Car Off Road 12V 20A Toggle Rocker Switch Blue Red LED Rocker Switch Lamp

Car Off Road 12V 20A Toggle Rocker Switch Blue Red LED Rocker Switch Lamp


This rocker switch lamp is generally used in equipment such as buses or yachts. You can often see these different symbols and buttons on some cars. Press once to turn it on, and then click to turn it off. You can move it according to your needs. Print different buttons

1. Rocker switch lamp service industry

Rocker switch lamps are everywhere…cars, trucks, boats, golf carts, touring vehicles, ATVs, household appliances, industrial machinery, such examples are numerous.

Almost every device or platform that uses DC power uses some form of a switch and the very popular rocker switch.

The most abundant rocker switch lamp is the FILN KCD series. FILN KCD series rocker switch lamps are powerful, reliable, flexible, beautiful and simple.

Because of these reasons, it is very popular, and many vehicles and equipment can be found in use.

2. Printing problem

Until recently, the best way to label rocker switches was to use ink to print to the actuator. This is no problem, but it means expensive and time-consuming switch inspection board manufacturing.

You need to invest a lot of cost in printing if you want to print clearly and not fade for a long time.

As a result, label options are restricted, and consumers can only go to distributors or printers with limited inventory (no one can print and store all possible labels).

This allows consumers to search online or over the phone for several hours, hoping to find the rocker switch lamp label they need. Moreover, under normal circumstances, when they find a place with most actuator labels, they lack a small label, so consumers need to spend a lot of time and energy to buy a thing, and Felin’s rocker switch lamp It is printed by ourselves. We accept a variety of customized services whether it is a small amount or a large amount. As long as you provide a picture or text description of the logo, we can print it for you, saving you the time and cost of searching. And can enjoy better quality service.

3. Our innovation-custom etched rocker cover

Rocker switch lamp professionals have made truly innovative things and solved the selection problem. We have developed a proprietary process to customize a unique label on the cover of the KCD series rocker switch lamp, which is fast and inexpensive.

It is completed by computer-controlled laser etching technology. Unlike ink printing (by laser etching), which requires many settings, we can create unique and durable labels quickly and economically.

4. Our design engine and real-time simulation

Sounds great, right? But how will you submit a custom design for etching? We have created a sophisticated but easy-to-use design engine, anyone can develop and order custom actuators directly from our website.

Our design wizard allows customers to actually see the rendering of the custom rocker switch lamp cover before ordering. Using the custom actuator designer, you can customize the color of the switch.

It provides more than 200 switch symbols for all common loads-all the time increasing.

You can type any text you want in the two text lines to define your switch function through the text.

You can rotate the actuator to print to etch into vertical or horizontal rocker switch lamp labels.

Finally, according to your planned V series rocker switch lamp body, you can add an etching actuator lens or a third line of text at the bottom.

5. Another advantage of the etched rocker cover

Ok, the custom rocker switch lamp cover is cool, but there is another big advantage of the etching switch sub-printing.

When you remove the material by etching and then by printing, it also has an amazing backlight function and night readability.

The light generated by the lamp in the switch body only appears in the position where the rocker cover has been etched.

Read a detailed description of the night readability of custom etched switch actuators here.
The following is sent to us by our customers.
“I have re-adjusted the purpose of the switch on the ship and have been suffering from incorrect switch labels for several years. I found this KCDrocker switch lamp and decided to give it a try.

The online configuration of the cover is very simple, and the product is shipped the next day. You only need to pay a little bit higher than the standard protective sleeve price, you can enjoy this service.

I now want to order some customized covers for configurations that are not yet available.

They also provide this service, so just let Feiling know what you need and they will be happy to help you. This is excellent customer service and an excellent product. Thank you very much. ”

We are very happy to get some professional recognition from customers. FILN is also happy to solve some problems or difficulties they are currently facing for different customers. We have professional customer service and technical teams, and we can develop and design different products without you. Replace or improve the current product, go to upgrade, trust us, we can definitely help you, just send us the problems you encounter, and we will solve the rest.

FILN hopes to design new products with different customers in the future.

If you have any technical or product questions, you can contact our engineer Louis Lin, his email is

Please email to

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Production series FL3-KCD4-0401-21L Light guide button Copper alloy
button shape rectangle actuator PC
button led color Red, blue, green, yellow and white washer rubber
Mechanical life The 300 thousand time Button pin H62 Copper alloy
electrical life The 100 thousand time protecting mask rubber
protection level IP65 IK09 nut
Rated voltage 12V DC housing PA66+GF20% nylon
rated current 30A Light source LED
rated power Resistor
Operating temperature -25℃~+85℃ contact AgCdO12