19MM 12V Bayonet LED Button Switch Successfully Developed

Middle of January 2019 in China at the end of Chinese New Year, a South Korean electronics distributor contact FILN company, consult FILN company 19 mm metal push button switch. He said his customer is South Korea’s Samsung, the push button switch amount is relatively large. The customer is to use a rocker switch before, the price is cheaper. Customers see metal button feeling after the metal push button switch is very beautiful, but now and in the form of switch prices vary a lot, really want to use, but consider the cost problem has been useless, ask is there any way we could develop a price and ship type switch, look nice metal push button, to help his clients to solve the problem.

The South Korean electronics distributor customers are FILN company in 2016 began to cooperation, FILN very trust between company and customers, FILN company immediately sent to the sales manager and engineer in 2 days arrived in South Korea, and customer communication design of the new push-button switch, Korean customer directly take FILN company personnel to the Samsung factory, communicate and direct end-users and field trips.


By talking with Samsung’s engineers, FILN’s button-technology developers learned what is the customers wanted. As below

  • 1. A large number of products, very cost-oriented,
  • 2. Samsung was used to use the rocker switch, which was of the direct buckle style. With our push button switch, the company wants to fix it with nuts.
  • 3. Looks good and atmospheric
  • 4. The ship type switch used by the customer before requires welding line, and the cost is also very high
  • 5. Customers’ products are often flooded, and the previous switch was often broken because of its poor waterproof effect.
  • 6. The power used by the customer’s product is 1000W which must reach 10A current.
  • 7. The temperature of the customer’s use scene is relatively high.
    After returning to China, the engineer of FILN push button switch began to develop a metal button switch with a lamp of 12v in accordance with the requirements of customers, whose price is relatively cheap. After all, the waterproof grade is high.

Because of the influence of COVID – 19. FILN company just starts in early March 2020, push button switch has carried on the research and development, the technical department immediately after 1 month of product research and development and producing. This new bayonet 19 mm 12v LED button switch is officially completed on April 20, arrived in South Korea’s Samsung, on April 28, after 20 days to pass all the test content.

new push button switch

What is the specific material of 19MM 12v LED with locking bayonet type metal push button switch?

This push button switch design material has the following points

1. The push button switch in the head is stainless steel material, intermediate for circular ring lamp design, the design has LED lights inside, (considering the customer is the 12 v dc, LED lamp USES the nonpolar lamp, client connection without plus or minus, use very convenient) when button switch start button will be lit up, looks very upscale atmosphere.

2. This push button switch can also produce a two-color LED. When the customer’s product is off, the light of the button will show red; when the customer’s product is powered on, the light of the push button switch will be green.

3. In order to save the cost, this LED button switch only USES stainless steel material at the head and nylon material at the bottom, which greatly saves the cost.

4. In order to reduce the production cost for the customer, this 12v push button switch has a direct buckle design, which is very convenient and fast for the customer to install.

5. In order to save the customer’s cost, this push button switch with lock is designed directly with wire, so that the customer can save the labor cost of wires and welding wires.

6. In order to solve the water inflow problem of the customer’s push button switch, the internal waterproof ring scheme of the 19MM button switch is designed, and the bottom is designed with epoxy resin filling so that the product can reach IP68 grade.

7. The push button switch USES 3.5 silver points to withstand 10A current.

led push button switch

How to test the quality of push button switch?

Push Buttons switch are tested in the following aspects

1. Waterproof test, push button switch test method, find a waterproof container, and make some 19 mm push button switch hole, and then connected to gas, air pressure drive to 20 kg, gas directly to take push button on the waterproof box, put the waterproof box in the water, the waterproof box if there is any air leakage, if there is a gas leak, the button switch waterproof effect is not good, if not, it shows that the waterproof effect is better.

2. Temperature and current resistance test of push button switch. The test method includes professional current with load test bench and temperature resistance test bench, which can simulate the customer’s switch current when the temperature reaches 80 ° c, and pass 10A and pass 100,000 tests.

3. Firmly test the connection of push button switch. Test method: tie the push button switch with wire to the tension test instrument and test it with the strength of 20.

4. LED test of push button switch, test method. The push button switch is connected to the aging test table for 48 hours and passed

5. Pressure resistance test of push button switch, test method. The button switch passed the pressure resistance test bench 1800V high voltage test for 10 seconds

What is the comparative advantage between new LED push button switch and other metal push buttons?

There are four comparative advantages between the lock and wire buttons and other push button switches.

1. The cost performance of the push button switch is relatively high. This new switch is 30 percent cheaper than other metal buttons.

2. The waterproof level of this button switch is relatively high. The waterproof level of this button switch reaches IP68, and the overall waterproof, while the waterproof level of other push button switches can only reach IP67. Besides, the bottom is not waterproof

3. The connection mode is convenient. This type of button switch is directly wired, and other button switches need to be welded.

4. It is more convenient to install. This bayonet hole button switch is installed directly into the card, and other button switches need to be tightened with screws, which is a waste of time.

19mm push button

What certification and patent does 19MM button switch with light have?

This type of bayonet with a light push button switch has been applied for China’s new use patent and appearance design patent. This type of button switch is newly developed and designed. All the buttons are still applying for Ul certification and waterproof certification in the United States

What do you think of the future development of  LED push button switch?

Mechanical switch with the advent of the era of intelligence, the future more and more replaced by intelligent products, including the LED push button switch, such as before with the push button switch electrical appliances product. Now many have used a touch control system, so the LED push button switch in the future market will be smaller and smaller. After 5 years market share will receive a small push button switch is around 30%.

In this way, the small push button switch production companies in the market will be eliminated by the large companies with strength and research and development technology capabilities. In the future, space for small button companies to survive will become smaller and smaller.

Small push button in the future survival and development of the company only by pooling resources in a small niche business to understand the unique needs of customers for push button switch industry, then custom development, such as the industry need to current larger push button switch. you will go to the development of large current push button switch, such as the industry requires high performance comparison of push button switch, you will go to the development of high performance comparison of push button switch. It is best to waterproof IP68 push button switch, or the quantity is big, the industry is very sensitive to the button price request, you will be to develop and design the push button switch, try to control the cost. only in this way can your small button company have a place in the future button market.

To constantly find the different needs of all walks of life for the button switch, to develop the needs of customers for the push button switch, so that your button company will become better and better.

light push button switch

Where are the PUSH BUTTON SWITCH used?

Push Button switch is used in a very wide range of places, where there is electricity will be used, such as the automation industry, if you use automation, you may want to connect the electricity, you will use the push button switch to play the electrical disconnect and connection. Just each industry to button the functional demand of the switch is different, take two cases

1. For example, in the automation industry, the usage scene is relatively clean with no water and low current. The push buttons and switches he requires must be of high quality and long life, and the push buttons should be used more often.

2. For example, the kitchen equipment industry button switch, they will use the scene will be more copy, there is lampblack, wet, and water, you will think of such a scene must be waterproof push button switch must be good, and to waterproof oil, and so on, the kitchen equipment is to be waterproof and oil-proof button switch.

Therefore, the led push button switch used in different industries are also different. Now, they are used in a wide range of industries, such as the medical industry, automation industry, kitchen equipment industry, home appliance industry, automobile industry, new energy industry and so on.

12v push button switch

What are the pressures of  FILN’s push button switch?

First, introduce FILN company. FILN company is a research and development of innovative companies that has a design team, abrasive research and development team, injection molding plant, factory, intelligent product research and development team. So for each customer according to different needs to customize button switch. FILN has 20 years of experience in research and development and production, Tthe push button switches are more innovation and the development time period is shorter. FILN company was founded in Shenzhen in 2019 and the intelligent control system research and development center. Future push button switches will have intelligent features, which is the biggest advantage of FILN push button switch