Plastic Switch Button Momentary Or Latching Lens Illuminated

  • Voltage: 36V(DC) 250V(AC)
  • Keyword: Switch Button
  • Current:
  • Color: Y
  • Material: Copper, Stainless Steel
  • Certification: CE.CCC. Rosh.IP67.UL
  • Waterproof grade: IP67
  • Wire specification: AGW22
  • Email:

Flat Button Momentary Or Latching Lens Illuminated Waterproof Plastic Switch Button

We are an innovative company integrating R&D, production and sales.

FILN produces indicator lights, switch button switches, rocker switches, guitar switches, touch system switches, waterproof micro switches and other products.

FILN is the founder of the metal wire buckle category and the creator of the waterproof high-current ship switch.
We are a company with experience and continuous innovation and research and development.

FILN, specializing in the production of switch button industry, according to different sizes, different shapes, different functions, colors, voltages, and specifications, our types of indicator lights account for the largest variety in the country. During the period, in order to better serve the customers of global indicator lights, we applied for ROHS, CE, VDE, UL, ISO9000 and other switch button quality certifications.

The customers who bought our switch button so far are mainly distributed in Europe, America, North America, Asia, South Africa, Southeast Asia and other regions.

1. The function of the switch

A switch button is a control switch operated by a certain part of the human body (usually a finger or a hand) and has a spring stores energy to reset. It is the most commonly used master electrical appliance.

The allowable current of the switch button’s contacts is small, generally not more than 5A. Therefore, in general, it does not directly control the on-off of the main circuit (high-current circuit).

Instead, it sends out command signals in the control circuit (small current circuit) to control electrical appliances such as contactors and relays, and then they control the on-off, function conversion, or electrical interlocking of the main circuit.

2. Structure principle and symbol of the switch button

The switch is generally composed of a switch cap, a return spring, a bridge-type moving contact, a static contact, a pillar connecting rod and a shell.

The switching state of the contacts when the switch button is not subjected to external force (ie static) is divided into a stop switch button, a start switch button, and a composite switch button (ie, a switch that combines moving on and off contacts).

3.switch button

It has a simple structure and is widely used. In electrical automatic control circuits, it is used to manually send control signals to control contactors, relays, electromagnetic starters, etc.

There are many types of switch structures, which can be divided into self-locking type, self-resetting type, rotary handle type, mushroom head type, indicator light type, light symbol type and key type, etc. There are single buttons, double buttons and three buttons. And different combinations,

Generally, it adopts a building block structure, consisting of a switch cap, a return spring, a bridge contact and a shell, etc. It is usually made into a composite type, with a pair of normally closed contacts and normally open contacts, and some products can pass multiple components The series connection increases the number of contact pairs. There is also a self-supporting switch, which automatically maintains the closed position after being pressed, and can only be opened after the power is cut off.

4. The structure of the switch button

Let me tell you a story first. Compared to everyone who used ballpoint pens when they were young, they must have tried to click and then come out and click and go in.

I don’t know if you have ever thought about why this is, or take apart the ballpoint pen to explore the competition yourself.

In fact, it is the setting of the structure. This article discusses the composition of the switch button similar to a ballpoint pen to guide the mystery!

The structure of the switch; consists of a switch button cap, a return spring, a fixed contact, a movable contact, a shell and a pillar connecting rod. The main categories are as follows

Contacts in a separated state.

1. Normally closed contact (moving break contact): refers to the contact in the original state (the electrical appliance is not subjected to external force or the coil is not energized), the fixed contact and the movable contact are in a closed state.

2. Normally open (moving on) switch, when not pressed, the contact is open, when pressed, the contact is closed and connected: when released, the switch button is reset and opened under the action of the reset spring.

In the control circuit, the normally open switch is often used to start the motor, also known as the start switch button.

3. The normally closed (moving off) switch is the opposite of the normally open switch button. When it is last pressed, the contact is closed, and when it is pressed, the contact is disconnected; when the hand is released, the switch is reset and closed under the action of the return spring. The normally closed switch button is often used to control the motor to stop. Also called a self-resetting switch.

4. The composite switch combines the normally open and normally closed switches into one switch, that is, when the normally closed contact and the normally open contact are not pressed, the normally closed contact is closed, and the normally open contact in The head is broken.

When the switch is pressed, the normally closed contact is opened first, and the normally open contact is closed afterward, which can be considered as a self-locking switch button: When released, press the switch under the action of the return spring to the first set the normally open contact Open, and then close the normally closed contact.

The composite switch is used in the interlock control circuit.

The SB that appears in the PS picture is the English abbreviation of the switch (usually also called pushbutton) The detailed structure of the switch button is as follows:

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