What’s the rocker switches difference to other switches?

Rocker switches have an on and an off position, and they break the electrical circuit to interrupt the current just as other switches do. The rocker switches are very simple though when compared with other types of switches. The thing that makes the switches unique is the rocker property of the actuator. You do not have to turn a knob, and it is even simpler to operate even than a toggle switch, which is very similar. Simply rocking the switch back and forth will open or close the circuit.

Rocker Switches photo as below.

What’s the rocker switches difference to other switches?

Note the following points when selecting a rocker switch:

Is the certification complete?

Our rocker switch with CE, ROHS and UL certificate, if you need other certificate, we also can approve for you.

IP waterproof standard.

Waterproof rocker switch sealing performance exceeds the standard. When paired with related accessories, it can achieve IP65, IP66, IP67 or even IP68 waterproof rating.

Design issues, etc.

Whether the waterproof rocker switch is designed reasonably, has a long service life, high-temperature resistance, and high current impact, these should be considered.

The specific application of the waterproof rocker switch is subject to many factors, such as the installation method and the installation direction of the product, the airflow, the pressure difference acting on the product, the strength of the fluid rebound and the working voltage; Even waterproof rocker switch, which has excellent sealing performance, has achieved a leading level of sealing technology and means that the switch is completely sealed and also needs to prevent the ingress of corrosive gases or substances.