New Design 2.7~4.5V Bi-Color Indicator Light

The indicator light can be made into two-color and three-color

This year we came into contact with a company who needed to order a special indicator light.

It is mainly used for electric bicycles and serves as a warning. The indicator light needs to give different warnings under different conditions.

The specific requirements are as follows:

  1. Must be yellow and green double color light
  2. The output voltage should be controlled at 2.7 to 4.5v
  3. The indicator diameter is 19mm or greater
  4. Indicator light with company logo and ABS vehicle stability system symbol
  5. 30CM line length6.
  6. Connect the JST connector
  7. 7.Shrink the outer sleeve
  8. 8.Has a certain waterproof function

According to customer needs. Filn company specially customized a 19mm black-plated two-color lamp with wire for them. First, the lamp beads used outside are yellow and green LED lamp beads. The photo of the lamp beads is as follows:

  1. We chose to place two lamp beads inside the two-color lamp, one yellow and one green. When the yellow command is issued, the indicator light will emit yellow light; when the green command is issued, the indicator light will emit green light; when two commands are issued at the same time, the yellow light and green light will mix into a new color.
  2. Because Party A requires the output voltage of the two-color indicator to be between 2.7V and 4.5V, in order to control the output voltage, a 200 ohm resistor is added to the yellow LED, and a 120 ohm resistor is added to the green LED.
  3. We choose an indicator light with a thread diameter of 19mm, and the shell is black. This is a black-plated indicator light. For each indicator we will give a nut and a waterproof ring.
  4. Party A requires that both ABS and Party A’s name be engraved on the surface of the indicator. The engineers of Filn Company made many adjustments according to Party A’s design drawings, including font thickness, position, etc. When our engineers adjusted the symbols, they centered the ABS vehicle stability system symbol relative to the center of the circle, and added the other company’s name logo under the ABS vehicle stability system symbol. Generally, the symbol indicator is a single symbol, and the customer needs two kinds of symbols. In order to make the two kinds of symbols achieve a harmonious effect, the engineer has modified many times at the request of the customer, and we have laser engraved this symbol many times, and modify it once You have to engrave many times to see the actual effect. In order to achieve the best results, filn engineers have been cooperating with customers’ needs until the final confirmation.
  5. The length and color of our cord indicator can be customized, the conventional cord length is 20cm. If you want 15cm, 30cm, or even 2m, 3m cord length, we can do it all. The color of the thread can also be customized, red, green, yellow, and black can all be customized. The customer requires a 30cm thread, so we prepare a 30cm thread. Because this is a yellow-green bi-color light, we make the common wire black, yellow LED with yellow wire, and green LED with green wire.
  6. After most of the work is completed, a layer of heat shrinkable tube is needed to protect the lamp. We used a black heat-shrinkable tube to wrap the surface of the lamp, and in order to make the heat-shrinkable tube and the lamp firmly fixed, we applied two layers of glue during the production process, so as to maximize the fixation without falling off.
  7. In terms of waterproofing, our engineers took this aspect into consideration and added a waterproof ring inside the lamp.

After completing all the above requirements and steps, the final product is as follows:



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New Design 2.7~4.5V Bi-Color Indicator Light

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