LED light source : Application and current situation 2020

LED lights are everywhere!

In Greek mythology, Prometheus stole the sky fire to give mankind light;

In Chinese mythology, it is said that Fuxi used thunder andlightning to split trees to produce fire, which brought humanity into a bright era.

From ancient torches, oil lamps, candles to modern Edison invented the electric light (tungsten lamp);

With the unremitting efforts of people, the illuminator is also called the “light source”. It has evolved from traditional tungsten lamps to the current halogen lamps: metal halide lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, fluorescent lamps, and even now LEDs are fully blooming. In this era, people’s various needs for light have been met.

The development history of the light source has also witnessed the progress of human history and civilization.

Mankind’s pursuit of light has not changed from the beginning to the end.

The era of LED light

In modern times, the application range of LEDs has become wider and wider. Commercial lighting, home lighting, and LED have entered thousands of households;

From flashlights, desk lamps, dome lamps to indicator lights, industrial and mining lamps to car headlights, display screens… LED can be said to have penetrated into every corner of our lives and has long been ubiquitous.

In addition to people’s daily life lighting, LED light sources also play a very important role in other industries.LED light application

LED light application

For example, the infrared light of a security camera emits infrared and far-red bands that are invisible to the human eye, so that the camera equipment can collect and ‘see’ everything in the dark, so as to realize night vision monitoring and other functions.

Involving UV band applications, there is UV light curing: such as medical, the most common is the light curing of dental filling resin materials used in oral fillings; UV light curing other industries such as 3D printing, light curing printing industry development, can use light without heating LED The UV light source replaces the bad effects of traditional high-temperature UV lamps.

LED light source : Application and current situation 2020

In addition to the above, the LED light source can even realize spectrum customization, with free matching of bands, color temperature and composition ratio;

The colors can be set and modulated in any proportion according to actual needs, so as to achieve many functions.

LED light source : Application and current situation 2020

Obviously easy to understand places, such as: stage lights, neon advertising lights seen in shop signs and buildings, etc.;

We specialize in producing high-quality LED indicators

In addition, in other places in other industries, LED light is also playing an important role:

For example, “plant lighting” and “plant lighting industry” may not pay much attention to you usually, but they have grown to an unimaginable level in the past;


LED light application


“Yue Gong No. 1” and “Plant Factory” can even be free of sunlight. In the space environment, only LED lights can make plants grow as if they are in the sun;

LED light source : Application and current situation 2020


Coupled with the use of biological characteristics induced by plant lighting optics to do research, we can achieve more wonderful functional effects.

The arbitrary ratio of the color, band and color temperature of the light source has also driven the vigorous development of the landscape viewing industry of aquatic lights, aquarium lights, and sea fish coral lights. You can use various LED light sources for any ratio and DIY your favorite The lighting color effect can also realize the color adjustment function, which has triggered the trend that LED light sources are replacing traditional high-temperature halogen light-emitting lamps.

LED light source : Application and current situation 2020LED light source : Application and current situation 2020

Therefore, we can also produce dual colors or even tricolor indicator lights.

10mm red green blue three colors 12v led metal indicator light10mm 12v TWO COLOR LED Distribution box metal indicator light

On the other hand, because the LED light source is a cold light source with low heat generation characteristics, it also has a particularly important application in the microscopy industry. The heat will cause microscopic objects (especially for microscopic objects with certain biological activity). , A chemical or physical imaging degradation reaction occurs, which degrades imaging quality and damages the specimen. Therefore, it has become a general trend to replace the traditional “halogen micro light source” with low color temperature and high temperature heating with “LED cold light source” with high color rendering, high color temperature and low heat generation.

LED light source : Application and current situation 2020

Other applications: surface sterilization 390-410nm, water source sterilization and disinfection 240-280nm,

Hongguang Yuanhong Medical 630-660nm: treatment of wound healing, reducing inflammation, skin beauty in the medical beauty industry, skin anti-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory, etc. There are countless examples of LED applications…

LED light sources are playing an irreplaceable and important role in all walks of life in modern society, and they play a close and vital role in people’s lives.

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