Foreign Trade PK Competition Ended Interesting In September

PK competition helps to improve our ability to work.

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There is an idiom in China called “Golden nine silver ten”, which means that September and October are the peak months for sales.

Therefore, in September, our company not only participated in Alibaba’s hundred Group war activity but also held a PK competition in the foreign Trade Department.

PK competition

Before the PK match officially started, we held a mobilization meeting, everyone wrote down a written pledge to fulfill a military order, select the PK person, pledge the goal.

The main content of the PK competition is the award for the fastest transaction, the award for the largest order amount of Alibaba Credit Insurance, the award for the largest number of orders of Alibaba Credit Insurance, the award for the team performance reaching the standard, the Award for the team Strength of Alibaba, and so on.

PK competition

In the PK competition, we all followed up with the customer to get the order, to develop customers. Among them, Aimee and Yoyo performed the best and exceeded the goals set.

You should know that the goal set itself is higher than their usual sales performance, they have achieved the goal with 120% more, which is worth learning.

At the ceremony, Aimee and Yoyo also shared their experiences and thoughts over the past month. Having a goal is more motivating.

Aimee says she has listed all of her clients, one by one, to recommend products and order, which has led to several of them placing orders ahead of time. At the same time, she timely replied to customer emails and messages, even after work, will go to check the email.

Yoyo said that several of the customers she was talking with had placed orders in September, and with the payment from several customers who had not paid before, the target could be achieved. It is not hard to see from them that it is very important to keep up with customers and serve them well, which is worth learning from the rest of us.

In this activity, we have a lot of harvests, some goals, but also harvest experience, this activity is very meaningful.

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