Vehicle indicator lights LED IP67 Speed Limit indicator light

  • Symbolic name: Speed Limit indicator light
  • Keyword: Vehicle indicator lights
  • Voltage: 3V 6V 12V 24V 110V 220V 380V
  • Color: red, blue, green, yellow, white
  • Size: 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm
  • Certification: CE CCC ROSH IP66 UL VDE
  • Waterproof grade: IP67
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  • Download PDF: 12v Engine Temperature Warning Light Car Indicator Light

Vehicle indicator lights LED IP67 Speed Limit indicator light

Vehicle indicator lights 12v 110v red

The vehicle indicator lights can monitor the vehicle status in real-time, and it can tell you the most intuitive and accurate function status of the vehicle, warning prompts, fault repairs, etc. Yulin’s No. 224 symbol represents the speed limit. So why is the speed limiter symbol on the car dashboard lit? In layman’s terms, there is a problem with the speed sensor. You should go to the service station to check it. Generally, delete the code first, and then determine if the sensor is broken. If there is a problem with the system or sensor, this needs to be detected with a dedicated computer. It is recommended to check in the store as soon as possible and deal with it free of charge during the warranty period. Generally, car indicator lights have 4 colors: green, blue, yellow, and red. Different colors have different meanings.

Green/blue indicator light: generally indicates the status of vehicle functions, indicating that the function is on or off;

Yellow indicator light: Generally, it indicates a warning that there is a problem with a certain function or accessory of the vehicle, which requires the owner’s attention and repairs at an appropriate time;

Red indicator light: Generally, it is a serious warning. The vehicle has a serious failure or is in a dangerous state. It is necessary to stop driving immediately, clear the fault and repair it immediately;

The speed limit symbol vehicle indicator light is a fault indicator, and its color is generally yellow.

What size lamp can Yulin’s symbol vehicle indicator lights make?

Yulin’s symbol vehicle indicator lights can generally be 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm, etc. Our indicator lights are available in black and silver. At the same time, they are divided into cable and pin types. You can choose black with line or pin, or silver with line or pin.

How long is the delivery time of Yulin’s vehicle indicator lights?

If you need less than 100, it can be done in 2~3 days. If you need a few hundred looks, usually 8~10 days can be completed. If you need thousands or tens of thousands, you need to communicate with our production department in advance and give a specific delivery date.

What is the use time limit of the vehicle indicator lights?

The quality of our vehicle indicator lights are very strict, and the life of the indicator light can reach 80,000 hours under normal use.

If you are interested in Yulin’s vehicle indicator lights, you can go to the websites of Alibaba or AliExpress to buy, or email our staff:

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Symbolic name Speed Limit indicator light
Panel Mount Diameter 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, 14 mm, 16 mm
Contact Way With wire
Install Way screw terminal
Lamp Type LED
Rated voltage AC/DC,3V、6V、12V、24V、220V、380V
Lamp Color red yellow blue green white
Product Design convex head
Shell Material brass plated nickel/stainless steel
Base Material PA66 nylon
Terminal Material brass
Applications Coffee machine, kitchen equipment, household appliances,    automobiles, medical equipment, industrial equipment, etc
Component name material
lens PC plastic
Metal body H59 brass or 204 stainless steel
wahser T10 Cold Rolled Steel
rubber ring SIL silica gel
nut H59 nickel plated brass
housing PA66 nylon
Light source LED
Resistor Metal film
Cable PTFE AWG22 0.3mm²
plug-in C2680 RoHS brass
items parameter
Rated voltage 3V-780V DC or AC
rated current 20mA
rated power 0.2W
Insulation and voltage resistance 1800V
working life 100000h
electrical life 100000
cold-resistant -40℃
heat-resisting 80℃
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