Live Story Excited For LED Indicator Light Live Broadcast

The indissoluble bond with the indicator light, I already need to live broadcast when I first started contacting foreigntrade.

When this happens, the content I need to introduce live is the indicator light.

So I began to work hard to understand it.
First of all,indicator lights have a wide range of uses.
Indicator lightsappear on all kinds of electrical appliances, dashboards of motorcycles, and detection equipment.
Determine how much voltage and current you need, what size, the color of the indicator light, and the material used for the indicator light through your use.

The size is 6mm8mm10mm12mm14mm16 mm19mm22mm.
The regular colors of the lamp are red, yellow, blue, green and white.
Somestyles can also be customized in purple and orange.
There are dual colors and tricolor.
Materials are divided into plastic, copper, and stainless steel.

Our companys indicator lights can also be customized symbols, and there is no requirement for quantity, even if we only need one, we can make it.

The indicator light is the earliest product on our company.It has a history of more than 20 years and the production process is quite mature.(A complete indicator light is basically composed of copper parts,base,This is first one,This is second one)Generally,We will use the best quality lamp beads,except for customer requirements.

In addition,our company indicator light has over 20 years history,and now has UL,CE and other certificates,and you can trust our quality.

10mm 12v 220v metal flat type solder wire warning led emergency lamp blue yellow red green indicator light live

These are the parameters of the 10mm indicator light.

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