.Color and voltage of the led

The colors of the LEDs are red, yellow, green, blue, white, bi-color, and tri-color, and the voltage range is 3-380V.

Above is the general introduction of the button, if you are interested, please email us, we will introduce the button you are interested in detail.


What Are Push Button Switches Used For?

Push-button switches are popular in a variety of different applications, including calculators, push-button phones, and many home appliances.

You can find them in the home, the office, and in industrial applications today. They can turn machines on and off, or cause the devices to perform specific actions, as is the case with calculators.

In some cases, specifically for commercial and industrial usage, the buttons can connect through a mechanical linkage, which means that pushing one button can actually cause another button to release.


In many cases, the buttons will have specific coloration to help denote their actions. This ensures that the chance of someone pushing the button by mistake is lower.

Red will usually indicate stopping, while green generally indicates starting a machine. Emergency stop buttons, which tend to be large pushbuttons, are generally red, and they typically have larger heads for easier use.

  • introduction of new button

This year, we have developed a new concave ring led metal push button switch in sizes of 16mm, 19mm, and 22mm. Currently, the body housing of the push button switch is only brass nickel plated.


As you can see the following two 19mm metal push button switches. The first one is our newly developed push button switch and the second one is our regular push-button switch.


It is not difficult to see from the picture that the only difference between the new model and the regular model is the different shape of the ring led.

The new model has a concave ring led with a larger aperture. Comparatively speaking, the ring led is brighter and more beautiful, which can be seen clearly when used on the equipment.



push-button switch
push-button switch




Next, I will introduce the specifications of the metal button in detail:


  • Accessories of the concave ring led metal push buttonswitch


Light key: PC plastic

Button:304 stainless steel

Body housing: H59 nickel-plated brass button

Pin: H62 brass alloy

Waterproof ring rubber: ring SIL silicone

Nut: H59 nickel-plated brass

Base housing:PA66+GF20% flame retardant nylon

Light source: LED (Our led is a bidirectional difference of anode and cathode, you can connect any way you want)

Resistor: Metal film Resistor


  • specification of the concave ring led metal push buttonswitch


Mounting hole size:16mm /19mm/22mm

Function:latching /momentray, 1NO1NC/ 2NO2NC(2NO2NC is only for 22mm mounting hole )

LED voltage:3v-220v

Rated voltage : 36V DC 250V AC

Rated current:5A DC 5A AC

Led Rated voltage:3V-220V

Rated current:3V-220V

Rated current:≤20mA

Rated power :180W(DC) 1250W(AC)

Insulation and voltage resistance: 1800V

Contact resistance: Point resistance: 50 m or less Ω

Insulation resistance: the Isolation to hold: 100 m or higher Ω

Electrical life: 500000 times

Mechanical life : 100000 times (250 v / 3 a), 50000 times (250 v /5 a)

Working environment temperature Operating temperature : 25 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃ (head)

IP degree: IP65 protection grade IK09

LED color: red yellow blue green white

  • Introduction of company

Yueqing Yulin Electronic Co., Ltd, which is founded in 1998, is a professional Push Button switch /indicator light/rocker and guitar switch manufacturer with ISO9000 management system certification in domestic.


We have over 20 years of history in producing and developing the push button switch series, indicator light series, rocker switch series, and guitar switch series, and keep developing 1~2 new series production each year.

Now, we have about many series push button switches, indicator lights, rocker switches, guitar switches, and more than 30 patents.


At present, the company has 235 employees, including 23 salesmen, 10 technicians, 6 quality personnel, and 20 administrative and management personnel.


Our goal is to provide customers with professional product services and customized solutions.

CNFILN strives to be a leader in segments.

No matter the series you choose, all of our switches offer an advanced design, quick break contacts, a self-cleaning feature, and high reliability.

Furthermore, they have long lives, durable, and easy to install. And we have obtained a number of certification certificates including CCC, CE, RoHS, and UL.

We focus on enhancing the intangible assets. What we seek is satisfying our customers’ needs. So we always keep the company at its best in perseverance by transmission in the market. With the expansion of the international market, we swear to be the global leader in the industry of switch.


Corporate mission: ingenuity China, scientific and technological innovation, subversion of the future, push the world

Corporate vision: create the world’s safest, most customer-informed, most beautiful switch, become the world’s first

Core values: customer first, honesty and trustworthiness, hard work, quality-oriented, continuous innovation


Above all are for Introduction of push-button switch and introduction of a new push-button switch,

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Introduction of the Push-Button Switch and New Button

Introduction of the Push-Button Switch and New Button