Malfunction Indicator Light Jeep 14MM Turning Automobile Indicator Light

  • Symbolic name: Turning Indicator Light
  • Keyword: Malfunction Indicator Light Jeep
  • Voltage: 3V 6V 12V 24V 110V 220V 380V
  • Color: red, blue, green, yellow, white
  • Size: 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm
  • Certification: CE CCC ROSH IP66 UL VDE
  • Waterproof grade: IP67
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  • Download PDF: 12v Engine Temperature Warning Light Car Indicator Light

Malfunction Indicator Light Jeep
Malfunction Indicator Light Jeep

malfunction indicator light jeep is common in life. Effectively solve the problem of malfunction indicator light jeep requires us to understand the reason why these lights are on.

The Malfunction Indicator Light is the proper term for your check engine light. It being one means the onboard diagnostic system detected a problem with the vehicle.

Often this is a simple fix and can be done at home. The first step should be to go to a mechanic or auto parts store and ask them to scan the code.

So the malfunction indicator light jeep must exist.

Can you drive with a malfunction indicator light jeep on?

The rule of thumb is that if the check engine light is flashing, you can’t keep driving the car. It’s an emergency. Often it indicates an engine misfire. If you keep driving, you will likely cause irreversible damage, mostly to the (expensive) catalytic converter

What does the malfunction indicator light jeep mean?

The malfunction indicator light jeep is on your instrument cluster. It illuminates when the On-Board Diagnostics-Second Generation (OBD II) system detects an issue.

The OBD II system monitors your vehicle’s emissions. When the malfunction indicator light jeep is illuminated, it means that the OBD II has noticed that your vehicle is not running as cleanly as it should.

If the light is flashing, then the OBD II system has detected a misfire. If the light is solidly illuminated, then the OBD II system has detected an emission control system malfunction.

Like all malfunction indicator light jeep, the malfunction indicator light jeep will illuminate when the ignition is turned on but the engine is not yet running.

You should only be concerned with the malfunction indicator light jeep if it stays lit after the engine has been turned on.

What size is the malfunction indicator light jeep our company?

We have 6 mm, 8 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm, 22 mm, 30 mm, and so on.
If you want another size, FLIN can customize it for you.

Can I customize other symbols?

We can design symbols for you, or you can customize symbols.

If you want to customize the symbol, just send us the picture of the symbol. Just tell us what size you want, and we’ll make the symbol the size you want.

How can you order a malfunction indicator light jeep from us?

You can contact us via email and our email id is sales email, or buy directly from AliExpress, and please click on the AliExpress.

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Symbolic name Turning Indicator Light
Panel Mount Diameter 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm
Contact Way With wire
Install Way screw terminal
Lamp Type LED
Rated voltage AC/DC,3V、6V、12V、24V、220V、380V
Lamp Color red yellow blue green white
Product Design convex head
Shell Material brass plated nickel/stainless steel
Base Material PA66 nylon
Terminal Material brass
Applications Coffee machine, kitchen equipment, household appliances,    automobiles, medical equipment, industrial equipment, etc
Component name material
lens PC plastic
Metal body H59 brass or 204 stainless steel
wahser T10 Cold Rolled Steel
rubber ring SIL silica gel
nut H59 nickel plated brass
housing PA66 nylon
Light source LED
Resistor Metal film
Cable PTFE AWG22 0.3mm²
plug-in C2680 RoHS brass
items parameter
Rated voltage 3V-780V DC or AC
rated current 20mA
rated power 0.2W
Insulation and voltage resistance 1800V
working life 100000h
electrical life 100000
cold-resistant -40℃
heat-resisting 80℃
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