12.5mm LED Plastic Indicator Light

In modern times, we can see the LED Plastic indicator light everywhere, because it is very versatile.

It can be used in coffee machines, water heaters, water dispensers, fryer, meat grinders, automation, testing equipment, sterilization cabinets, dishwashers, grills, cleaning machines, food machinery, freezers, mixers, mixers, malfunctions, modification Car, shoe machine, refrigeration equipment, heat preservation rice rack, cooking stove.and many other uses.

food machinery indicator light

This is a screw terminal type 12.5mm LED Plastic indicator light. Can also customize the LED Plastic indicator light with wire.

The LED Plastic indicator light has five conventional colors, red, yellow, blue, green and white.If customers need special colors, we can also customize.

The quality of the LED indicator light depends largely on its chip, just like a human heart. A good chip can make the LED indicator light last longer.

indicator light

indicator light

The LED indicator light it emits will also be brighter.And when installing the indicator light, don’t worry about the wrong wire connection, because it is a non-polar chip. There are no positive and negative poles.

LED indicator light Service life:If the chip is the heart of the LED indicator light, I feel that the light bead is the liver.The lamp beads of this LED indicator light are made of advanced neon bulbs,It has a bright life of up to 50,000 hours, is very resistant to high voltage, and the light source is also very shiny.But customers can also choose whether to use neon bulbs or LED bulbs.

LED indicator light waterproof level:The waterproof rating of this indicator is IP66 by default. If the customer has requirements for the waterproof rating, the waterproof rating can be IP68.

LED indicator light shell material:The indicator shell material is PA66nylon.Because of its high mechanical strength, outstanding fatigue resistance, high temperature resistance, smooth surface and wear resistance.

This LED Plastic indicator light is extremely design.Generally, the head of the flat-headed indicator light is very smooth and flat, but there is a disadvantage that the light source emitted is not flat.However, through the innovation of our company’s R&D staff, the head of the indicator has been modified into a honeycomb-shaped protrusion.

Food machinery LED Plastic indicator light voltage can do 3V 6V 12V 24V 110V 220V 380V and so on.

The warranty period of FILM LED INDICATOR LIGHT is 5 years. If FILN LED INDICATOR LIGHT has quality problems or breaks during use within 5 years, FILN company promises to replace INDICAOT LIGHT for free.

Certificate authentication:The FILN LED INDICATOR LIGHT factory has obtained many international certifications, including UL certification in the United States, VED certification in Germany, CE certification in the EU, ROSH certification, etc., and it has also obtained ISO90001 quality management system certification.

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LED Plastic indicator light
LED Plastic indicator light


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20/10/2020   Jonny Zhu